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Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, 50 year pediatric pulmonologist, immunologist, asthma and cough researcher founded and operated his world renowned chronic cough clinic at University of Iowa for 40 years from the 1980's until he retired and moved to San Diego in the 2010's.

A big news read from Glasgow, Scotland. It is a mother's journey to find a YouTube documentary of Dr. Weinberger curing Bethany. It is heartwarming ~ with a brilliant outcome.

Posted on the Scottish blog - THESE THINGS I KNOW: From Nightly Despair to Electrified Hope - The Cure of The Non-Stop Cough - by Ciara 

He continues his life changing cough research and provides his instant & permanent cure to hopeless, helpless and forsaken children and adults for free ~ as his selfless gift to the world.

Back in his Iowa chronic cough clinic, he provided long suffering & hopeless children with an instant & permanent, in-office cure for chronic refractory cough which he properly diagnosed, treated & cured as "habit cough". He notes that each cure was quite "... satisfying".

Numerous children who traveled from around the country were instantly & permanently cured as detailed in Dr. Weinberger's seminal peer reviewed and published study HERE.


Then in 2019, he instantly cured a 12 year old girl who hopelessly suffered from 500,000 vicious mystery coughs via a Skype call from his office in San Diego to her home outside of Annapolis, Maryland.


Her father filmed the instant, drug-free & permanent cure, and with Dr. Weinberger's permission, uploaded it as a documentary to YouTube so that medical doctors might learn his procedure. Shortly, parents and adult patients reported that they or their child were instantly and permanently cured just by watching the documentary video. The rest is medical history in the making. Read all about it HERE.

Now, his peer reviewed and published cure-by proxy is indeed The Next Big Thing in Medicine.

His "miraculous" instant cure is available for children AND now adults everywhere in the world in multiple languages - simply by watching a YouTube documentary. (Yes, hard to believe, but the first and only permanent cure by-proxy, for chronic cough in the history of humankind happens instantly, just by watching and following Dr. Weinberger's directions in a short YouTube documentary.)

#JohnsHopkinsMedicine (Story HERE), #KaiserPermanente, #RutgersHealth and more renowned medical centers and doctors now refer their patients to Dr. Weinberger's brilliant, curative procedure for their hopeless, helpless and forsaken patients - with instant and permanent cures after all other medicine, procedures and everything else fails.

These BIG NEWS! stories below are presented as instant and permanent cures and other amazing news that arrives from around the world almost every day!

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