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Adult & Child Cough Cure ~ Patient Referral Information for Your Doctor

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

"Peer reviewed and published" means everything to a medical doctor.

When communicating with your doctors, please specify that all of Dr. Weinberger's curative work has been "peer reviewed and published" numerous times since 1991 in the most esteemed medical journals.

They will give great credence to the fact that the information is "peer reviewed and published." The term, "peer reviewed and published" means that the information has been intensely questioned and then independently verified and validated by medical peers. You most likely have never heard the word "cure" regarding your cough - until now! Just peer reviewed and published "Cures of the Cough without a Cause?" HERE.

Now, available for use online, or in your adult,or pediatric doctor's office.

The referral has numerous offsite links to Dr. Miles Weinberger's peer reviewed and published chronic cough/habit cough diagnosis, cure and recovery information.

For your independent validation & verification (IV&V): All of Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD's instant and permanent cough cure research on this website has been "peer reviewed and published" in the most esteemed medical journals since 1991, with offsite independent validation & verification websites. HERE & HERE.

There is absolutely no cost or fee associated with any part of his instant & permanent cure here. It is Dr. Weinberger's gift to the hopeless, helpless & forsaken people of world.

- Click HERE to download/print or email a referral to your medical team. -

The greatest mystery illness of all time has finally been cured. Refractory unexplained chronic cough (RUCC) diagnosed as "habit cough", has now been instantly and permanently cured-by proxy all around the world! Adult & child "Habitual Cough" diagnosis was first noted in a medical textbook from 1694. The term "Chronic Cough" (CC) first appears in (1737) with a similar search. There has NEVER been an instant & permanent cure for cough in the history of humankind - till now! When you read how the cure occurs - you will be amazed. Remember, it is indeed peer reviewed and published - and it works - everywhere in the world in multiple languages; now. "The most unexpected, unintended & unprecedented discovery in medical history ~ not witnessed since the accidental discovery of penicillin! A paradigm shift in peer reviewed and published, curative medicine. Dr. Weinberger's gift is for all children and adults around the world." - DB Trust the opinion of your medical team. This website does not provide any medical advice.



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