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10 Percent of the World’s Adults Have Chronic Cough - No Treatment; Let Alone a Cure - Until Now!

From a brilliant peer reviewed and published study known as. "The Rotterdam Study" It is located on the NIH website: HERE.

The world adult chronic cough numbers are beyond incredible.


Over 200,000,000 adults over the age of 45 suffer from chronic cough. This is a conservative number based upon the totals of humans located HERE. Cough aerosol spray spreads virus, illness and disease. Cure the cough and you stop the spread.

Suppressing or treating a cough is not good enough.

There has never been a permanent cure for chronic cough. Until now!

The Weinberger Procedure - by proxy "Cures of the Coughs Without a Cause" ~ in your home, free & drug-free - everywhere in the world!


With this astonishing number of adult chronic coughers (not even including children), it is easy to believe that coughing is the number 1 reason that people go to their doctor. Each person with a cough might consider speaking with their doctor about their concerns. This website does not provide medical advice.

Preparing for a New Era in Chronic Cough Management - AJMC (Unfortunately, no mention of a cure. - Editor)

“Cough is the most common reason for primary care visits, with up to 85% receiving prescriptions for treatment. Despite these high prescribing rates, the majority of patients report no symptom improvement. For example, it is reported that almost 60% of patients receive codeine-containing antitussives; 45%, proton pump inhibitors; 26%, antidepressants; 15.5%, antianxiety medications; and 13.9%, neuromodulators, such as gabapentin. An average of $3266 is attributed to annual medical costs per patient (including prescription medications, office visits, and hospitalizations). Emergency department visits and hospital utilization due to negative sequelae of continued coughing also contribute to the increased cost of managing chronic cough. Even annual costs for over-the-counter (OTC) antitussives, which only temporarily suppress symptoms, are estimated at as high as $1 billion to $3.5 billion.” The American Journal of Managed Care

A Survey of Physicians' Perception of the Use and Effectiveness of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures in Chronic Cough Patients HERE (Unfortunately, no mention of a cure. - Editor)

Purpose: "The aim of this study was to understand the perception of family physicians, pulmonologists, and allergists with respect to diagnostic tests performed on patients with chronic cough and treatments prescribed to patients with refractory or unexplained chronic cough. We also assessed how these health professionals perceived the effectiveness of these treatments."

Conclusion: Although chronic cough is a common problem, diagnosis and treatment differ among specialists. The perceived effectiveness of drugs is generally low.


Editor note: It is hard to imagine that until now, with The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy, in history, there has never been a peer reviewed and published instant & permanent chronic cough cure. This includes curative medication or procedure, in office, hospital or by-proxy; anywhere in the world. It is even harder to believe, that aside from Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, there seems to be absolutely zero research into "a cure" (not just treatment) for chronic cough anywhere in the world. The only CDC/NIH approved treatment is honey & sugar not to mention, there is no cure research for acute cough. There are numerous published papers concerning diagnosis and temporary treatment of chronic cough. None seems to mention a cure. If you find one that I missed, please let me know.

Editor note: We searched 8 hours per day; all around the world and throughout history, via the Internet, for a cure; or even suppression for our daughter's 5,000 per day "horror coughs". To say that we found no mention or use of the word "cure" is an understatement. All we found were variations on the word "suppress" and "treat", but surprisingly, never the word "cure" (not even on the NIH/CDC website which only recommends honey & sugar). Then we found Dr. Weinberger's peer reviewed and published work, and there is was, "cure". Not just one time, but ALWAYS ~ and EVERYWHERE. You can read all about it HERE. Cure the habit cough, and you will halt the transmission of cough aerosol virus spray. Cough aerosol spreads virus, illness and disease.

No cough = no cough aerosol spray.

When a person has an undiagnosed and uncured habit cough, they can cough thousands and even tens of thousands of times for 16-18 a day. (One young girl from Canada had over 20,000 daily coughs. Dr. Weinberger cured her in mere minutes via a Skype call from his office in San Diego to her family's home in northwest Canada.) They dry cough; walk 2.5 meters (approx. 8 ft.), and then cough again ~ and again, potentially infecting a new group of with every cough. Their habit cough can continue unabated for decades. Now there is an instant and permanent cure. The Weinberger Procedure instantly and permanently cures adult & child chronic cough easily diagnosed as "habitual cough" (habit cough) known since 1694 HERE. The Rotterdam Study HERE states -

"Chronic cough is a common complaint in the general population but there are no precise data on the incidence of, and prospectively examined risk factors for chronic cough in a population-based setting. Therefore, we investigated the period prevalence, incidence and risk factors for chronic cough in adult subjects."

"Of the 9824 participants in this study, 1073 (10.9%) subjects had chronic cough at baseline. The prevalence of chronic cough increased with age and peaked in the eighth decade. In subjects aged <70 years, chronic cough was more common in women. During an average follow-up of 6 years, 439 incident cases of chronic cough occurred with an overall incidence rate of 11.6 per 1000 person-years (95% CI 10.6–12.8). In current smokers, the incidence of chronic cough was higher in men. In the multivariable analysis, current smoking, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD), asthma and COPD were identified as risk factors for chronic cough."

Based on these calculations, and with approximately 40% of chronic cough being "medically unexplained", there might well be over 200,000,000 adults with refractory unexplained chronic cough. (RUCC). Please consult your doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment recommendation for your chronic cough. Note: Variations on these terms are "medically unexplained chronic cough" (MUCC), "unexplained chronic cough" (UCC), and "refractory unexplained chronic cough" (RUCC).

If these adults meet Dr. Weinberger's cough diagnosis, then they might be permanently cured by utilizing The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy ~ any and everywhere in the world. His cure is drug-free and at not cost or fee for children and adults. Show your doctor this simplified referral sheet. HERE

Habit Cough Diagnosis

by Dr. Miles Weinberger, M.D.

Updated to include "acute" cough (below) by Dr. Weinberger on March 19, 2020

"The repetitive [awake] barking cough that is not present once the patient is asleep is the diagnostic criteria." (It might take a while for the patient to fall asleep. It matters whether the cough is not present once asleep; only to return once awake. - Editor note.)

"The characteristics of the self-perpetuating [awake] Habit Cough is its repetitiveness and absence once asleep."

Once the patient meets the diagnostic criteria for [daytime] Habit Cough, even while the repetitive cough is still considered acute (less than 4 weeks), treatment with suggestion therapy [Weinberger Procedure HERE] is appropriate.

There is no need to wait until the [awake] cough is considered to be chronic (4 weeks/ child & 8 weeks/adult)

Multiple patients report that knowledge of The Weinberger Procedure allows them to stop their future [awake] coughs during the acute period once diagnosis of Habit Cough has been met.

Updated to include "acute" cough by Dr. Weinberger on March 19, 2020. Note: Dr. Weinberger is a big proponent of patient interaction with their doctors - as are we. Many adults and parents report that they have quite successfully utilized The Weinberger Procedure on themselves or their children with numerous instant cures in the first days of their new acute [awake] coughs - long before they become "chronic" in length. They report their cures to their amazed doctors. Please consult with your doctor. If you attempt to utilize The Weinberger Procedure on yourself or your child, you are doing this under your own volition. Editor note: We believe my math is correct. If you have better numbers, please email me and we can tighten them up if need be.



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