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NSW, Australia Cured by Mommy While Driving in the Car! Back in school!

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Redacted comments from the most recent Australian parent to me made my wife and me cry. "My own daughter developed a cough about a month ago when she had a virus and it just progressively got worse.

The virus went but the cough did not. It got to the point where she coughed constantly when awake. Her only reprieve was sucking on a cough lollie or when she was asleep.

The doctors tested her for everything and prescribed her with every medication they could think that could possibly work. I was out of my mind with stress and worry thinking she'd never be cured as she was not sick, except for the cough. In desperation I took to the internet and came across your video.

The cough was exactly the same as my daughters and I could relate to every aspect of the story. I gave it a go. Telling Lily that she wasn't sick and she could control it. Just like your daughter she was able to stop the cough.

We started with only two seconds. Then five. Then ten and finally up to a minute. It didn't take long then to hit the five minutes.

After that she was able to stop the cough as it started.

By yesterday evening there was no cough at all. Just a little clearing of the throat every now and then. ...I'm still in shock that it worked.

My husband came home from work and couldn't believe that the cough was gone. ... I am still in shock that she's OK now.

The stress and worry was so much and now it's gone. Just like that.

I cannot thank you enough because if I hadn't stumbled upon your video [The Weinberger Procedure] she'd still be coughing with no end in sight."

She literally just gave Dr. Weinberger's cessation talk to her daughter as she was driving.

From Dennis - Jenn Dollin did not waiver in her love and devotion for her daughter. Dr. Weinberger was HIGHLY impressed that Jenn actually provided The Weinberger Procedure script to Lily while driving her in the car. Wow - what incredible mommying.

This just came in on November 12, 2019. I certainly applaud mommy for her wonderful instinct. It certainly helps to post it here so that other parents might learn from their experience. As I always say, "talk with your doctor whether you are in Australia, England, Spain, Canada, India or the USA." Note that Lily knew exactly what to do. She told her mommy and mommy made it all better. Thanks to Dr. Weinberger and The Weinberger Procedure - by proxy. - Dennis



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