Press Release: Mystery 5 year, rare disease, instantly cured in young Australian girl, "by proxy"

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

"I just did it and then I told the doctor! I wasn't going to wait." - Kim Cutler, NSW, Australia.

Thanks Bob, security guy, who I called 2/28 . - Dennis

Abby Cutler, age 15 from Old Bar, is the latest forsaken child in the world to be instantly cured from a rare, vicious 5 year mystery chronic cough without drugs, "by proxy" at By:

SYDNEY - Dec. 1, 2019 - PRLog -- Abby Cutler, age 15 from Old Bar, NSW, is the latest helpless, hopeless and forsaken Australian child to be instantly cured from a long term, rare, mystery disease; a chronic cough, without drugs "by proxy" after visiting She suffered from a misdiagnosed, non-stop, vicious and relentless, "mystery horror cough" for 5 years. Abby actually filmed herself being instantly cured from her diagnosed "Habit Cough" in less than 10 minutes, by watching a video of Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, Pediatric Pulmonologist and 40 year Chronic Cough Researcher, from San Diego, California. Her incredible instant cure video was posted on

"Our sweet Abby was instantly cured from 5 years of chronic cough in less than 10 minutes, simply by watching a video of Dr. Weinberger. I was gobsmacked! I could hardly believe my eyes and ears. She hopelessly suffered from a misdiagnosed, relentless and vicious mystery, non-productive horror, chronic cough for 5 full years," stated her mother, Kim Cutler. "She was misdiagnosed so many times. She coughed thousands of times per day with no relief. She endured so many unnecessary procedures and medicine regimes that provided her absolutely zero relief. I cried myself to sleep searching for a glimmer of hope for 5 years." Kim continued, "Late one night, I stumbled upon the brilliant immediate, drug free cure by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD. He diagnosed Abby with a form of chronic cough, known as "Habit Cough". He stated, 'The repetitive barking cough that is not present once the child is asleep is the diagnostic criteria'. Abby did not awaken from sleep coughing and based on her 5 year history, it was "habit cough". She filmed herself watching Dr. Weinberger's therapy video with a little girl from America, and literally in 10 minutes, her coughing stopped, like turning off a light switch. Dr. Weinberger told us that his therapy video has instantly cured children and adults throughout the USA, Canada, India, England, Spain, and other areas of Australia."

Dr. Weinberger's life goal is to popularize his no cost, no drug, peer reviewed & published, instant procedure to diagnose, treat and cure forsaken Habit Cough children around the world. This is done "by proxy", simply by utilizing The Weinberger Procedure videos on

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Note: Abby's instant cure video is HERE on our website. It is truly astounding. - Dennis


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