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Permanent Cures of Cough Related Stress Urinary Incontinence

Updated: 6 days ago

"Continence is our goal; with permanent cures of cough related incontinence." - Bethany "Stress urinary incontinence is the sudden, involuntary loss of urine secondary to increased intraabdominal pressure that is affecting the patient's quality of life. Precipitating activities include coughing, laughing, sneezing, straining, or exercising." Very special note: We discuss Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Stress Urinary Incontinence, and Pelvic Floor Incontinence, later in this post.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Stress Urinary Incontinence, and Pelvic Floor Incontinence, due to chronic cough kept appearing in our research, and it instantly became an important habit cough topic. When I mentioned this topic to my wife of 24 years, with 3 children, she said, "... oh, yeah; you know that I have this when I cough, laugh, and sneeze." Wow, my eyes were opened; and now it made sense. She said "... alot of my friends have it." She doesn't know if any of them have an associated habit cough; probably because they would be hiding their POP and their mystery horror cough. If they do; we hope that Dr. Weinberger's procedure will cure their habit cough, and relieve them of the second horror of Stress Urinary Incontinence, Pelvic Floor Incontinence, and, or Pelvic Organ Prolapse.

"​Millions of women worldwide suffer in silence from the physical, emotional, social, sexual, fitness, and employment quality of life ramifications of POP. Awareness of pelvic organ prolapse will only occur when we women share what we know with others. As we continue to nurture, guide, and network with women navigating pelvic organ prolapse, POP will soon become common knowledge.​" -​ Sher​i​e Palm​, Founder, Association for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support (APOPS)

"I almost cried when I found a name for my [5.5 yr] cough. ...Habit Cough never came up." AK, age 70

Cured! 70 year old AK's mystery, 5.5 year long, relentless & violent "horror cough" was cured in mere minutes! AK was on vacation with her sister; who found Dr. Weinberger's documentary HERE. All AK did was watch the simple, no-cost, peer reviewed and published YouTube documentary of Dr. Weinberger curing 12 year old Bethany. AK, and her sister were shocked, and speechless when AK's cough was cured in mere minutes too! [Who would believe her? - Dennis] Note: AK did not mention this as a comorbidity.

Two week recovery update: AK called me, to give her update, and voice a couple concerns. She wondered if her recovery was taking too long. She said that she was still coughing a few times per hour after 2 weeks. I told her that it took Bethany from February 9th to March 15th to achieve "Cough ZERO." This was FULLY expected by Dr. Weinberger. Bethany coughed for 90 days. AK coughed for 5.5 years. At the end of our 90 minute phone call, I noted to AK that she had cleared her throat (quiet cough) only one time. No loud coughs. I could not see through the phone, but I know that AK was smiling!

AK wants the world to know her incredible story so that just one more person will learn how to diagnose & cure their habit cough in consult with their doctors.

Dr. Weinberger receives emails from adults like AK all the time. Some adults hear or read the medical term, "Habit Cough" here; for the first time, after decades of mystery, refractory, unexplained, chronic "awake," "daytime" cough ~ absent once asleep.

Like AK; these once misdiagnosed, hopeless, helpless, forsaken, lost, and desperate adults simply watch Dr. Weinberger's documentary, and are instantly and permanently cured.

Note: Now, their knowledge of Dr. Weinberger's procedure is "... like riding a bicycle," and they will know how to cure any future diagnosed Habit Coughs while still in the "acute" stage.

Habit Cough is not just a child's mystery chronic cough. Consult with your medical team. This website does not offer any medical advice.

"I almost cried when I found a name for my chronic cough. Researching for many years and "Habit Cough" never came up. There IS an explanation and treatment [cure] for it. I watched the video just today and already have suppressed the urge to cough most of the day with sips of water and concentration / meditation. Cannot thank you enough. BTW I am 70. Most things I read about are with children. I feel I am on the road to recovery after 5.5 long coughing years. THANKS SO MUCH!" - AK, age 70 ~ California, USA

Special note: Stress Urinary Incontinence happens when physical movement or activity — such as coughing, laughing, sneezing, running or heavy lifting — puts pressure (stress) on your bladder, causing you to leak urine. Chronic cough can certainly exacerbate pelvic floor or stress incontinence. Curing chronic habit cough in incontinence sufferers can greatly improve the quality of life for these affected patients.

"The prevalence of urinary incontinence among women with chronic cough was 65.5%. The prevalence of chronic cough among women with urinary (stress) incontinence seen at the gynaecology clinic was 23%. More serious urinary loss is associated with a greater impact on the quality of life. Smoking and age do not influence cough or urinary loss. Women with children report more urogenital problems, but not more involuntary urine loss. Being overweight has a negative influence on urine loss." - European Respiratory Journal

"Urinary incontinence is a common complication in female patients with chronic cough. Older age, severe cough, combing with a higher proportion of chronic sinusitis and abdominal muscle pain, a cough easily triggered by exercise are identified as risk factors for urinary incontinence." - BMC Pulmonary Medicine

"You might never have heard the word, 'cure' about your 'awake,' 'daytime,' 'lingering,' 'post-viral,' 'barking' cough. You might well have heard, 'treat,' 'suppress,' and '... we'll keep an eye on it,' but not the definitive word, 'cure.'

"Awesome! ... I believed this would just be some sort of scam, then to learn that children [and adults] were treated just by watching a video sounded ridiculous ..." & "I left the room, 30 minutes later he stopped coughing." - Dad from Melbourne, Australia HERE

Dr. Weinberger's procedure is an exciting 'New Frontier in Medicine.' Now, acute, and chronic 'awake,' 'daytime,' 'non-productive' cough; 'absent once asleep' has been instantly & permanently cured.

After hiding in plain sight for over a millennia, with never an effective treatment; let alone a cure for coughing; adult and child cures from around the world 'typically,' and 'routinely' occur in minutes and even '... within seconds.'

These 'cures of the cough without a cause' occur 'in-office,' 'via-telemedicine,' & [incredibly] simply by watching a peer reviewed and published YouTube documentary; in multiple languages ~ by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD." - Dennis Buettner, editor

Medical White Papers are in-depth articles aimed to educate and inform site visitors interested in medical research and progression to certain outcomes. Medical white papers are supported by historical documents, textbooks, notes, observations, and opinions, as well as peer reviewed and published manuscripts.

Note: For your validation and verification; wherever/whenever possible, offsite links to government, and recognized professional sources have been created.

You might hear, "treat," "suppress," and "... we'll keep an eye on it," but, most likely, NEVER; until now, the word "cure" about your acute or chronic cough. This is because there has NEVER been a cough cure; or even a cough treatment based on scientific evidence rather than simply historical practice. The ONLY CDC/NIH recommendation for cough is honey and sugar ~ this is the same recipe from medieval times, over 1,400 years ago. (No joke.) Honey & sugar do not cure or suppress acute or chronic cough.

Fact: Until now; in the history of humankind, and the science of medicine; since Hippocrates, there has never been a peer reviewed and published, drug-free, instant & permanent cure for refractory, unexplained, chronic cough ~ absent once asleep; only to return with relentless fury ~ once awake.

This ailment torments adult and child patients with hundreds and even thousands of coughs ~ "... every hour of their waking lives for years on end ..." [even relentless decades]

Dr. Weinberger's procedure can instantly & permanently cure weeks, months, years and even decades of refractory, unexplained, chronic cough via-telemedicine, in-office & by-proxy. Cure map HERE.

"More people seek medical advice for an unwanted, nagging cough than any other ailment. In some people their cough can persist for years without relief, as effective treatments are not readily available." - EurekAlert, The Good Cough and the Bad Cough

"Chronic cough is a horribly unpleasant ailment. People can find themselves coughing hundreds of times every hour of their waking lives, for years on end, and current medicines simply aren't effective at relieving this condition." {Let alone providing an instant and permanent cure. - Editor] - Professor Stuart Mazzone, via EurekAlert, The Good Cough and the Bad Cough

Special editor note: With regard to Dr. Weinberger's Habit Cough Syndrome diagnosis, the phrase from Dr. Mazzone, above, "... of their waking lives," the key word is "waking" [awake]. Dr. Weinberger's habit cough diagnosis takeaway is, "... cough absent once asleep; only to return once awake ..." ["... of their waking lives"]

From the peer reviewed and published manuscript above: "Cough is one of the most common presenting symptoms of COVID-19, along with fever and loss of taste and smell. Cough can persist for weeks or months after SARS-CoV-2 infection, often accompanied by chronic fatigue, cognitive impairment, dyspnoea, or pain—a collection of long-term effects referred to as the post-COVID syndrome or long COVID." & "Many reports have now described post-COVID symptoms and show that cough can persist for weeks and months after SARS-CoV-2 infection in some patients, with differing severity of acute symptoms." - from Confronting COVID-19-associated cough and the post-COVID syndrome - The Lancet Respiratory Medicine

"The initial cause of the Habit Cough is commonly symptoms consistent with a viral respiratory infection. When the symptoms caused in children [and adults] were initiated from Covid-19, the subsequent Habit Cough did not appear to differ from that initiated by other common cold viruses." - Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD., 40 year cough cure researcher & founder of University of Iowa Cough Clinic

Note: You will see this habit cough diagnosis from 1694 below. "habitual, cough [absent once asleep] which often continues after the first Cough, which was caused by the Cold, is gone,..." [post-viral cough] -and- for adults from 1685 below. "... a violent dry Cough following her day and night, unless when she was fallen asleep:..." These are quite similar to Dr. Weinberger's current habit cough diagnosis HERE.

From Good News Network: "The Weinberger ‘Suggestion Therapy’ is so easy and rewarding, that the diagnosed adult or child can “self cure” by watching the video (HERE) and sipping from a tall glass of water while concentrating on breathing, as instructed. Full recovery to ‘cough zero’ has occurred within days for 95% of children [and adults] who were treated by Weinberger and practiced the procedure."

Special note: Dr. Weinberger's no-cost, instant & permanent, post-viral cough curative procedure is "typically," and "routinely" referred to, utilized, and replicated by esteemed doctors at numerous, renowned, worldwide medical centers, when all other cough medicine, treatments and procedures have failed.

Kim Cutler from Old Bar, New South Wales, Australia wrote: "Dr. Weinberger, You truly are a Super Hero, with real life Super Powers that you have shared with Abby, and she is using those powers to heal herself. It's starting to happen already." Abby relentlessly coughed hundreds ~ if not thousands of times for 16 hours per day, of her waking life ~ for 5 years on end. Even though it was very difficult for Abby to fall asleep, (due to the incessant coughing) once asleep, she slept like an angel ~ with absolutely no coughing. Abby's violent, mystery, daytime only, "horror cough" returned, almost immediately once she awoke. Its relentless fury haunted her every day. Abby coughed millions and millions of times during 5 horrific, and torturous years. She endured numerous diagnoses, medicines, treatments, and invasive surgical procedures. All hope was long past gone. Then...

Abby's mom, Kim found Dr. Weinberger's cough cure documentary on YouTube after years of searching for any relief from her daughter's daytime torture cough.

Abby filmed herself watching Dr. Weinberger's documentary and was instantly & permanently cured in less than 15 minutes. (Had Abby not filmed herself being cured, it would certainly be hard to believe.) Her story, and video is below. Many more fascinating horror cough cure stories are located HERE.


If Dr. Weinberger's procedure can instantly & permanently cure Abby's 5 year, 18 hour per-day "daytime only" horror cough in mere minutes; just imagine how many of the world's coughs it can cure! No cough = no transmission of cough aerosol spray. Cough aerosol spray spreads influenza virus, COVID-19, illness, disease and death. Cure the cough, and stop the spread!


Fact: Even though cough is the number 1 reason that Americans go to the doctor; there is (and has never been) no mention of any type of treatment "based on scientific evidence; not just historical practice," let alone instant and permanent "cure," until now.

From the peer reviewed and published manuscript Assessment and Management of Chronic Cough above: "Cough is the most common complaint for patients seeking medical attention in the United States." You may have heard many things about your mystery, unexplained, daytime, awake cough ~ absent once asleep.

You've probably heard "treat," "suppress," & "... we'll keep an eye on your cough," but, have you ever actually heard the word, "cure," concerning your cough?

You might have consumed countless ineffective drug therapies with no mention of a cure.

You could have received multiple diagnoses, & undergone numerous tests, evaluations, assessments, referrals, detailed investigations, diagnostic work-ups, and procedures ~ without ever hearing the word "cure", or maybe even the word, "habit."

Galen of Pergamon wrote: "... habit, viz.: that it is a permanent and durable affection, whether that be good or bad ..." Habit cough is the "daytime," "awake," "lingering," "post-viral," "... cough without a cause," that has a simple, non-invasive diagnosis ~ after your doctor rules out comorbidities. (... cough absent once asleep; only to return once awake ...)

A non-pharmacological (drug-free), instant and permanent curative treatment; in-office, via-telemedicine, and by-proxy (watching a YouTube documentary) for adults and children with habit cough has been hiding in plain-sight for a millennia. The world renowned pediatric pulmonologist, Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, founded and ran The University of Iowa Pediatric Allergy & Pulmonary (Cough Cure) Clinic for 40 years "accidentally" discovered the instant and permanent cough cure.

** We want you to consult with; and trust YOUR doctor, because there are only references to peer reviewed and published information, ~ but no medical advice on this website. **

You will note there are numerous offsite links to peer reviewed and government published resources for your validation and verification.

You will read the word "cure" about child and adult acute, and chronic habit cough, over 100 times in this story alone. This is a display of the confidence in the consistent, and replicable outcome of Dr. Weinberger's brilliant "accidental" medical discovery. Renowned doctors at worldwide medical centers agree.

About stating the word, "cure" - I was recently told by a prominent newspaper editor that using / stating the word "cure" would get a lot of people, including Dr. Weinberger into "trouble". I told him that Dr. Weinberger's cough cure research is "based on scientific evidence; not just historical practice." I referred him to Dr. Weinberger's peer reviewed and published work since 1991. (below) He passed on the story; stating that nobody will believe it. No worries. Dr. Weinberger's brilliant story has now been told in numerous publications all around the world. and is utilized, replicated and referred to by numerous esteemed medical doctors at renowned global medical centers.

Dr. Weinberger has published a tremendous amount of debated, but undisputed research "based on scientific evidence; not just historical practice" in children and adults. This world renowned 50 year cough cure researcher from the "cornfields of Iowa" confidently knows that his use of the word "cure" in the title and content of manuscripts will pass "peer review" to be published every time.

Dr. Weinberger's first peer reviewed and published manuscript concerning his Skype telemedicine cure of 12 year old Bethany actually states "cure" in the title, within context of her 1/2 million refractory unexplained chronic coughs (RUCC) being instantly and permanently cured.

Unexpected and unintended cure of habit cough by proxy was written by Dr. Weinberger, and published in the renowned "Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology" in August, 2019. It was the first time in the history of the science of medicine that a chronic cough cure was noted; where the patient simply had to watch a peer reviewed and published YouTube documentary.

You might call it your "lingering," "awake," or "daytime," dry cough. This post-viral cough has been described by Hippocrates, and diagnosed in adults since Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus as "habitual [habit] cough."

There has NEVER been an instant and permanent peer reviewed and published in-office, telemedicine AND by-proxy cure in adults and children until now.

Adult Habit Cough? - A debate that was settled by the diagnosis of Tiberius; the second Caesar and other published documentation since. There is an intriguing debate within the worldwide pulmonology community concerning habit cough in adults, claiming, "Habit/tic cough is another aetiology found particularly in children..." HERE, with no mention of adult habit cough or cure.

Regarding not assigning a diagnosis of habit cough in adult acute and chronic cough patients, a pulmonologist at a world renowned medical center, HERE states "We try not to use that term [habit of coughing] ...,".

“Habit Cough causes considerable morbidity, including well-intentioned iatrogenesis, unneeded testing, unnecessary medication, and even hospitalization. Several variations of suggestion are well documented as curative for habit cough. The current unanticipated and unintended observations reported in 3 children and 2 adults demonstrate further the amenability of habit cough to suggestion. The clinical characteristics of habit cough are sufficiently distinct that the diagnosis can be made by the typical history of a repetitive harsh, barking, or honking cough, occurring up to several times per minute, that is absent once asleep. No testing is needed for diagnosis, and no medications are needed for treatment. Knowledge and skillful interaction with the patient are the tools for diagnosing and treating this disorder.” & “The bottom line is that allergists and immunologists or pulmonologists who encounter these [adult and child] patients should recognize the disorder based on the unique clinical characteristics and avoid excessive and unnecessary testing and therapeutic trials. The diagnosis should not be one of default after excluding all other causes of CC. That approach only adds to further quality-of-life impairment. The clinical characteristics of Habit Cough are sufficiently recognizable that a diagnosis is generally possible based on a history and physical examination.” - from Chronic cough in children and adults, Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD.

Special note: A pediatric pulmonologist at the same medical center as the adult pulmonologist above "typically" refers his most hopeless, helpless, forsaken and dire child cough patients to be instantly and permanently cured just by watching Dr. Weinberger's habit cough documentary on YouTube.

Educate & inform: Dr. Weinberger's main goal is that adult and pediatric pulmonologists as well as general practitioners, adult patients, and parents around the world might soon know about his diagnosis, curative treatment and most important recovery.

We have numerous examples of unsolicited submissions and stories of adult habit cough description and diagnosis, from Hippocrates to Weinberger below.

"In contrast to the identification of chronic cough in children, chronic cough in adults often remains a conundrum." & "Dr Mandel Sher, director of a cough center in Florida, noted similarities of habit cough in children and cough identified as neurogenic in adults. Both appear to be triggered by the urge to cough from feeling a sensation in their throat. Both usually occur after a pathologic event, usually a viral respiratory infection. Dr Sher further suggested that the 30–40% placebo response in various trials further indicates a behavioral component in adult chronic cough HERE. Some adults with chronic cough have reported that their chronic cough stopped from watching a video HERE, of a 12-year-old girl with a 3-month history of chronic cough who stopped coughing while receiving suggestion therapy HERE. Comments received in emails from two adult women, aged 58 and 68, who were among those who stopped coughing after watching the video stated, “I listened to the video and concentrated. It really works.” The other stated, “It’s amazing mind over matter.”" - From F1000Research - Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Cough: Similarities and Differences Between Children and Adults, by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, and Dr. Manju Hurvitz, MD.

Now, there are instant and permanent adult diagnoses, cures and recoveries from days, weeks, years and even decades of mystery "horror coughs," everywhere in the world.

Note: Regarding use of the term "tic" above: Dr. Weinberger states HERE: "However, we are talking about children [and adults] who cough. When I get a chest cold, I cough—I do not tic. These children [and adults] cough incessantly while awake but stop coughing once asleep. The cough is characteristically harsh and barking, [Note: We have now received so many "sounds of habit cough" that can be loud or quiet] occurs up to several times per minute for hours on end and continues for months [years, and even decades]. This disorder has been repeatedly described, sometimes with different terminology, but with the same description of the characteristic sound of the [habit] cough, barking or honking, and the absence of the cough once asleep."

Special note: It is appropriate to mention that in February 2019, even Dr. Weinberger had no idea or thought that adults would be cured with his procedure. He wants to get the word of his diagnosis, cure and recovery out to all medical doctors around the world.

The earliest diagnosis of an adult found notes above, "... and Tiberius had merely taken a medicine for an habitual cough, which was continually growing worse." - From De Vitis Caesarum [On the Vine of Caesars] Chapter 23

Cough cure fact: Until now, in the history of medicine; since Hippocrates, there has never been an in-office, telemedicine AND by-proxy cough cure ~ via a YouTube documentary for children AND adults.

Dr. Weinberger's instant and permanent "peer reviewed & published" acute and chronic cough cure procedure is non-pharmacologic (drug-free) and no-cost (free).

Dr. Weinberger's curative procedure is available 7/24/365 everywhere in the world. It is accepted for use in-office via the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice, via-telemedicine and by-proxy via watching a YouTube documentary. Yes, just by watching and following simple instructions on the YouTube documentary provides the cure.

Dr. Weinberger's non-pharmacological, no-cost, procedure is "typically" & "routinely" replicated, utilized and referred to, by esteemed medical doctors at over 70 renowned medical centers worldwide.

Note: Your medical team might very well charge you a fee for services rendered. This is between you and your medical team.

Cough is the number 1 reason that people go to the doctor and 200 million adults around the world with a countless number of children all suffer from cough AND ...

The American Journal of Managed care states, "There are no current FDA-approved pharmacologic (drug utilization) treatments for chronic cough, resulting in a large, unmet need for patients." There is no mention of researching for a cough cure. The CDC/NIH's only cough recommendation is honey or sugar lozenges. This is the same recommendation since medieval times.

Special note: The unsolicited adult submissions from around the world to Dr. Weinberger, below, resulted in numerous instant and permanent habit cough cures, simply by watching a peer reviewed and published YouTube documentary.

From: Acute Cough—Does Anything Help? - "Unfortunately, the majority of therapies available are currently recommended based on historical practice rather than on scientific evidence." & "For acute coughs due to the common cold or another upper respiratory infection, there are many OTC products available, but none of them have been proven effective in treating a cough." - Emily M. Ambizas, PharmD, MPH, BCGP Associate Clinical Professor St. John’s University, College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Queens, New York. Special note: Dr. Weinberger's acute and chronic cough cure research is indeed "based on scientific evidence; rather than on historical practice."

These once hopeless, helpless, forsaken, lost and desperate men and women (as well as children) and their families have suffered from days, weeks, months, years and even decades of mystery "horror cough," with no treatment;, let alone prospect of a cure from their providers.

As you will see below, habitual [habit] cough was diagnosed as Tiberius Caesar's cough, while an adult, and in other noted adults in ancient medical tomes.

No differentiation was made between adults and children in every ancient medical document we have discovered and reviewed. Some of the documents were about children or adults, but there was no differentiation noted between the two.

Patients suffer from non-stop coughing, for days, months, years, & yes, even decades, with no diagnosis or only misdiagnoses, but never talk of a cure. They contact Dr. Weinberger, and exclaim ~ "... just gone!", "... are you a wizard?," "... cured!", "... wow, I couldn't believe what I was seeing!", "... shocking!", "... amazing!", "... poof!", "... off like a light switch!", "... had I not filmed it; even I wouldn't believe what I saw!", "... cured in seconds!", "You truly are a Super Hero ..."

Note: One recent, unsolicited, adult male patient from England began his "mystery cough" the week of his seventh birthday. He continued coughing for the next 25 years until he was cured by-proxy (just by watching Dr. Weinberger's YouTube documentary), at the age of 32. Note: Dr. Weinberger, a pediatrician, had never treated an adult, and was quite pleasantly surprised by this man, all of the adults who were instantly and permanently cured.

After hiding in plain sight for thousands of years, the world renowned, 40 year, cough cure researcher from University of Iowa, Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, "unexpectedly" & "unintentionally" discovered a "habit cough" cure via-telemedicine and now, simply by watching a fun "peer reviewed and published" YouTube documentary. (Yes, the instant & permanent cure occurs by watching a YouTube documentary.)

From Nature Reviews Disease Primers - Cough Hypersensitivity and Chronic Cough - "Moreover, 40% of adults with chronic cough referred for specialist evaluation have no identified cause (known as unexplained chronic cough) or have persistent cough despite optimal treatment of conditions associated with chronic cough (known as refractory unexplained chronic cough)." HERE

It is estimated that over 200,000,000 +/- adults over the age of 45 suffer from chronic cough ~ per The Rotterdam Study above. (No mention of a cure.)

Fact: Cough aerosol spray spreads virus, illness and disease. Cure the cough and you stop the spread. Suppressing or treating a cough is not good enough. There has never been a permanent cure for chronic cough. Until now!

From: Preparing for a New Era in Chronic Cough Management - AJMC [Unfortunately, no mention of a cure. - Editor]

“Cough is the most common reason for primary care visits, with up to 85% receiving prescriptions for treatment. Despite these high prescribing rates, the majority of patients report no symptom improvement. For example, it is reported that almost 60% of patients receive codeine-containing antitussives; 45%, proton pump inhibitors; 26%, antidepressants; 15.5%, antianxiety medications; and 13.9%, neuromodulators, such as gabapentin. An average of $3266 is attributed to annual medical costs per patient (including prescription medications, office visits, and hospitalizations). Emergency department visits and hospital utilization due to negative sequelae of continued coughing also contribute to the increased cost of managing chronic cough. Even annual costs for over-the-counter (OTC) antitussives, which only temporarily suppress symptoms, are estimated at as high as $1 billion to $3.5 billion.” The American Journal of Managed Care

With this astonishing number of adult chronic coughers (not even including children), it is easy to believe that coughing is the number 1 reason that people go to their doctor. Each person with a cough might consider speaking with their doctor about their potential for a habit cough diagnosis.

Updated to include "acute" cough (below) by Dr. Weinberger on March 19, 2020

Dr. Weinberger's Habit Cough Diagnosis: The repetitive [daytime/awake] barking cough that is not present once the patient is asleep is the diagnostic criteria. (It might take a while for the patient to fall asleep. It matters whether the cough is not present once asleep; only to return once awake. - Editor note.)

The characteristics of the self-perpetuating [daytime] Habit Cough is its repetitiveness and absence once asleep ~ only to return once awake.

Once the patient meets the diagnostic criteria for [daytime] Habit Cough, even while the repetitive cough is still considered acute (less than 4 weeks), treatment with suggestion therapy [Dr. Weinberger's procedure HERE; in-office, via-telemedicine and by-proxy] is appropriate. There is no need to wait until the [daytime] cough is considered to be chronic (4 weeks/child & 8 weeks/adult)

Multiple patients report that knowledge of Dr. Weinberger's procedure allows them to stop their future [daytime] coughs during the acute period once diagnosis of Habit Cough has been met.

Note: You will see this habit cough diagnosis from 1694 below. "habitual cough, [absent once asleep] which often continues after the first Cough, which was caused by the Cold, is gone,..." [post-viral cough].

Note: You will see this diagnosis that includes adults and absence of cough once asleep from 1685 below: "... viz. [namely] a violent dry Cough following her day and night, unless when she was fallen asleep:..."

Note: Dr. Weinberger is a big proponent of patient interaction with their doctors. Many adults and parents report that they have quite successfully utilized The Weinberger Procedure on themselves or their children with numerous instant cures in the first days of their new acute [daytime] coughs - long before they become "chronic" in length.

They report their cures to their amazed doctors. Please consult with your doctor prior to your use of Dr. Weinberger's Procedure. If you attempt to utilize The Weinberger Procedure on yourself or your child, you are doing this under your own volition.

If you meet the diagnostic criteria as noted above, Dr. Weinberger would like you to communicate with you, and or your doctor (at no cost), and watch this video. HERE

Hippocrates stated - "As to disease, make a habit of two things - to help, or at least to do no harm." Special note: After all the years and years of suffering since habitual cough was first described by Hippocrates, Dr. Weinberger has finally developed a replicable and reliable, "instant & permanent cure" in-office, via-telemedicine AND simply by watching a YouTube documentary.

The first noted, named diagnosis in the document concerning a violent habitual cough of an adult is Tiberius Caesar, in De Vitis Caesarum [On the Vine of Caesars, Chapter 23] .

Note: Even Hippocrates observed what is now known as Habit Cough in and around 450 BC as shown below.

Special note: In the 1685/1694 description/diagnosis (below) of Habitual Cough it does NOT mention the length of the person's cough which, "... [absent once asleep] continues after the first Cough, which was caused by the Cold, is gone." This, too, agrees with Dr. Weinberger's diagnosis of being either acute or chronic in length. (Chronic cough in child >4 weeks. Chronic cough in adults >8 weeks.) Acute cough is the time period lead up to "chronic cough" for each.

Special note: This is almost exactly Dr. Weinberger's diagnosis word for word, if you take into account the use of Olde English versus Modern English: Olde English diagnosis of an adult female from 1685:

viz. [namely] a violent dry Cough following her day and night, unless when she was fallen asleep:..."

Modern English diagnosis: "The repetitive [awake] barking cough that is not present once the patient is asleep is the diagnostic criteria. (It might take a while for the patient to fall asleep. It matters whether the cough is not present once asleep; only to return once awake. - Editor note.)

Special note: Every medical doctor takes the "Hippocratic Oath". We found the 1846 modern English translation "The Writings of Hippocrates and Galen". They spoke a lot about habits AND coughing. "Hippocrates II, was a Greek physician of the classical period who is considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine. He is traditionally referred to as the "Father of Medicine" in recognition of his lasting contributions to the field, such as the use of prognosis and clinical observation, the systematic categorization of diseases, or the formulation of humoural theory."


Hippocrates of Kos

The Greek Father of Clinical Medicine

Hippocrates Cough PowerPoint presentation HERE

Hippocrates of Kos (/hɪˈpɒkrətiːz/; Greek: Ἱπποκράτης ὁ Κῷος, translit.Hippokrátēs ho Kôios; c. 460 – c. 370 BC), also known as Hippocrates II, was a Greek physician of the classical period who is considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine.

We found this awesome Hippocrates Habit Cough information by first hearing about "The cough of Perinthosepidemic The ‘cough of Perinthos’ epidemic is an influenza-like outbreak, recorded in the Books Epidemics II, Epidemics IV, Epidemics VI and Epidemics VII (52,54,56,57). It occurred in Perinthos, an ancient Greek seaside town on the Sea of Marmara, the inland sea, which connects the Black to the Aegean Sea.

Click HERE to read this great medical text in its entirety.

Yes, Hippocrates described/diagnosed what is now known as "Habit Cough" (below). He made no differentiation between a child or adult. (An adult female with Habit Cough was noted in the 1685 medical textbook below, and Tiberius Caesar below was an adult male diagnosed with habitual cough.)

Galen has a great description of what is meant by "habit". Unfortunately, he did not mention habit & cough, so we will have to refer to the Tiberius document (below) for the first written mention of "Habitual [Habitual] Cough".

Hippocrates did not note a cure for Habit Cough. Dr. Weinberger's instant and permanent cure via-telemedicine, in-office and by-proxy via YouTube would have to occur close to 2,000 years later.

Here are some of Hippocrates & Galen's notes and observations of post-viral cough. Hippocrates describes:

"... habitual cough, [absent once asleep] which often continues after the first Cough, which was caused by the Cold, is gone, …" - The Spirit of Diseases (c. 1694)

The example from Hippocrates below says that he was, "... attended with a dry cough." It then states that the "... dry cough still continued. The eleventh (day) the fever abated. ... (he) coughed still ... This, without being named by Hippocrates as "habitual cough," is a fine example of the dry cough remaining or continuing "... after the cold that caused the cough being cured."

Below are 2 examples of Hippocrates observations of "... habitual cough, [absent once asleep] which often continues after the first Cough, which was caused by the Cold, is gone ..." (1694, The Spirit of Diseases, noted below.)

It states, "A fever attended at first for ten days, and a cough succeeded upon their breaking."

This person coughed after their fever had broken. This is common for children and adults with a lingering post-viral cough. This is known as "Habit Cough".

This example, below, from Hippocrates states, "The fever seemed to go off about the seventh (day), but the cough continued."


Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus The adopted son of Augustus Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus[a] (/taɪˈbɪəriəs/; 16 November 42 BC – 16 March AD 37) was the second Roman emperor. He reigned from AD 14 until 37, succeeding his stepfather, the first Roman emperor Augustus.

Diagnosed With Habitual [Habit] Cough

"... and Tiberius had merely taken a medicine for an habitual cough, which was continually growing worse." - De Vitis Caesarum [On the Vine of Caesars] Chapter 23

This was an incredible find about the second of The Twelve Caesars known as Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus.

Easily, Tiberius was attended to by the chief medical doctor of his time.

It cannot be imagined that this was the very first time that someone used the phrase, "habitual [habit] cough." The diagnosis of "habitual cough" must have been around for a while. - Editor

As noted above (and below), Hippocrates and Galen wrote about habits, and described what was diagnosed in Tiberius as "habitual [habit] cough".

"Habit, viz [namely].: that it is a permanent and durable affection, whether that be good or bad; the latter may be such, either simply, or comparatively; but the former is simply so, in the best constitution." - from The Writings of Hippocrates and Galen

From the renowned tome: De Vitis Caesarum [On the Vine of Caesars] Chapter 23, Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus's De Vitis Caesarum: biographies of twelve successive Roman rulers, from Julius Caesar to Domitian.


Louis XIII (King of France, 1610-1643)

Louis XIII (French pronunciation: ​[lwi tʁɛz]; sometimes called the Just; 27 September 1601 – 14 May 1643) was King of France from 1610 until his death in 1643 and King of Navarre (as Louis II) from 1610 to 1620, when the crown of Navarre was merged with the French crown.

Diagnosed With Habitual [Habit] Cough in 1643

Below, it states about Louis XIII's illness during the winter of 1642 - 1643. "... accompanied by habitual cough."


Louis XIV (King of France, 1643 - 1715)

Louis XIV (Louis Dieudonné; 5 September 1638 – 1 September 1715), also known as Louis the Great (Louis le Grand) or the Sun King (le Roi Soleil), was King of France from 14 May 1643 until his death in 1715. His reign of 72 years and 110 days is the longest recorded of any monarch of a sovereign country in history.

Diagnosed With Post-viral Cough in 1679

Of Louis XIV, it states above, "In 1679, as the result of exposure to inclement weather while hunting, he caught a severe cold that left him for several months with an unpleasant cough." (Cough that remained after the cold that caused the cough had been cured.)


Dr. Thomas Willis, MD, FRS Founding member and Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS)

Dr. Thomas Willis, MD, FRS (27 January 1621 – 11 November 1675) was an English doctor who played an important part in the history of anatomy, neurology and psychiatry.[1] He was a founding member of the Royal Society.

Note: This medical textbook was published 10 years after Dr. Willis' death in 1675. It is believed to be part of a series from the original printing in 1678.

From: The LONDON PRACTICE OF PHYSICK Contained in the First Part of the Pharmaceutice Rationalis of Dr. WILLIS (c. 1685)

Page 265 - Of Convulsions in Adult Persons "Afterword those Convulsions [coughs that were so violent that they were like the convulsive coughs we see HERE] more frequently molested her, and at length becoming periodical and habitual, they return'd twice a day," "viz. [namely] constantly justsomany set hours after Meals;... viz. [namely] a violent dry Cough following her day and night, unless when she was fallen asleep:..."

Dr. Franciscus Mercurius van Helmont Flemish alchemist and writer

Franciscus Mercurius van Helmont (Baptised 20 October 1614 – December 1698[3]) was a Flemish alchemist and writer, the son of Jan Baptist van Helmont. He is now best known for his publication in the 1640s of his father's pioneer works on chemistry, which link the origins of the science to the study of alchemy.

Until these terrific finds, the oldest reference that I knew of was Dr. Berman's 1966 peer reviewed and published paper HERE (and below) about Habit Adolescent Children. (This led us to Dr. Weinberger.)

The best part is when, after noting the date: 1694, deciphered the "Olde English" text on the front page and interior. Printed on Lombard St., & George-Yard, London, England. HERE Full text of this medical textbook is located HERE.

What this says is:

"habitual cough, [absent once asleep] which often continues after the first Cough, which was caused by the Cold, is gone," [post-viral cough].

This is also very similar to Dr. Weinberger's modern diagnosis of Habit Cough HERE. It is noted in this document, it does not make any differentiation between children and adults.

The only thing missing was "... absence of cough when the child was sleeping." Dr. Weinberger nailed this part for a perfect diagnostic criteria. As you have seen in the 1685 medical textbook (above), absence once asleep is the most important part of the diagnosis. (This was seen in an adult female.)

Note: They did not explain how to cure "Habitual Cough". The world and we would have to wait 325 years for Dr. Weinberger to rescue and cure children and adults from "Habitual Cough" [Habit Cough]. - Dennis

Here is what the interior text of the 1694 medical textbook says about "Habitual Cough" (best attempt at converting Olde English into modern English).

[Page] 118 Observations concerning​

"to endeavor to alleviate and diminish our Cough by little and little, to refrain are coughing as much as possible, and to abstain from much hawking, spitting and loud speaking, and so by this means bring our Life into repose and quiet again.

When our Life therefore any time through Impatience, is stirr’d up into a too vehement Action; it often happens that this produceth a customary or habitual cough, which often continues after the first Cough, which was caused by the Cold, is gone, from which two last Coughs, viz the Impatient and the Habitual Cough, often proceed Consumptions, Tiffick, and other Distempers; because by continual coughing we void much Phlegmy matter, and the more we void of these, the more our strength is diminished; in as much as this Phlegmy matter (which has its Original from the Bones, which are the parts wherein our Life is continually operative) is not found in found in healthy People but elaborated"

Note: No mention of tic. As it states above, basically it is a cough after the first cough that just lingers on (for weeks, months, years, and even decades).


Charles Creighton, MA., MD. Scholar, Historian, and Epidemiologist

Illustrations of Unconscious Memory in Disease Including a Theory of Alteratives

By Charles Creighton (1847-1927) · 1886

It states above, "The "stomach-cough" being really a habit-cough, ~ a reflex effect persisting after the cause is gone ..." & "...-the treatment of it is to break the habit ..." Special note: It states above "... after the cause is gone ..." Dr. Weinberger has had multiple reports of other "causes" especially anxiety,


Dr. Bernard A. Berman, MD, F.A.C.A. Dr. Berman, who headed a hospital pediatric allergy section, was an associate professor of pediatrics at Tufts University medical school. He served in the Navy in World War II and the Korean conflict before entering private practice treating asthma and allergies.

Dr. Bernard A. Berman, MD, F.A.C.A, from Boston, Massachusetts (1924–1995), who, in 1966 published a manuscript called Habit Cough in Adolescent Children (below). It is based upon 6 children seen over 5 years, all with repetitive barking cough that was absent at night. All were cured by “the power of suggestion.“

Dr. Berman accomplished his non-pharmacologic, instant & permanent cures, utilizing “suggestive therapy” first discovered by Émile Coué de la Châtaigneraie, a French psychologist and pharmacist who introduced a popular method of psychotherapy and self-improvement based on optimistic autosuggestion.

Unfortunately, Dr. Berman passed away before Dr. Weinberger could meet him.

Special note: Developing and utilizing his own variation of suggestion therapy, Dr. Weinberger normally cured the afflicted child during 15–30 minutes of their 1-hour visit. He says that curing so many children, so rapidly, and so completely, was “… very satisfying”. He always believed and insisted that the “… recovery procedure” was as important as the cure. Habit Cough in Adolescent Children, Annals of Allergy, Volume 24, January, 1966

Below, Dr. Berman comments on, "The phenomenon of habit cough ..." & "... providing support, and comfort during the period of treatment, and utilizing the art of suggestion. All six children improved and have been free of cough during a long-term period of observation."


Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD. Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics, University of Iowa

Visiting Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, University of California San Diego, Rady Children's Hospital

Before the Internet made the world of medicine and medical research a much smaller place, treatment of the worst cases of refractory chronic cough in children and adults was performed in pulmonary, otolaryngology, and neurology clinics around the USA and across the world. Well-intentioned but factitious diagnoses were common, and treatment was erratic. Consequently, there was rarely a permanent cure, so the patient and family were left to suffer with a daily cough that severely altered the quality of life. The exception was those few physicians who would think outside of the box and approach a repetitive cough that was absent during sleep as a functional disorder, meaning there was no organic bases for cough. — One of those physicians was Miles Weinberger, a Board certified Allergist and Pediatric Pulmonologist who began and directed the Pediatric allergy and pulmonary clinic at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics from 1975 to 2015.

Children with chronic cough were evaluated and those with physical disorders such as protracted bacterial bronchitis, asthma, bronchiectasis, and tracheomalacia were identified and effectively treated.

For those children with no physical or organic cause of the cough, habit cough was identified and a simple behavioral method, suggestion therapy, stopped coughing in the clinic.