Cure? How can you use the "C-word", (cure)? Can you back it up? - Yes!

Updated: Mar 31

I recently had a media editor inform me that since I included the word, "cure" along with reference to #JohnsHopkinsMedicine as noted in the story from December, 2020 below, I would be putting myself in jeopardy if they ever found out. (They are well aware. They contacted us! Read on, or go directly to our "cure" page - after communicating with your doctor.)

Repository of all Dr. Weinberger's pertinent CURE peer reviewed and published manuscripts - HERE

Archive of all Dr. Weinberger's pertinent CURE peer reviewed and published. Offsite links with some information behind paywalls - HERE & HERE

The well intentioned editor also noted that if I was exaggerating use of the word "cure" ~ in even the slightest way, I could be doing great damage to Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, and his 50 year reputation of fierce excellence in medicine and curative research.

He very astutely reminded me that there has only been treatment and suppression - never a cure for an acute or chronic cough. My response was, "... I am well aware, until now!"

The editor reiterated to me, "... claiming an instant and permanent "cure" to something as touchy as medically unexplained chronic cough is tough to back up. There has never been a cure for chronic cough in history. Are you willing to back up the claim?"

I understood his concern. I told him that Dr. Weinberger has been instantly and permanently "curing" chronic cough in children - diagnosed as "habit cough" since 1991.

I also told him the Dr. Weinberger's recent peer reviewed and published paper located HERE is validation and verification that his cure works simply by watching a YouTube documentary video.

Special note: #JohnsHopkinsMedicine (pulmonology) invited Dr. Miles Weinberger to give his "Habit Cough Cure" Zoom presentation to their team in January, 2021. I have witnessed his presentation as provided to numerous doctors across the country and it is terrific. I was unable to attend the #JohnsHopkinsMedicine Zoom meeting. I heard it was awesome.

Read first: Email this referral information to your doctor. HERE

Read the entire awesome and amazing story HERE

It was only after we posted a YouTube documentary video of him curing our daughter, Bethany that parents of children AND adult patients from around the world began reporting instant and permanent cures of their (up to decades long) chronic cough - just by watching the documentary. (Yes - all you have to do is watch the video, and follow Dr. Weinberger's instructions to Bethany, as if he is talking to you. Then you have to actively participate in his simple recovery plan located HERE. All of this should be under the direction of YOUR doctor. Remember, Dr. Weinberger is not your doctor and his cure is for cough only and NOT for any comorbidities or underlying medical conditions. There is absolutely NO guarantee that The Weinberger Procedure will cure your cough.) No drugs - no fees - no wait for a doctor visit. Now, people around the world are being instantly and permanently cured in the comfort and privacy in their own home - after consultation and referral from their doctor - everywhere in the world. Your results will certainly vary, and no cure is promised or implied. This is NOT a medical advice website. All we do is inform people about Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD's peer reviewed and published work that you can discuss with your trusted medical providers.

Note: Until now, there has never been an instant and permanent cure by-proxy for chronic cough. In the history of humankind there have only been ineffective suppression and treatments of chronic cough. (NEVER a cure!)

It only gets better. HERE is a map of his world of cures for chronic cough by-proxy, Skype and in-office visits. It is the cures "by-proxy" that are the most shocking and amazing. The story referencing #JohnsHopkinsMedicine below is a brilliant example of instant and permanent "cure by-proxy".

Trusted, peer reviewed and published since 1991, by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD. Yes, children as young as 3 & adults with 25+ years of chronic cough were cured! Routinely trusted, referred to, & utilized for their patients worst chronic coughs, these are instant & permanent cures by #JohnsHopkinsMedicine (Baltimore), #NewYorkMedicalCollege (NYC), #RutgersHealth (NJ), #KaiserPermanente, #ChildrensHealthIreland, #BostonChildrensHospital, #RadyChildrensHospital (San Diego), #TexasPediatricSpecialtiesandFamilySleepCenter, #InovaFairfaxHospital (Virginia), #BeaumontHealth (Michigan), #Allergy&AsthmaAssociates (Nevada), #OchsnerHealth (New Orleans), #SpireHealthcare (UK), #KaniksuHealthServices (Idaho), #MeyerChildrensHospital (Italy), #MenziesSchoolofHealthResearch (Australia), #HospitalHumbertoNotti (Argentina) & more.

Until now, there has never been a permanent cure for chronic cough by-proxy.

Check out the world of instant & permanent chronic cough cures HERE.

Currently translated and available everywhere around the world as seen HERE, at no cost or fee, in: English, Македонски, Español, Deutsche, Türk, 普通话.

Become a volunteer translator and help to cure cough in your language.

~ Help eradicate cough in rural and medically underserved areas of the world. ~ Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD. provides his cure at no cost for adults and children.


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