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Adult Cure - Clinical Pearl in AAAAA&I Doctor Offices Everywhere

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

If you ever wondered how your doctor seems to know all about the newest treatments for whatever ails you? They utilize multi-page peer reviewed and published manuscripts. They also utilize a shorter and concise document which is known as a "Clinical Pearl".

Regarding your refractory, unexplained, chronic cough (RUCC), Dr. Weinberger's procedure to instantly and permanent cure chronic cough diagnosed as "habit cough" is a "Clinical Pearl" located in the world renowned Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice. View/download/print HERE and show your doctor if you wish.

Based upon Dr. Weinberger's 40+ year history of peer reviewed and published research into diagnosis and cure of chronic cough by-proxy, now used by doctors and major medical centers around the world: "Clinical pearls are best defined as small bits of free standing, clinically relevant information based on experience or observation. They are part of the vast domain of experience-based medicine, and can be helpful in dealing with clinical problems for which controlled data do not exist." With this doctor's office Clinical Pearl, adults, who have suffered from refractory unexplained "chronic cough", sometimes for more than 25 years, can now be relieved to know that there is a peer reviewed and published, instant and permanent cure for their diagnosed "Habit Cough".

This telemedicine, in-office or "by proxy" cure is, drug-free and available everywhere around the world in numerous languages. Dr. Weinberger's cure has also worked on children as young as 3 years old! Great job curing our daughter, Bethany Buettner Dr. Weinberger!

Note: Your doctor might certainly charge you a fee.

Click HERE to view the most recent version of Dr. Weinberger's "World Habit Cough Instant Cure Map".

Now, the world of hopeless, helpless and forsaken children AND now adults have the potential for their own instant and permanent cure for their diagnosed chronic cough, known since 1694 as "Habit Cough".

Special note: Bethany (at Dr. Weinberger's request) has been Zooming with children around the world. From China, England, Canada and USA, she provides recovering children peer support.

Bethany's newest friend meeting was this past Monday. The 12 year old girl from Massachusetts coughed violently for over 14 hours per day - for 6 solid years.

When all medicine, doctors, procedures and hospitals failed to even suppress her cough, she was instantly cured - in mere minutes - simply by watching Bethany being cured by Dr. Weinberger. (No exaggeration - minutes!) Note: A medical doctor who teaches The Weinberger Procedure from New York Medical College emailed an unsolicited report to Dr. Weinberger that his patient was actually instantly and permanently cured in mere - seconds via a telemedicine call! Not even minutes; SECONDS. HERE Dr. Weinberger was quite shocked by this report.

Note: Dennis says that all he did, was just witness what Dr. Weinberger did. He said that if he did not film Bethany's cure; not even he would believe what he saw. Now, he wants the world to witness the same thing to cure their hopeless, helpless and forsaken family member or friend. - JB

Not medical advice. Dr. Weinberger's goal is to have patients communicate and work with their medical doctors everywhere in the world.



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