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भारत के ग्रामीण और चिकित्सकीय रूप से कम सेवा वाले क्षेत्र में YouTube वृत्तचित्र के माध्यम से तत्काल और स्थायी इलाज यहां क्लिक करें

Post COVID-19 and Long COVID cough cure update: Dr. Weinberger has received numerous unsolicited, verified reports of post, & long COVID-19 cough cure success utilizing his procedure. -  Please report any post-viral, COVID-19 & Long COVID cough cures utilizing Dr. Weinberger's submission form HERENote: Please include any post-influenza cough, & cures too.

- This is a scientific fact based website for cough cure researchers, public health professionals, non-government organizations (NGO), medical doctors & their patients. - 

Dr. Weinberger's acute and chronic cough cure procedure is highly effective for community health and wellness in rural, medically underserved, and conflict area of the world.

"... habitual cough, [absent once asleep] which often continues after the first Cough, which was caused by the Cold, is gone," [post-viral cough]. - Dr. Franciscus Mercurius van Helmont, 1694

"Awesome! ... I believed this would just be some sort of scam, then to learn that children [and adults] were treated just by watching a video sounded ridiculous ..." & "I left the room, 30 minutes later he stopped coughing." - Dad from Melbourne, Australia HERE 

"I'm delighted your son responded to our video demonstrating suggestion therapy. HERE is my presentation at the National Children's Hospital in Washington D.C." - Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD.

Coughing spreads viruses such as deadly influenza and COVID-19.
Cure the cough, and help stop the spread of deadly influenza, and COVID-19

Acute and chronic cough are a scourge in rural, medically underserved and conflict areas of the world.
Adults, children, and their families who cough while awake are relentlessly shunned and maligned.
"COVID-19 is transmitted through the airborne droplets and aerosols that contains virus."

Polio will soon be eradicated by Rotary International! (good job!) Now; arguably the world's greatest global rural, medically underserved and conflict area health concern is the rapid and permanent cure for acute and chronic cough; Coughing spreads viruses such as deadly influenza and COVID-19.​ (Curing post-virus cough has NEVER been addressed).


Dr. Weinberger's procedure by-proxy, or via telemedicine is a rapid and permanent repeatable cure for the scourge of acute and chronic medically unexplained cough in rural and medically underserved areas of the world. "Cure" of; not just suppressing, acute and chronic cough is the unaddressed scourge of rural and medically underserved areas of the world.

Note: Prophylactic (preventative foreknowledge) statement from Dr. Weinberger's diagnosis: "Multiple patients report that knowledge [of Dr. Weinberger's Procedure] allows them to stop their future [daytime] coughs during the acute period once diagnosis of Habit Cough has been met."

Public Health Aerobiology & Virology in Rural, Medically Underserved, and Conflict Areas (Healthcare Shortage) Areas of the World.

Until Dr. Weinberger's Procedure by-proxy, and via telemedicine ~ there has never been a rapid and permanent cure for cough in the history of humankind. (Ever)

Coughing spreads virus, COVID-19, influenza, & disease, which can cause illness and death. Halt airborne transmission of respiratory viruses by curing the cough. Now, available for use online, via telemedicine or in your adult,​ or pediatric doctor's office. Just peer reviewed and published "Cures of the Cough without a Cause" HERE.

In the United States (statistics for the world), cough is the most common complaint for which patients seek medical attention (reason for visit) to a doctor, and is the second most common reason for a general medical examination, accounting for more than 26 million office visits annually. - AHRQ

"Half the world lacks access to essential health services..." -

"Public health promotes and protects the health of people and the communities where they live, learn, work and play.

While a doctor treats people who are sick, those of us working in public health try to prevent people from getting sick or injured in the first place. We also promote wellness by encouraging healthy behaviors." - American Public Health Association


"Cough is one of the most common reasons for visits to a medical provider in the United States. In 2012, chronic cough accounted for approximately 10% to 38% of visits to US respiratory outpatient practices. Cough may be a symptom of a treatable underlying condition; however, in 5% to 10% of patients with chronic cough, there is no identifiable cause.

Patients with chronic cough have considerable health care resource utilization and poor quality of life. As of October 2020, no agents have been approved by the FDA for the treatment of chronic cough."
- The American Journal of Managed Care - AJMC

Until now, there has never been a rapid & permanent cure for chronic cough by-proxy, or via telemedicine in history. Most certainly there has never been a rapid & permanent chronic habit cough cure in rural, medically underserved and conflict areas of the world.

Dr. Weinberger's Procedure is the first and only peer reviewed and published, rapid, repeatable & permanent chronic cough cure by-proxy, or via telemedicine in the world. It can work to eradicate the scourge of influenza, virus & disease transmission by human "cough-generated aerosols" - around the world.
Cough-generated aerosols are a constant public health emergency that has never been cured - until now. The potential for a cure by-proxy, or via telemedicine, from cough is so rare, that Dr. Weinberger's name is on every peer reviewed and published document. 


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If it repeatably, rapidly and permanently cures the worst cases of chronic habit cough, with no drugs, fee, or cost, then imagine it curing the easiest cases of dry, refractory, daytime cough (including acute cough).
Special acute cough diagnosis update: Dr. Weinberger's seminal, paradigm shift to update to his diagnosis, on March 19, 2020, notes multiple patients report that knowledge of Dr. Weinberger's Procedure allows them to stop their future [awake] coughs during the acute period, once diagnosis of Habit Cough has been met.

Dr. Weinberger is a major proponent of patient interaction with their doctors - as are we. Many adults and parents report that they have quite successfully utilized Dr. Weinberger's Procedure on themselves or their children with numerous rapid cures. They report their rapid & permanent cures to their amazed doctors.

Dr. Weinberger cannot make any recommendations on your medical care. Please consult with your doctor. [If you attempt to utilize Dr. Weinberger's Procedure on yourself or your child, you are doing this under your own volition. Each incident of cough must be evaluated by your doctor for proper diagnosis & treatment. - Editor note.]

Dr. Weinberger's Procedure, by-proxy, is the first ever, peer reviewed & published, rapid & permanent cure (not just a "treatment" or "suppression") for chronic cough diagnosed as habit cough in the history of modern medicine.
Curing the cough stops the spread of cough aerosol droplets of virus, influenza and disease in every rural, medically underserved and conflict areas the world

Cough aerosol droplets spread virus, influenza and disease.

From: Cough aerosol in healthy participants: fundamental knowledge to optimize droplet-spread infectious respiratory disease management "Textbooks in Medicine and in other health related areas teach that infectious respiratory diseases such as Tuberculosis and Influenza have a common symptom: cough. Those textbooks also teach that via cough is how these diseases are spread and transmitted to non-infected susceptible individuals. Cough mechanisms are described in those textbooks with emphasis in clinical diagnostic and management of the individual with cough." - Cough Aerosol peer reviewed and published manuscripts.

There has never been a cure for coughing in rural and medically underserved areas of the world - or cities & towns. ONLY suppression via honey and sugar via CDC and NIH has been recommended. Never a cure (click and search for the word "cure". You will not find it anywhere - except for here.

This is a global map of the most recent rapid cures from vicious and relentless, daytime, awake, Habit Cough around the world; utilizing Dr. Weinberger's Procedure via-YouTube and telemedicine calls.

Red = children cured. Light Blue = adults cured. Green is where Dr. Weinberger lives. The other symbols are self explanatory.

For his fierce and relentless cough research, Dr. Weinberger has communicated with each representative doctor, parent or adult patient involved.

This is general location and information for the person. It shows Skype/Zoom rapid cures with Dr. Weinberger, "in person" and "by proxy" and telemedicine cures just by watching Dr. Weinberger's cough cure documentary YouTube video.

"The characteristics of the self-perpetuating Habit Cough is its repetitiveness and absence once asleep." - Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, 40 year cough cure researcher.​

The rapid and permanent, curative power of the peer reviewed and published (since 1991) Dr. Weinberger's Procedure by-proxy, and via telemedicine is STARTLING, as shown in this MAP - diagnosed as Habit Cough since 1694. Dr. Weinberger's Procedure by-proxy, and via telemedicine works brilliantly in every language.
Now, it is available in all rural, medically underserved, and conflict areas around the world, 7 days per week - 24 hours per day; drug-free, at no cost, charge or fee - ever.
Dr. Weinberger's Procedure by-proxy; however; is free of cost or fee, and Dr. Weinberger's heartfelt gift to the hopeless, helpless and forsaken children, adults and seniors of the world. (Your doctor might certainly charge a fee for an office visit if needed. Consult with, and trust your doctor.) 

Extracts from an unsolicited email from a renowned Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics to Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD.: "Your publications were a real turning point for me, providing a clear and easy to follow step by step process of the diagnosis and treatment [of habit cough].
Over the years since then I've applied your methods [Dr. Weinberger's Procedure] many times with near universal success.
I can't tell you how many patients you've helped. Over the years I've also routinely advised my fellows to read your papers." & "... (and inspired by the video you previously shared of you treating a patient by telemedicine)" & "... her incessant cough stopped within seconds." & "... and her [mother's] jaw dropped." - Dr. N.T. MD, FAAP, FCCP, D,ABSM   Note: Normally the cure takes minutes. - This unsolicited email even surprised Dr. Weinberger.

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All that is necessary to facilitate Dr. Weinberger's Procedure by-proxy or via telemedicine, anywhere in the world is cellphone, tablet or computer of any kind.

If YouTube is not available in your location, or you wish to download the files to be used on a cellphone, tablet, or PC, the videos are located HERE and HERE.

Download Dr. Weinberger's Procedure by-proxy videos when YouTube is not available - for offline viewing in areas without internet access.


Cough suppressant ingredients have LITERALLY remained the same since medieval times. The recipe hasn't changed. It talks of treatment, but never a cure. HERE. Today's CDC and NIH only recommends the use of honey and sugar to provide a minor suppressant to cough. HERE

Cure the cough and stop the spread of cough aerosol droplet spray of deadly COVID-19, Influenza virus, and disease. If it cures the WORST medically unexplained chronic habit coughs so rapidly, just imagine how it would cure the easy acute habit coughs!


Global concentrations of healthcare resources, as depicted by the number of physicians per 10,000 individuals, by country

"In general, infected people spread viral particles whenever they talk, breathe, cough, or sneeze. Such viral particles are known to be encapsulated in globs of mucus, saliva, and water, and the fate/behavior of globs in the environment depends on the size of the globs.


Bigger globs fall faster than they evaporate so that they splash down nearby in the form of droplets (Grayson et al., 2016; Liu et al., 2016). Smaller globs evaporate faster in the form of aerosols, and linger in the air, and drift farther away than the droplets do."  and


"The most common types of viruses causing infections in the respiratory tract through aerosol transmission are influenza viruses, rhinoviruses, coronaviruses, respiratory syncytial viruses (RSVs), and parainfluenza viruses (Morawska, 2006).


Tellier (2009) has postulated three modes in which the influenza virus can be transmitted: aerosol transmission, droplet transmission, and self-inoculation of the nasal mucosa by contaminated hands." Environ Res. 2020 Sep; 188: 109819. via

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