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New Jersey - 9 Year Old Boy - Instantly Cured! Back in school!

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

-- Notice to physicians and researchers - All medical research on this website is peer reviewed and published with offsite links to  & esteemed medical journals  for your validation. --

"We did watch the video as a family and my son went 35 minutes without coughing. After watching the video he went hours with a cough here and there! A relative , who is a doctor told us about and Dr. - Tiffany F., Jersey, USA

Backstory - It started with this simple 2 line email from Liam’s mom, Tiffany.

“My nine year old son is suspected to have "Habit Cough," the coughing stops as soon as he falls asleep and is otherwise healthy. He did suffer a cold a few weeks prior.

Thanks you,

Tiffany F.

New Jersey, USA

Tiffany knew exactly what she had to do - and she did it! And her son was instantly cured from his horror cough!

A relative, who is a doctor told her that Liam certainly had Habit Cough.

Liam had received SO many misdiagnoses in the previous 3+ weeks since he began a repetitive, barking cough. (He was sick prior.)

As a family, they watched Dr. Weinberger's cure video of our sweet Bethany HERE.

Summary - Dr. Weinberger was recovering from heart surgery. He could not speak, email or Skype with Tiffany about Liam's horror cough.

With a proper diagnosis, Liam's parents took their child's health into their own hands and by watching Dr.Weinberger's video of Bethany, their child's horror cough was INSTANTLY cured.

Liam was instantly cured, just by watching a YouTube video at home in New Jersey!

Gone too were all the misdiagnoses, ineffective medicine and incorrect procedures. Liam made his horror cough go away - all by himself - even mom and dad could not help.

It was all him. His first true success.

The family could hardly believe their eyes. (Just like us with Bethany.)

Dr. Weinberger was recovering from cardiac bypass surgery and so mommy and daddy decided just to watch the 35 minute long documentary video as a family WITH 9 year old sweet Liam.

This is what Dr. Weinberger recommends when the patient meets the diagnostic criteria.

What happened to Liam was as shocking and unbelievable as what happened to our sweet Bethany. Liam instantly stopped coughing for over 2 hours until he went to bed!

He woke up the next day and began his recovery with - practice - practice - practice. Sure he coughed. Dr. Weinberger says this is to be expected. The throat needs to recover and heal. Your child is tired, but recovery has indeed started.

Only days later when Bethany made a video call to him for peer counseling, (recommended by Dr. Weinberger) Liam did not cough even 1 time in an hour conversation. Bravo Liam. Good parenting mommy and dad!

From a medical publication in 1694 - "... habitual cough, which often continues after the first Cough, which was caused by the Cold, is gone," - This is also very similar to Dr. Weinberger's modern diagnosis of Habit Cough.

The only thing missing was "The repetitive barking cough that is not present once the child is asleep is the diagnostic criteria.” - Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, Pediatric Pulmonologist and chronic cough researcher from Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego, California.

Dr. Weinberger nailed it for an perfect diagnosis criteria - over 300 years later!

Oh, and then he shows the world how to cure it in mere minutes in children and adult. This instant cure is fully replicable, with no drugs, no cost - in their home -by watching a YouTube video. (Really? Yes!)

Here is my response & email thread with Tiffany.

Know that Dr. Weinberger has just began recovery in his home from cardiac bypass surgery.

Dear Tiffany,

Thank you for your email.

Dr. Weinberger just arrived home in San Diego and is recovering well from bypass surgery. He asked me to respond. I am BCCing him on this email and he will reply as soon as possible, but might be delayed.

I am not a doctor so I cannot diagnose. I am his researcher and compile the results of his brilliant diagnosis - cure and recovery.

I am Bethany's father from the video on the website being cured by Dr. Weinberger.

He had me put the Habit Cough diagnosis, cure and recovery email together below.

He requested that I document as much about recovery as it is was SO important in Bethany's recovery and this knowledge is ever growing with input from parents and patients around the world.

There is a plethora of information about Dr. Weinberger's cures HERE.

Recently, Dr. Weinberger has begun to get really busy in his retirement. After his schedule got filled, he had to ask the parents to watch the video - first, then schedule the Skype call. He was just so busy. (He likes to remind me that he is retired. I don't believe this at all!)

Then something magnificent and completely unexpected occurred.

The parents would include the child in watching the video preview. Instinctively, the child would ask to mimic what Bethany was doing. They could relate to her story!

The parents would supply the water and not distract the child. The child did the rest, and viola! they were cured. (This didn't just happen once. It was replicated numerous times - to the delight of Dr. Weinberger.) Now, he has begun to ask the diagnosed child to be included.

Brilliant Instant Cure and Recovery

From the father of another child named Logan: "We were skeptical because it looked too easy, but I called Dr. Weinberger anyway for advice. He asked my to show your video to Logan without any instructions to see if he could identify with it and maybe try it out himself. We couldn't believe the miracle we witnessed. He went from 600 coughs/hour to maybe 6 the rest of the night until he went to sleep. He said it was really hard, but he wanted to be like Bethany. As each day passed, it took less focus to suppress the coughs. Within 2 weeks he was cured. " - Logan's father.

Dr. Weinberger has found a great response when the child mimics Bethany (including the body temperature water. Bethany used two glasses and was not to be interrupted or her gaze averted.)

He told us that this is something that Bethany had to do all by herself.

We were unable to help her until she began to recover - she had to do it all. All we could do was praise her for her efforts. This is explained in great detail on the recovery link HERE.

Dr. Weinberger Skypes with children if more attention is needed. He will certainly communicate with you soon.

You may call me anytime for parent talk. (again, no diagnosis, just to talk about our experience with Dr. Weinberger.)



Liam and Tiffany from the New Jersey shore - Google Hangouts Video call with Bethany and daddy

Dear Tiffany,

Thanks for communicating with me.

If you have a video of your child coughing, please reply with a video that includes a minute or two of active coughs for Dr. Weinberger's review. I will forward it to him.

I am NOT a doctor and DO NOT provide any medical advice in any way. I can only relate our unique experiences with our daughter, Bethany. I attempt to document as much as possible, information from parents and adults around the world. Each bit of information still amazes and delights me.

Please direct any medical questions to your trusted doctors.

Dr. Weinberger is currently recovering from successful bypass surgery and away from his email and communications. I will bcc him so that he might get back to you upon his return online.

Did you review Dr. Weinberger's video with your family? This is the video that children and adults around the world watch. Most parents like to review it first, and then watch with their child. It will be fully translated into "neutral" Spanish by mid February, 2020 to assist the 500 million Spanish speakers around the world.

Here is a link to our big news and updates.

All of Dr. Weinberger's "peer reviewed and published" information is contained on the website.

You might consider printing this letter and presenting it to your pediatrician and telling them about

(Many pediatricians and pediatric pulmonologists as well as asthma doctors are now referring their patients/parents to it with wonderful outcomes after a proper diagnosis.)

Here is a link to my "daddy explanation" of his brilliant published letter about our daughter and other cases of instant cure.

Doctors routinely will understand that when a peer reviewed document comes from Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, or Chest Journal, it has been internationally reviewed and accepted from the most knowledgeable board of editors and worthy of their continued knowledge.

Rule 1: Trust your doctor.

Rule 2: Refer to rule 1.

Recovery from Habit Cough

Although, routinely, as with my daughter, the majority of coughs stop almost immediately, Dr. Weinberger states that there will certainly be a recovery period for the child or adult. He says that it takes awhile for the patient's throat to heal after all the coughs.

Dr. Weinberger asked me to compile and disseminate "Habit Cough Recovery" information HERE

Bethany's recovery to ZERO coughs took a couple of weeks after her immediate cure. It went from 5,000 coughs per day prior to her cure, to 200 +/- the next day and then down to 50 and then to +/- 20 and then to zero weeks later. We almost actually forgot that she had her horror cough for so long.

Please continue to communicate to me and I will forward your information to his email which he will review upon his return.

Good luck,

Dennis Buettner

Research Manager for Dr. Weinberger


You may call me at any time for parent to parent talk.

Dear Tiffany,

One other thing of note was that about 30 days later, Bethany had a cough that recurred.

I got anxious about it and emailed Dr. Weinberger.

He immediately replied to me and I called out across the room, Bethany, dr. Weinberger just responded and said you know what to do.

She went back into her entire mode of making her cough stop and literally within minutes she had it under control. That was about 8 months ago and she has not coughed even once.

The takeaway that we have was that her confidence level in herself grew dramatically in this.

If you want to show your son, she actually asked and performed her science fair project and it is posted up on the website HERE. it is about her habit cough and how her video with dr. Weinberger is helping children like your son around the world.

Also she will be Skyping a little girl tonight and give some peer-to-peer support. If you ever think this might be needed and normally is in the first week or so after the cure, let me know and we can work it out. She really loves doing this.


Dear Dennis,

Thank you quick response. We did watch the video as a family and my son went 35 minutes without coughing.

After watching the video he went hours with a cough here and there!

I did have to remind him to be mindful of the sensation to cough for the remainder of the night. (Dennis note: This is to be expected. We praised Bethany all the time in her recovery.)

He is sleeping right now, but my guess is that when he wakes will still have this issue.

Do you recommend trying the suggestive therapy session again using the video? Did your daughter cough again after her first session? (Dennis note: Yes, I explain her recovery and that of other children HERE.)

I am nervous to send him back to school...this requires so much patience and reassurance that I worry he will relapse. (Dennis note: I explain all about return to school HERE also.)

Thoughts? Thank you so much.


Dear Tiffany,

I can only tell you my experience with Bethany. I'm not a doctor and cannot give any advice.

In our experience with Bethany, we found that it took like your son took only minutes to make the coughing stop but then it takes a couple weeks of just fun reinforcement to keep it on the steady way down to zero coughs.

If you go to the website under Big News and look for the recovery link it is explained in great detail.

Feel free to call me anytime 410-852-6928 and I can walk you through what we did.

But the website is pretty comprehensive.

Dr. Weinberger was adamant that in my assistance to him I collect all the knowledge I could about the recovery and it is distilled there.

The essence of the recovery for Bethany was practice, practice, practice.

The essence for us as parents and siblings was, "... good job Bethany, great job Bethany!"

Also, when she would have another coughing fit, which became less and les, we would remind her that Dr. Weinberger told her what to do and she should remember it.

Dr. Weinberger led us to believe and it made sense that this was Bethany's first big win in her life where she was able to do it all by herself. I'm sure this is the same with your son.

As Bethany said, "... if I can do it you can do it too!"

Please keep in touch Dr. Weinberger loves to know as many details as possible to continue with his invaluable research.

Again, reiterating Bethany watched the video again, I believe once a day for the next 2 days and then much like your child will learn how to do a video game or some other project he will learn how to make his coughing stop.

Our big thing was use of the water and her school was really good about letting her have two bottles with her one in her locker for later in the day and 1 in the morning.

Again as you will see in about two weeks you will forget that he even had the cough.


Dear Tiffany,

Bethany just asked me to send this to Liam.

So many parents have reported back that their child stated this or something similar to them.

We even had a 25 year old man from Nepal who basically said the same thing.

Dear Tiffany,

Bethany can talk with Liam at any time.

Here is a recovery note that I just posted today. If for any reason, Liam says he is tired, no worries. We can reschedule. Bethany had a difficult time explaining how tired she was.

Interesting recovery update: We had just coordinated another Skype call with a child in their recovery from Habit Cough. At the last minute, mommy emailed me to say that their child was too tired to Skype. This made me say, hmmm, then Bethany reminded me that she was completely and utterly exhausted from her coughing. We certainly understood and rescheduled. Your takeaway from this should be that after potentially millions of coughs, your child is completely spent. We let Bethany recover and decrease her coughing to zero. BUT, we also let her body, mind and throat recover. It might take awhile.

Trust me, they will know when to "relaunch" their life. You will be so proud of them. Dr. Weinberger FULLY agreed and wanted me to include this information on the recovery page.

Here is a link to Bethany in her Happy Television Studio.

We are finally ramping back up after her recovery. Children really like seeing it. Her YouTube channel should be running in a month or so. She tells the children that she can do so many more things after practicing to make her cough go away.


Dear Dennis,

Thank you for that information.

Liam is having a good day but has shown some signs of regression, but I expected that. I also noticed when he is tired he is less focus and more symptomatic. BUT I continue to just support, encourage and remind him to focus. He's so strong! How about 2:00 PM Google Hangouts. I have never used it before. Is it pretty easy to use?


Dear Tiffany,

You are doing just what Dr. Weinberger told us to do.

We thought day 1 would be easy for her to watch her own video session again. She did, but I think her body was just so happy not to cough, she balked a tiny bit.

We, like you, would remind her and ensure that she had her water with her.

Dr. Weinberger loves when he hears about the constant praise to the children.

He says that this is their first big accomplishment in their lives where mommy and daddy could not even help them. (wow, when he told me this, I really choked up - in a good way)

Video call @ 2:30 eastern would be fine (about 1 hour from now). I will be with Bethany via Hangouts. Easy, just click on the link below and "allow" your camera and "allow" your microphone when and if asked.

Ensure that Liam has a bottle or glass of water so he can show Bethany his technique.


Dear Dennis,

Hi! Thank you for that information. Liam is having a good day but has shown some signs of regression, but I expected that. I also noticed when he is tired he is less focus and more symptomatic. BUT I continue to just support, encourage and remind him to focus. He's so strong!

Video call update: Great video call with Liam and Tiffany

Bethany and I spent a wonderful hour with Liam and mommy.

Liam controlled his cough and literally never coughed once. Dr. Weinberg is SO proud of Liam.

I was so proud of Bethany for reaching out to talk with a boy and mommy who are now friends.

We all thank Dr. Weinberger, whose brilliant and ever evolving diagnosis, instant cure and recovery from what was once Liam and Bethany's vicious "horror cough"!

Two Days Later

From Tiffany,

Dennis & Bethany,

This is fantastic!

Having this documented is truly amazing and so special to us.

Bethany's determination really helped set the pace for Liam...his determination like Bethany's is inspiring.

Thanks to your entire family and especially you... what you're doing is nothing short of amazing.

I could see the love in your eyes for your family and your desire to help others.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.

Your prompt responses brought me hope.

When I put Liam to bed the other night he said it was nice to know he wasn't alone.

The peer support from Bethany was just what he he needed.

Update: Liam went back to school yesterday and had a great day!!!!!!! We are less than 15 coughs per day.

We hope to chat sometime next week.

Hugs and kisses to Bethany!!! Ttys

From Bethany and Dennis


That is tremendous news. I woke up and saw that you had sent an email and just knew that it was going to be about an awesome success with your big boy Liam.

You are quite welcome.

Bethany had a great time on the Google Hangout Video Call. I'd like being there just to keep the ball rolling with the mommy and Liam. But it takes a lot for a 13 year old just sit through and learn and talk. We are very proud of her.

The whole premise of the peer counseling came right out of Dr. Weinberger's mind. he thought it would be a good idea, and boy was he right. Liam only adds to the success. She had spoken with Polly, Maxim, Liam, and she has been ready to speak with at least three other children who have just been so tired they could not do it. Each of them has gone on to great success and stopped their cough.

We are so proud of you for being such a diligent Mommy.

Could you have possibly believed that watching a video would make this vicious horror cough go away? Imagine the mommies in Canada, England, Australia, all across United States, India and Nepal who thought that they would never ever stop coughing and their life would be in turmoil forever. Then they watched a video. Wait, what?

So many people trying to sell them a pill to cure something that easily came from the mind of a child or an affected adult

To this day and even this very minute I shake my head in complete and utter amazement.

Not saying that you and I had it easy because we didn't, but compared to the mommies and the little children and the adults with Habit Cough who had it for up to 15 years we have easily been blessed.

I'm talking to the mommy and Bethany will be peer counseling a young girl who is 15 years old and she has had it for over 10 years.

It must have become part of her personality. But her mommy believes that it will go away. Bethany will be speaking with her this week.

Tonight we're going to try something new. There's a little girl in New England, I think Connecticut or Massachusetts and she needs to talk to Bethany. she stopped her coughing for over 35 minutes, but needs a little bit of help on the next day. I have to work at NASA tonight and Bethany will be here at home.

We are going to do a three way Google Hangouts call with Bethany at home me at work and the little girl (and mommy) at her home in New England. This is very exciting for Bethany. it is even more exciting for Dr. Weinberger to know that his brilliant work, diagnosis, cure and recovery just keeps on giving in so many ways.

It has evolved from horrified mommies and daddies having to drive their forsaken children across the country to Iowa to having to make a scheduled Skype call appointment with Dr. Weinberger. Now they don't have to wait because his schedule is so filled with his recovery and other work that with all the testimonies of the parents like you online they will believe that the seemingly impossible can instantly be achieved.

It is beyond my comprehension as a mere mortal that this works so fully and completely.

His knowledge brought forth the need for the recovery and the peer counseling. I can only imagine how difficult it had to be when all he could do was see children for 1 hour in his little tiny office in Iowa.

He is a true medical hero. A pioneer.

Witness the mommy of 3 who is 62 years old from the United Kingdom.

This mommy stated that her mystery horror cough would unleash its viciousness for over seven years.

So vicious, relentless and brutal was her cough, that she had to go into trauma counseling.

When all else had failed she found a press release that I had made about our sweet Abby, the 15 year old girl in Australia.

This Mommy did not believe that she could have habit cough because she thought it was only for children.

After everything else failed and feeling completely forsaken, she watched the video of Dr. Weinberger with Bethany - knowing that it would not help (or so she thought), but hoping that it would.

She said instantaneously listening to Bethany's voice and her saying, "... if I can do it you can do it too!", she halted her cough. Stopped dead in its tracks.

After so much trauma and despair in her life.

She said it is hard but she is getting better everyday. She wrote me last night and said she plays back Bethany's sweet voice in her head every single time she stops one of her coughs.

She said that it works in the most mysterious way.

We are just observers in this entire thing. I feel like I'm just an organizer. I do my best to only give my experience with Bethany and now your experience with Liam and Abby's experience and Maxim's experience and all the experiences that we've been able to collect.

That is where the hope lies that there are other people out there. Just like Liam said, "... it makes me feel good to know that other children have been going through this too."

You never left his side and somehow you knew and you could make it stop. This is what mommies do.

I told Dr. Weinberger that this is my fight song.

I posted on the website the theme from Rocky and it's literally less than 25 words for the entire song. Going to try now. It's so hard now. Feeling strong now. Gonna fly now.

Whenever I get an email like this from a parent, grandparent or caregiver, I cue the theme from Rocky in my mind (by Bill Conti). These parents felt hopeless, helpless and forsaken. Never more. Jennifer and I felt the same way until Dr. Weinberger brilliantly and properly diagnosed and cured our sweet child from a vicious, never stop, horror cough. I feel the ingenious curing power of The Weinberger Procedure and the brilliant energy of the little child, when they say, "... if Bethany can do it, I can do it too!"

Trying hard now

It's so hard now

Trying hard now

Getting strong now

Won't be long now

Getting strong now

Gonna fly now

Flying high now

Gonna fly, fly, fly...

Bethany and I saw such love and passion for the future in Liam's eyes.

Yes, Dr. Weinberger said that it's all about the child doing it, but he fully understands about the great mommies who puts their child over the top.

Liam may need reminders for the next couple of days but I'm sure his cough will be hardly a memory in the next 30 days.

All the best,

Bethany, Jennifer and Dennis with Christian and Hunter.

The boys did a great job not making a single sound so that that that he could sleep because she was so tired when she had her yucky cough.

Note. I believe the big things that is about to happen. His word will be getting out of so many adults who could not imagine that they have Habit Cough being cured. I will take this email and add it to the giant breadcrumb trail that we are leaving for Dr. Weinberger.

Our goal is to flood the zone with so many indisputable cures that people will think oh, maybe I can try. This is what happened with Lorna from the United kingdom. I believe this will be Dr Weinberger's greatest accidental mystery cure.

Adults with years and years of chronic unexplained cough. Of all things, last night my father called me and said my 82 year old mom has Habit Cough and he just realized what it was after the email that I posted on Facebook from the lady in England.

All the best, Bethany & Dennis



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