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Note: Each and every doctor, parent, child and adult patient noted in the map below was justifiably skeptical, and even incredulous to the claim of an instant and permanent cough cure. When they were told that their mystery horror cough could be diagnosed, then instantly and permanently cured, simply by watching a YouTube documentary or via telemedicine, they could hardly believe it.


Most arrive here hopeless, helpless, forsaken, lost and indeed desperate for a cough cure, so they certainly did not need another disappointment or false hope.

The renowned doctors at these major worldwide medical centers noted below; once skeptical, are all quite pleased and astonished with the outcome of their referrals to Dr. Weinberger's instant & permanent cure documentary video and telemedicine procedure.

Until you witness the instant and permanent cough cure in action, you will think the same. After watching a video of a child or adult being cured (or via telemedicine), you will then be quite confused ~ but in a good way. We all were! Then ~ you will be shockingly amazed!

Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, 50 year pediatric pulmonologist, asthma and cough cure researcher certainly finds his unintended and unexpected permanent cure quite incredible.

Trusted, routinely referred to, and utilized for instant and permanent cures of their patients worst, most incurable chronic coughs by: #JohnsHopkinsMedicine, as well as: #NewYorkMedicalCollege (NYC), #ChildrensNationalHospital, #RutgersHealth, #KaiserPermanente, #NemoursChildrensHealth, #BalboaNavalHospital, #MayoClinic, #TexasChildrensHospital, #NemoursChildrensHospital, #ChildrensHealthIreland, #BostonChildrensHospital, #RadyChildrensHospital (San Diego), #TexasPediatricSpecialtiesandFamilySleepCenter, #InovaFairfaxHospital (Virginia), #BeaumontHealth (Michigan), #Allergy&AsthmaAssociates (Nevada), #OchsnerHealth (New Orleans), #SpireHealthcare (UK), #KaniksuHealthServices (Idaho), #MeyerChildrensHospital (Italy), #MenziesSchoolofHealthResearch (Australia), #HospitalHumbertoNotti (Argentina) & more!

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