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The Weinberger Procedure by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD

A vicious, 325 year old medical mystery solved.

A novel, brilliant medical discovery and successful new paradigm in research, diagnosis, therapy, cure and recovery. Habit Cough is a rare & vicious, global, chronic cough disease in children and adults . It now can be instantly cured via The Weinberger Procedure, "by-proxy" - literally by watching a YouTube video anywhere in the world.

Diagnose - Cure - Recovery

Peer reviewed and published in major medical journals.


Any video documenting your child or your (adult) coughing and/or being cured will help Dr. Weinberger immensely in his research and development of treatment for Habit Cough.

HERE is a great example of Abby from Australia being filmed as she is cured "by proxy" in only 5 minutes after 5 entire years of mystery chronic cough which was diagnosed by Dr. Weinberger as Habit Cough. This and your video will live on to help so many forsaken children around the world.

Provide him with a detailed overview and he will reply shortly.
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One of the questions that Dr. Weinberger must receive all the time is - Which is it? "Disabling cough: habit disorder or tic syndrome?" Never once did we refer to our child's vicious and unstoppable horror cough as a "tic". Never. Our daughter "coughed non-stop". She never had a "tic'd non-stop".

First noted HERE (extract) or HERE (full) correctly in The Spirit of Diseases, from 1694 as "Habitual Cough" [Habit  Cough]. Note: I love how it talks about ""Wherein is shewed [shown] how much the Mind influenceth the Body in causing and curing DISEASES" 

Cause of Habit Cough
(It's NOT antibiotics. Please read.)

When Bethany's cough was still a mystery cough, we could not imagine what caused it. Of course, it would go away; right? Well, not so fast. 

When her vicious cough just wouldn't stop and became a "horror cough", we began to wonder again what the cause was so that when it ever stopped we would be able to keep it from starting again.

All signs pointed to antibiotics as the cause. (But they were 100% NOT the cause. Modern anitbiotics were only utilized beginning in the 20th century. No antibiotics existed in 1694.)

In my second conversation with Dr. Weinberger I asked if antibiotics might have been the cause of Bethany's habit cough. It seemed to make sense because Bethany just recovered from walking pneumonia - utilizing antibiotics.

Most of the parents who contacted me over the last six months stated that their child had just recovered from some sort of upper respiratory infection. This meant to me that they were probably cured with an antibiotics. I'm certainly not a doctor and don't claim to be, but I don't know of anything else other than antibiotics that can cure such an infection.

When I ask Dr. Weinberger what his thoughts were on what causes Habit Cough, he responded that his research was based solely on the diagnosis and treatment of Habit Cough.


I must say that Dr. Weinberger has done a fine job so far. LOL

Some people have said maybe it was the stress the child was under. As for our daughter, she never seem to be under any type of stress.


I do know that she was in an age of enlightenment and self-awareness which happens around the twelfth or thirteenth year from everything I've read. This is the time when a child "becomes an adult" in many religions, cultures and societies.

I can't imagine that Bethany was under stress, (we do not hold ther to strict grades or other familial requirements) but I also know that she had a cough prior.


If you read below in this old medical journal from 1694 it basically states that "Habitual Cough" is the cough that remains after the cold that caused the cough has been cured.

I did receive two independent emails from mommy's in Australia whose daughters, Abby and Lily both had a reoccurrence of their Habit Cough.


I asked if they think it might have to do with the current brush fires and all of the smoke in their area. Both moms believed it was due to the stress of having to evacuate or the potential to evacuate due to the impending fires.

One child is about 11 and one child is almost 16. I would suspect at a younger age they may not be so worried because they know that Mommy and Daddy will take care of everything.

Then I wonder what about the child who begins their mystery cough at age 4 or 5. They certainly are not at a period of enlightenment and self-realization in their life.

My mind harkens back to what is noted from the medical journal in 1694. They too did not list a cause - other than - just a notation that it was the cough that stayed after the cold that caused the cough had been cured. (So the cold that was cured WAS the cause of the "Habitual Cough". Hmmm.) Sounds correct, especially since antibiotics are out of the equation.

Dr. Weinberger told me that he would have to leave research into the cause of Habit Cough to another team of doctors and researchers.

My takeaway is we are all just blessed the Dr. Weinberger, rather than searching for a cause, spent all of his energy into diagnosis and instant cure.

Note: Bethany did have one reoccurrence of her habit cough about 30+ days after her instant cure. When this happened I freaked out a little bit and email Dr. Weinberger. Keeping a steady course, he responded almost instantly via email and said, "... tell Bethany that dr. Weinberger told her she knows what to do."


I called out across the room and said very nonchalantly, "Bethany, Dr. Weinberger said you know what to do. You can make your cough stop."


Within minutes she realized again that she had the power and her cough vanished almost instantaneously.

If you have any thoughts, please email me.

Please take a moment to help Dr. Weinberger with his continuing research into the diagnosis and treatment of Chronic Cough - Habit Cough HERE.


Your child or you (as an adult) might indeed have some type of tic - ask your doctor. We did. Our doctor, Dr. Weinberger, diagnosed our daughter and said it was a Habit Cough, and he instantly cured our daughter.


Dr. Weinberger has also diagnosed and instantly cured so many other helpless, hopeless and forsaken children (and adults) around the world, instantly and without any drugs - for free as his gift to the hopeless children and adults of the world - with no drugs.


Oh, and Dr. Weinberger cured them in person, via Skype and "by proxy" with a YouTube video! (Yes. Read HERE.)


Here is Dr. Weinberger's brilliant response concerning the need for autosuggestion therapy (not anti-psychotic drugs) for children and adults suffering from Habit Cough. You should read it twice. It is incredible.


For us it is quite obvious to our family and those whose child's Habit Cough stopped instantly utilizing The Weinberger Procedure.