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Sweet Abby Australian Update - Must Read! Back in school - back in life!

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

"I just did it and then I told the doctor! I wasn't going to wait." - Kim Cutler, NSW, Australia.

From Kim Cutler & Abby Cutler,

Oh Gosh You guys all feel like a family we belong to and never knew we had.

Thank you Dr Weinberger for including us in this family and thank you for your Skype call yesterday.

I was a little skeptical NOTE why I held the iPad and sat very close to Abby.

You hear so many horror stories about child predators on the internet. You can never be too careful but I never had a bad gut feeling about it as we are desperate for help here.

Dear Dr. Weinberger,

You truly are a Super Hero with real life Super Powers that you have shared with Abby and she is using those power to heal herself. It’s starting to happen already.

And to Bethany & Dad: My Saviors, oh gosh, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being out there in cyber space.

Abby has been Coughing on and off for 5 years.

After 5 years of asthma medications, antibiotics, blood tests, chest xrays, swabs, Blood tests, allergy testing, cameras up her nose and down her throat.

Special diets!

No medical answer!

I tell myself, ‘... never underestimate the power of a mother’ ~ ‘ … I need to turn into an FBI agent and find help.’

I lay awake at night crying as mothers do when their child is suffering and not living their best life ~ You guys know how it goes ~ It’s a horrific cough~ it’s a loud honk/bark~ people want to run and climb trees to get away from it ~ people judge~ and try to diagnose my child with Whooping Cough, Croup, Bronchitis this list goes on and on ~ the death stares!

I lay awake at night and cry.

I type into google Chronic Cough~ Bad Cough~ Horrific Cough~night after night for weeks and weeks.

FINALLY - I type in “My child coughs 100 times per minute”, and there is Bethany!

I cry for what you guys have been through but I feel no longer alone knowing Abby is not the only one with this horrific cough.

It’s the middle of the night I want to wake up Abby to ask her permission to email Dr Weinberger.

Frightened it’s a hoax and scared all at the same time I email him which leads to a phone call, which leads Abby sitting by her iPad undergoing Dr Weinberger treating Bethany with his magical ‘Suggestion Therapy’.

To Abby’s excitement, she was able to control her coughing through the half hour session video!

Hallelujah, we have found the medicine she needs to cure this awful illness.

Bethany & Bethany’s dad, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for posting Bethany’s journey on the internet.

You are truly Amazing and have Saved Abby.

Abby still has a long way to go. (Update - completely cured and was able to cure future habit coughs with her knowledge of Dr. Weinberger's procedure.)

She is only early days into “auto suggestion therapy”, but she can control her coughing for a little longer everyday and you guys [other doctors] have all been giving her the medication to do so. [The Weinberger Procedure is medicine free and no charge.]

Bethany, Abby and I are so proud of your family but more so YOU!

Abby will beat this and kick this cough to the curb! Baby steps day by day!

I feel this massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders and we are on the road to getting our beautiful girl back to living her best life!

Bethany, Abby & I are happy to join your side and help others in anyway possible.

Please use Abby’s experience in your school project and let us know how we can help.

I’m not a fan of technology but will try and help anyway I can.

We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and are truly grateful you are out there.

I don’t have video footage of Abby coughing over the years It was far too embarrassing for her.

However I do have a 1/2 hr video of Abby watching Dr Weinberger doing “auto-suggestion therapy” to Bethany and practicing it herself with outstanding results.

Kim & Abby


NSW, Australia

Dennis Buettner <> wrote:

Dear Kim,

First thing. Jennifer, Bethany and I are so glad that Abby was rescued and cured by Dr. Weinberger.

Second thing. BRAVO! to you. Kim, you will be a recipient of the "Good Mommying Award" that I am creating for You NEVER gave up. You never gave in.

You saved your daughter as if you reached out to grab her hand and pull her to safety from 5 years of raging waters.

You did this with your eyes, mind, heart, soul and self discipline.

You performed constant "deep dives" of the Internet and knew that even though it was tough, you would not fail your sweet child.

The world is a better place because of you and your heroic efforts to find Dr. Weinberger.

The world is also a better place because of Dr. Weinberger and his diligence, dedication and determination!

We too were at our "wits end" with misdiagnosis and horrifying drug regimes after just 90 days. Our sweet Bethany only coughed 12-16 times every 3 minutes.

For you, Abby and your family to submit to 100 coughs per minute and as we say, "no 'sweet spot'" (no time when there was even the slightest relief) just makes me as sad as it makes me happy that you did it and found the missing key - Dr. Weinberger.

Note 1: Do you have any audio/video of Abby's coughs? I had 50+ hours of Bethany, because we were afraid that nobody would believe us. We thought the Child Protective Services would come and take our daughter away. Even after the school gave us a home teacher, they sent a truant officer.

Note 2: We have gotten numerous Australian people with Habit Cough that was cured by The Weinberger Procedure. I have contacted all the Australian press in the past to get the word out. Newspapers like "miracle stories", but no response yet.

Note 3: Check out the August 22 entry and thread comments from Jenn Dollin from Australia. You will feel like you were looking in a mirror with respect to the constant misdiagnosis and medicine regime that Lily suffered through. BOOM! - minutes with The Weinberger Procedure and completely cured.

Note 4: I need your help. Just when I begin to think I am tired, I read stories like yours and I am completely energized again! I would love to Skype with you sometime to learn more about you, Abby and your perspectives.

I have made it my life's goal to get the word out about The Weinberger Procedure, Habit Cough and Dr. Weinberger.

The most concerning part of your email chain is the misdiagnosis. Misdiagnosis is THE prevailing concern that I have. If sweet Abby were properly diagnosed, her horror cough would have ended 4 1/2 years ago or more.

Note 5: The good news is that I am putting a Skype recording system together and will be using it to interview Dr. Weinberger and different horror cough sufferers so that I might have independent "unscientific" documentation. The more examples and stories that we can memorialize; the more knowledge of proper diagnosis and treatment of The Weinberger Procedure will occur for the next 60+ years.

Most Important Thing. Bethany would like to enlist Abby's help for her 8th grade science fair project. It is tentatively called, "Curing a Horrifying Mystery Illness in Children and Adults All Around the World With a Simple YouTube Video". I can tell you more later, but It would be fun to include a photo of Abby and get some quotes. We will use her project to generate press so that so much misdiagnosis will cease.

Again, please tell Abby that Bethany cried for joy when she heard that Abby stopped coughing. So did I and mommy. (I am crying now as I type this.) Bethany was just beginning to produce her own YouTube show called when her coughing started.

We are now ramping up and will be producing episodes soon. She hopes that Abby is no longer sad and will be an Australian reporter for Happy Television. If you all ever make it to the USA, please visit. We live near Washington DC.

So happy for you, Abby! You are Australian Sunshine!

Just like Bethany said, "... if I can do it; you can too!" ABBY, YOU DID IT TOO!


Dennis, Jennifer & Bethany.

From Kim Cutler:

The GP thought it may be a Tic a vocal form of Turrets and suggested medication she called blockers and went onto Day They would block it but make Abby feel very drowsy. Abby and I are fed up with medications I don’t want my beautiful girl drowsy and lifeless all the time and neither does Abby.

We told her Abby will practice your method and see what happens from there.

We would usually have to sit outside her surgery as Abby’s horrific cough scared people.

Yesterday we sat in the waiting room Abby sipped her water and forced herself not to cough. No one turned a head.

I told the GP we had been QUIETLY sitting in the Waiting room for over an hour even the reception lady was surprised.

Kim Cutler Update: October 26, 2019

Thanks so much Dennis.

Abby is 100% cured!

I’m still gob smacked!

You’re amazing!

We owe you so much!

If it wasn’t for you & Bethany and the amazing Dr Weinberger we’d still be in a very dark place.

Oh gosh I couldn’t even take Abby into the supermarket!

Kim Cutler & Abby

== This is a letter to Abby's Doctors ==

To All Of Abby’s Doctors,

My name is Kim Cutler, Abby Cutlers mum. Abby is a patient at your medical center for the past 15 years and for the past 5 years on and off she has had a Chronic Cough.

She had been diagnosed with Asthma and put on a Asthma Plan with no relief.

Not even Prednisone, Antibiotics, nothing prescribed has eased or cured this cough.

She has been seeing Dr XXXX who had a look down Abby’s throat and up her nose which confirmed no abnormalities.

Dr XXXX sent Abby to XXXX for skin prick allergy testing Abby was all clear no allergies.

The cough so chronic Abby now coughs almost 100 times per minute.

I presented her to Emergency Department XXXX recently.

Tests results confirmed: “There was no medical reason for this cough.”

This cough interferes with her schooling & interferes with day to day activities.

Abby is not living her best life.

At my wits end, and crying myself to sleep, spending hour upon hour on the internet googling and searching for help & answers myself, I stumble across a professor in the USA named, Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, Pediatric Pulmonologist.

He has been treating patients with coughing which had no medical answer since 1966.

He is now retired but has a website called, with a wealth of information which had given Abby a wealth of techniques to cure herself from years of suffering and wrong diagnosis.

He calls it Habit Cough.

I emailed him which led to my speaking with him on the phone.

He sent me links to videos of him providing suggestion therapy to a 12year old American girl in February this year who he help cure.

Abby has watched this video and has given her powerful techniques to help her cure herself. I’m 1/2 way on this journey of getting my beautiful girl back and our lives back to normal.

I’m asking you to please take a look at &

This medical doctor/researched/professor feels Australia needs to be more aware of Habit Cough.

I'm hoping if you have this knowledge perhaps this might help other kids or adults with unexplained coughing.

I truly believe she has been wrongly diagnosed for the past 4-5years, and all along it has been Habit Cough!


Kim Cutler



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