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Ask/Tell Your Pediatrician - Pediatric Clinics (Journal) Peer Reviewed and Published Manuscript

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Pediatric Clinics of North America - (Pediatric Medical Office Journal)

Functional Respiratory Disorders in Children

by Manju Hurvitz, MD, Miles Weinberger, MD

Now available in YOUR pediatrician's office. Download HERE - Communicate this information to your pediatrician.

(This brilliant, peer reviewed and published manuscript includes highly detailed information for your pediatrician about diagnosis, treatment and recovery from Habit Cough in-office and by-proxy.)

You may also view & witness Dr. Weinberger's much requested "Habit Cough Syndrome" curative video presentation that he delivers to medical doctors (at their specific request) around the world.

It is designed for doctors, but it is also relatable, and easy to understand by parents and adult patients. (His instant and permanent cure has been shown to work with children as young as 3 and adults with over 25 years of medically unexplained chronic cough.) Your outcome/results might certainly be different. Use ONLY under advice and direction of your medical doctor.

Remember: Dr. Weinberger wants you to c0mmunicate with your medical team ~ everywhere in the world. Yes, he is "the world's cough doctor", but he needs YOU to be in constant communications with your medical team.

VERY IMPORTANT Reminder: The term, "peer reviewed and published" is almost like a code phrase that will make your doctor WANT to take a second look. Become familiar with this term for the health and well being of your child. (Below)

Do you ever wonder where your pediatrician receives the newest and most important information about diagnosis, treatment and recovery for your child's most serious medical conditions? Here it is!

Takeaway: This is what your doctor knows; should know, or wants to know. It teaches them about cutting-edge, expert reviews of current diagnosis and treatment that can be applied directly in their practice.

Your pediatrician receives and ingests a lot of information. They might certainly be new to this knowledge of the diagnosis, treatment and recovery from Habit Cough utilizing The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy.

This is OK. They are not supposed to know every new bit of information. They will be more than happy to review any "peer reviewed and published" information that a parent provides.

You are more than welcome to email or show them Dr. Weinberger's incredible PDF document "Functional Respiratory Disorders in Children" HERE for their review. Tell them it is "peer reviewed and published" in "Pediatric Clinics of North America". They will understand that this is the powerful information they need to know, to help make the best diagnosis, treatment and recovery plan for your precious child.

From their website: "Pediatric Clinics of North America provides the latest clinical information on health issues for children and adolescents. Each bimonthly issue (February, April, June, August, October, and December) focuses on a single topic and is presented under the direction of an experienced editor. You'll receive cutting-edge, expert reviews of current diagnosis and treatment that can be applied directly in your practice. In addition, you can also purchase a CME subscription that offers up to 90 AMA Category 1 credits per year.".

This is how I was able to learn about Dr. Weinberger's brilliant peer reviewed and published work.

The two main repositories to find "peer reviewed and published" manuscripts, studies, journals, papers and such are: PubMed is managed and maintained by the NIH. The search options are very easy to maneuver. Here is a fun video about making great searches on PubMed.

It is like taking a college course in just a couple of minutes. (Note: Sometimes you will only find an "abstract" and will need to pay a small fee to view the full manuscript.) We have included the entire manuscript; compliments of Dr. Weinberger and Dr. Hurvitz HERE

There is so much more to the utilization of these medical research sites and others that it not covered here. This is, however a great place to start your journey.

Just remember that before making medical decisions, seeking out peer reviewed and published documentation is a wise decision. Prior to treatment for medical concerns. Information alone is not enough. Dr. Weinberger says and we agree that you should trust your doctor, and ask questions. When you are done asking questions; ask a couple more.

Special note: There has been some recent criticism of "sponsored" or "financially supported" peer reviewed and published research. We found some chronic cough research that was financially supported by a honey based organization. Turned out it was not advice that had a stable foundation. It did not contain the word "cure" or "cessation". None of Dr. Weinberger's habit cough research has been financially supported in any manner, fashion or form. It does contain the word "cure" and "cessation" numerous times.




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