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Until The Weinberger Procedure ~ there has never been an instant and permanent cure for cough; in-office, by-proxy, or via telemedicine, in the history of humankind. (Ever)

Cures of the cough without a cause everywhere in the world.
- This is a fact based cough cure research website for medical doctors & their patients. -Unless otherwise noted; all pertinent information contained herein has been peer reviewed and published in renowned medical journals, and, or government websites for your validationThere is no cost or fee for any information available on this website. News updates HERE.

Dr. Weinberger has requested that whether you are a doctor, parent or patient; please report the particulars of your diagnosis, instant cure and recovery to him below. It greatly assists him & his research team. It will allow innovation to help diagnose & cure other worldwide cough patients.

You may also use this form to thank him for your instant and permanent cough cure.

Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, 50 year pediatric pulmonologist, immunologist, asthma & cough researcher would like to hear from you. There is no fee or cost; ever for personal and confidential consultation with the world renowned medical doctor & cough cure researcher who instantly cured the refractory unexplained chronic cough (RUCC) diagnosed as "habit cough" since 1694. If need be, he will even consult with your medical team - anywhere in the world - at no cost.
Now, available for use online, via-telemedicine, or in your adult,​ or pediatric doctor's office. Just peer reviewed and published "Cures of the Cough without a Cause" HERE.

                                  Simplified referral information sheet for your doctor. HERE
Please fill out a required Habit Cough Patient History form (below) prior to free consultation with Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD. There are never any costs or fees from Dr. Weinberger, anywhere in the world. He normally responds within hours, so check your email regularly. Dr. Weinberger would like to hear from, and communicate with you, from anywhere in the world. He routinely communicates via telephone, email, Zoom & Skype.

This website provides peer reviewed and published research for you to utilize in discussions with your doctor. None of this information is medical advice - ever. Your doctor might certainly charge you a fee.

Note: Please make a video of your cure occurring, like we did for Bethany. Submit it to Dr. Weinberger via Google Drive or Dropbox, as many patients have done. HERE is Abby from NSW, Australia filming herself being cured in only 15 minutes after 5 years of horror cough. It is really amazing.

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