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Nepal - HUGE Worldwide 5 year "by proxy" instant cure - 25 year old adult. Restarted his life.

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

“I did it and told my doctors later. I don’t what magic is in that video which forces me to stop my cough [just by watching the video]! - AK, Nepal.

25 year old man with a mystery 5 year long chronic - horror cough that just would not stop - halted - stopped - instantly cured in mere minutes.

Hopeless, helpless & forsaken - then INSTANTLY cured by watching a video and following the instructions of Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD and his Weinberger Procedure. Yes look at our World Instant Cure Map HERE.

“I don’t what magic is in that video which forces me to stop my cough!

At first it was very difficult to hold my cough, but I can’t remember that how can I hold my cough.

May be due to motivation that I got from the little girl [Bethany].  

Thank you once again.” - AK, Nepal

Anywhere in the world - anyone - young child or adult can be cured of their Habit Cough just by being properly diagnosed and utilizing The Weinberger Procedure "by proxy" YouTube video. It is just fascinating.

This JUST came in as a YouTube comment from a man in the beautiful and prosperous country of Nepal. Peace my Nepalese friend.

You have found your beacon of hope in the world's Hero of the Internet; Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, Pediatric Pulmonologist. Pediatric? I thought this was an adult from Nepal?

Well, obviously, The Weinberger Procedure works BRILLIANTLY for adults with Habit Cough also.

Until recently, it was thought that Habit Cough was "just for kids". Well, not any more - and the cure is here on

Hooray for Dr. Weinberger; hero for the people of Nepal, Spain, England, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Argentina the USA and the world.

Dr. Weinberger,

Thank you for this amazing measures to suppress the habitual cough.

I am also facing the similar type of cough since [for] 5 years.

Not a frequent on but at lest 1-2 times in every 3 minutes. [This equals thousands of times per day - Dennis]

I have also done lots of investigation and take lots of medicine but result is always same.

I feel irritated most of the time when i had a cough.

Sometime it ruins my work also.

Lastly again visit the pulmonologist/chest physician he said I have no option other than taking antipsychotic may be (may be amitriptiline or gabapentine) but i didn't take that medicine.

When i scroll the YouTube,  found this amazing video and now i am doing the same thing as in video.

Till [for] 30 minutes i can suppress my cough!!

This technique brings some new hope on me.

Thank you soo much for sharing!! And especially thanks to Dr who did a extensive research.

Lots of love from Nepal 😊


Please email Dr. Weinberger to communicate with him.

He is very much your friend and my daughter's friend and friend of Nepal. His email is on this webpage

Please let him know of your status. He is waiting to hear from you. Bethany's father, Dennis



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