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Cured; Like an American Ninja Warrior Junior

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

"We couldn't believe the miracle we witnessed. He went from 600 coughs/hour to maybe 6 the rest of the night until he went to sleep."

This communication arrived from the father of a 10 year old American Ninja Warrior Junior, from Texas. He was suffering from, and then like a "miracle," was cured from a quite vicious mystery horror cough ~ in minutes.

Note: The #1 reason for doctor visits is a cough. - AHRQ

The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy is trusted, and routinely referred for use by doctors and major medical centers around the world to cure their worst cases.

Dad and mom know their son, and fully recognized that his Tourette tic and vicious mystery cough were completely unassociated. Note: "Children develop on average six viral [upper] respiratory tract infections (URTI) each year." Cough is a typical symptom associated with URTI's. HERE

Note: The child has Tourette (too-RET) syndrome as a comorbidity.

The boy was scheduled to begin a long term period of strong medicine the next day.

There was no telling that the medicine would even have suppressed his cough.

At the last moment, mom and dad found Dr. Weinberger's YouTube documentary. The child watched the video and was instantly cured.

Dr. Weinberger spoke with the father and was very pleased. He was proud of the parents for being able to discern the difference between a "tic" and a "cough". Some medical professionals believe that habit cough is actually a "tic".

Takeaway = Parents know their children. Take it from the only doctor who instantly and permanently cures habit cough around the world by proxy ~ the diagnosed habit cough is NOT a tic. It is a cough. When a "tic" is presented to Dr. Weinberger, he will diagnose it as a "tic". With 50 years of curative cough research under his belt, he can almost instantly tell the difference.

No parent that I have communicated with has ever thought their child's cough or their cough was a "tic". HERE is Dr. Weinberger's great "point-counterpoint" about "tic" v. "cough".

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for reaching out. Bethany was a huge inspiration for us. We couldn't have done it without her.

We're so grateful that she was able to overcome this and that you were able to document it on video.

We had a slightly different history because our son has a tic disorder that can probably be classified as Tourette's syndrome now. I also had Tourette's as a child, so our family was very familiar with neurological disorders. Before the coughs, he had a deep breathing tic, so once the cough eventually developed, we knew right away it was a tic (neurological) and not something else. All other symptoms fit with a neurological condition: no coughing at night, cough subsided with sports activity (instead of exacerbated) and anything else that sufficiently distracted him. But no one could be distracted all the time.

Coughs were violent and happened ~10x/minute during waking hours. Symptoms peaked at the end of the school year as we prepared to move from Arizona to Texas. We knew there was no way he could go to public school in the upcoming school year. We were on the way to see a neurologist for a prescription for the anti-psychotic drug haldol when my wife came across Bethany's video.

We were skeptical because it looked too easy, but I called Dr. Weinberger anyway for advice. He asked my to show your video to our son without any instructions to see if he could identify with it and maybe try it out himself.

From my own experience, suppressing a motor tic just delayed the need to tic, and usually made the tics come out more later on, but I had more success suppressing vocal tics, so my wife and I were cautiously optimistic. He had to modify the strategy a little from Bethany because the deep breathing was a trigger for his tic, but he understood that Bethany was able to control it, so he felt like if she could do it, he could do it.

We couldn't believe the miracle we witnessed.

He went from 600 coughs/hour to maybe 6 the rest of the night until he went to sleep.

He said it was really hard, but he wanted to be like Bethany. As each day passed, it took less focus to suppress the coughs. Within 2 weeks he was cured. Age 9 is the peak age for severity of tic disorders, and this strategy has helped him manage other vocal tics too.

We believe it was triggered by the instability of selling our house and the anxiety of moving away.



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