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Until Dr. Weinberger's procedure ~ there has never been an instant and permanent cure for cough in the history of humankind. (Ever)


Press and Media Kit

-- Notice to physicians and researchers - All medical research on this website is peer reviewed and published with offsite links to  & esteemed medical journals  for your validation. --


Bethany's Cough Diary/Chart HERE

Dr. Weinberger's "big story" facts and figures HERE

Dennis and Bethany are available to be interviewed about their family's experiences with Habit Cough and Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD.

Please take a moment to help Dr. Weinberger with his continuing research into the diagnosis and treatment of Chronic Cough - Habit Cough HERE.

Here is a good overview of my knowledge and perspective on the horrors of chronic and relentless Habit Cough. It is kind of a long read, but still amazes me that only Dr. Weinberger has figured it out and cure it in children and adults.

One of our main goals is to spread the news of The Weinberger Procedure to the medically underserved and rural countries, states, cities, towns, villages and off the grid children and adults around the world. We want to help all people overcome barriers to their health and well-being related to factors such as ethnicity, race, gender, age, geography, or economics. Cure the cough and stop the spread!


Please understand that Dr. Weinberger has worked with terrific colleagues over the years who have provided invaluable assistance. Our praise and his, of these heavy lifters and "Protectors of Children" is respectfully noted HERE


This is our fascinating global rare chronic cough cure story. Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, Pediatric Pulmonologist researched and discovered how to properly diagnose and instantly cure Chronic Habit Cough "by proxy" and via telemedicine, anywhere in the world (This is a worldwide first with the most astonishing implications once The Weinberger Procedure is translated into numerous global languages).

We posted this difficult to watch "horror cough" video. The child, Patrick, was cured in minutes using The Weinberger Procedure in an office setting. Viewer discretion is advised. It does have a terrific outcome - complements of The Weinberger Procedure and Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD.


Habit Cough is so misdiagnosed that doctors do not even know that it exists, let alone how to properly diagnose or treat/cure in children let alone adults. Had I not filmed our daughter's global rare chronic cough instant cure in person; even I would not believe it what I saw.


Dr. Weinberger is Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics from the University of Iowa and is currently Visiting Professor of Pediatrics at the University of California San Diego, Rady Children's Hospital, He is Board Certified in both Allergy and Pediatric Pulmonology.


A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, he received training at the University of California in San Francisco, National Institute of Health, National Jewish Hospital in Denver, and the University of Colorado.  Dr. Weinberger authored over 200 manuscript publications, 44 book chapters, and a book entitled Managing Asthma. He has been an invited speaker more than 500 times throughout the United States and in 22 countries.

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======== Our Amazing Story of a Global Rare Chronic Cough Cured - and Filmed ========


Our 12-year-old daughter (and now hundreds of children worldwide) was instantly and dramatically cured of one of the rarest, misdiagnosed, and terrifying chronic coughing medical mysteries in children and adults; Habit Cough.


It is so rare that no doctor could even diagnose it, let alone treat or cure it in children or adults. (except for one medical doctor/researcher as noted below - Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, Pediatric Pulmonologist.)


There are untold numbers of hopeless, helpless and forsaken children and adults who suffered from diagnosed and untreated chronic cough - Habit Cough around the world. They can be cured by proxy with just a YouTube video or via telemedicine. No drugs are used with The Weinberger Procedure.


(Yes, I know it sounds highly surreal, but it is real, amazing and peer reviewed. I am just the first person to film and document it so that other children, adults and seniors might be cured.)


For no reason, our daughter (and many adults) coughed thousands and thousands of times every waking minute of the day for over 90 days. Some children as young as 3 experience the terror of Habit Cough exponentially more than Bethany and for 5 or more years. (over 27,000 times and more per day)


Properly named and called “Habit Cough” (not a tic), this mystery global rare chronic cough has been referred to as, habit tic, somatic cough, somatic tic, barking cough of puberty (really) as well as many others. Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, accurately defends calling it Habit Cough. (Since 1694 HERE.)


Not a single nurse, doctor, pediatrician, pediatric pulmonologist, allergist, hospital or procedure anywhere could provide even the slightest relief or even a “sweet” spot in the horror cycle of this terrifying cough for our daughter, and the children whose parents communicate with me. It just would not stop. (I read or heard that some children have actually been “put under anesthesia” hoping to break the Habit Cough cycle with no improvement. Some have had tonsils and adenoids removed with no improvement.)

*Note: We had not visited an allergist. We would have needed to take Bethany off of all medications to test her for allergies and were not willing or able to do this in the midst of this nightmare. We were still hoping that one of the drugs would work. When they all failed - even QVAR RediHaler. We felt doomed and that Bethany would never stop coughing. ;-(


These medical personnel did not even know how to diagnose her chronic nonproductive cough. The general consensus was, “there is nothing more we can do”. (I have heard this same scenario from numerous parents around the world.)


From what we heard, the most important diagnostic criteria to discern that a child is experiencing chronic cough, according to Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, Pediatric Pulmonologist. Did the child awaken from their sleep during the night coughing, he asks?  "No", was our reply.

Once awake in the morning, our daughter’s coughing started within 30 seconds and continued throughout the day until she fell asleep 13-14 hours later. This seems to be a common situation to the parents and caregivers of children (and adults) that I have spoken with from around the world. 


When I spoke to Dr. Weinberger, his most important question was, "... Dennis, with a simple yes, or no, does Bethany wake up coughing from her nighttime sleep. Please do not elaborate, just tell me, yes, or no." I said, "NO!" 


I had already provided him Bethany's chronic cough history; telling him that her 3 month long cough was and "unproductive" (no phlegm). He told me that not waking up coughing was the diagnostic "Sine qua non" I had to look this up to see what it meant.


Click HERE to download your own Mystery Cough poster (above) suitable for doctor's office waiting rooms.

Children suffering from Habit Cough have been misdiagnosed over multiple years with bronchitis, sinusitis, Tourette’s Syndrome, GERD, mold allergies, asthma, cough variant asthma (CVA), croup, and numerous other illnesses. Bethany was told to take so many unnecessary and useless drugs, operations and procedures. Trust your doctors and tell them about

Literally every known OTC and prescription drug was prescribed to our daughter, and to the other children around the world who could not stop coughing. When they finally were diagnosed with Habit Cough from Dr. Weinberger - his Weinberger Procedure cured them in minutes.


The parents I communicate with around the world each state that they had lost all hope of their child EVER stopping their horror coughing. They felt that their child and situation was hopeless, helpless and forsaken - with no correct diagnosis and treatment.


When literally all hope was lost of ever finding any relief or a cure for our sweet 12 year old daughter, we heard of one last medical (retired) doctor - and we found him only by accident. (compliments to Dr. Ran Anbar, MD, FAAP)


The researcher we found was Dr. Miles Weinberger, M.D., Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics, University of Iowa, Visiting Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, University of California San Diego, Rady Children's Hospital. His brilliant CV and peer reviewed manuscripts, letters and publications are at


Over the last 30+ years, Dr. Weinberger has researched and developed a way to diagnose and cure Habit Cough instantaneously in-person, or AMAZINGLY by proxy via the Internet - anywhere in the world by watching a simple YouTube video or via telemedicine.


Dr. Weinberger, within 10 minutes, instantly cured Bethany via live Skype video call. Other children and adults who have been suffering from Habit Cough for up to 20+ years have been instantly cured, by proxy or via telemedicine, in the USA, Canada, Australia, England and more, by watching Dr. Weinberger’s 35 minute YouTube curative therapy session video. (Note: This does not mean that your child has habit cough. Any diagnosis and treatment can only be made by medical doctor.)


Dr. Weinberger provides his Habit Cough curation therapy video for free, as his gift to the hopeless, helpless and forsaken children of the world who suffer from the relentless terror of Habit Cough.


The Weinberger Procedure can instantly cure “by proxy” or via telemedicine, one of the most mysterious and rare global chronic coughs which can cause children and adults to cough thousands of times per day - nonstop - for up to 20+ years. 

Chronic cough - Habit Cough (We call it "Horror Cough" or "Mystery Cough") affected our daughter with over 500,000 coughs in 100 days and then stopped immediately upon a Skype video call from Dr. Weinberger.


The Weinberger Procedure is so simple and effective. Our daughter stopped coughing SIMPLY after listening to Dr. Weinberger on a Skype video call from his home in San Diego, California to ours in Maryland. We filmed it to show Bethany’s grandparents, because we knew that nobody would ever believe what we witnessed.

Big proxy news from Australia HERE - Instant cure from Habit Cough - filmed by 15 year old girl.

I am writing about Abby (15 year old female) from Old Bar, New South Wales, Australia who was literally cured from a 5 year horror of Habit Cough in only 5 minutes. Her video above, shows the instant cure as it happens. Multiple hopeless and forsaken Australian children have been cured in the last couple months.


This is the Australia/American feel good story of the year that will end the nightmare horror of the most mysterious global rare and chronic cough - Habit Cough for all the helpless, hopeless and forsaken affected children in Australia (and the world).


Abby's mum, Kim Cutler has it displayed on her She brilliantly filmed Abby's cure or nobody would believe what happened.


I filmed Bethany’s cure video and posted it on the Internet. So far, along with Abby, Patrick, Lily, Gracen, and more than 50 known and verified cures of hopeless, helpless and forsaken children and adults in Australia, England, USA & Canada have occurred in a few short months. If I had not filmed it nobody would believe what happened - including me.


We would love to have it translated into as many languages as possible. Neither Dr. Weinberger nor I receive a penny from this cure/rescue session. He is retired and I am just a dad who works at in the space industry.


Dennis Buettner


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