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    Critical Updates

    I will include critical updates on this page.

    04/02/2020 - Coronavirus? COVID-19? When I started this website to display the brilliant work of Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, Pediatric Pulmonologist, Immunologist, asthma, acute and chronic cough researcher.

    My greatest quest was to get the word out to the doctors of children who suffer from Habit Cough. A whole lot has changed.

    In December, 2019, Bethany made her 8th grade science fair project about curing a vicious, global rare disease by watching a YouTube video. Her hope was to inform people about The Weinberger Procedure. At one point, she asked what "cough aerosol transmission of virus" meant. This query was directed at transmission of influenza virus. Her project is HERE. Nobody had mentioned "Coronavirus" or "COVID-19".

    Now, the entire website has been redirected to getting the word out that an acute or chronic dry cough in children AND adults can be cured by The Weinberger Procedure (with a proper diagnosis).

    The Weinberger Procedure STILL works at 100% on a properly diagnosed child or adult. Consult with your medical professionals. (We say this all over the website.)

    03/21/2020 - Not coughing because you were instantly cured is the same as normal breathing below.

    03/18/2020 - There are no politics here at HabitCough.com. That being said, this was just spoken by Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. "The sooner we contain it [Coronavirus COVID-19] the better off we'll all be in terms of health and prosperity." Read my 3/17/2020 entry below concerning: Diagnose - Cure - Mitigate - Suppress - Contain

    03/18/2020 - The big question:, "Is chronic cough [Habit Cough] a disease or a symptom [indication of a disease]?" "Chronic cough is a disease entity in its own right, not a symptom, according to newly released guidelines from the European Respiratory Society [ERS]." "Professor Morice [ERS] urged the audience not to dismiss chronic cough as trivial, as it was a profound influencer on quality of life – worse than COPD – causing urinary incontinence, sleep disruption and social embarrassment. It’s a major, major source of morbidity out there in the population, and we have an incidence rate that is bigger than asthma,” he said. HERE. Note: There is no mention of "cure" of chronic cough on this webpage.

    03/17/2020 - We use the word "cure" a lot on HabitCough,com with reference to the whole of The Weinberger Procedure cure by proxy. Stating that The Weinberger Procedure "cures" chronic refractory cough, diagnosed as Habit Cough is a HUGE claim. Other than The Weinberger Procedure cure by proxy, there is no cure for chronic cough and has NEVER been a replicable cure for chronic cough. Yes, there are chronic cough treatments aplenty - but no cure. I performed a word search for "cure" and none exists.

    Click here and read Dr. Weinberger's brilliant paper, called: "Unexpected and Unintended Cure of Habit Cough by Proxy", by Miles Weinberger, MD. This paper is not about tussive suppression of chronic cough. It is about the cure of chronic cough, diagnosed as Habit Cough (since 1694).

    Editor note: There are SO many implications to a "cure". The first that might be expected is skepticism. This is fine and fully expected, but there is no getting around the fact that The Weinberger Procedure cure by proxy fits this definition: Cure: relieve (a person or animal) of the symptoms of a disease or condition. "he was cured of the [chronic habit cough] disease"

    03/17/2020 - I heard briefly from Dr. Weinberger today. This is good news that his recovery from bypass surgery is going well. We thought the he would visit in May 202, but due to the cancellation of a medical convention on east coast, we will just Skype with him.

    03/17/2020 - I spent another day calling every known Maryland state government phone number in hopes that I might get some traction on utilization of The Weinberger Procedure to assist in the mitigation, suppression and containment of Coronavirus COVID-19. Well, I did actually get a couple of call backs. We will see what happens. Cure the cough, and halt transmission of cough aerosol. Big update tomorrow, I hope.

    Yuck note: To the Maryland state epidemiologist who told me that he was NOT interested in anything I had to say about assisting in the mitigation and containment of COVID-19 and to stop wasting his time ("... where did you get my phone number??") Even after I told him that Governor Larry Hogan had specifically requested the public reach out to members of the Maryland Health Department, he was sadly quite belligerent and I ended the call. (on to the next number) Yuck. On the lighter side, I did speak with a former Marine who is a RN. He was fantastic and quite engaging. I reminded him that as a Marine, he knows what to do to help get our word out. I will side with this former Marine. Oorah!

    From our front page: The President of The United States and Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland as well as other state governors have implored the public with a dire need, for any idea or plan capable of mitigating, suppressing and containing Coronavirus COVID-19 at an international level.

    Please review The Weinberger Procedure to see that it exceeds even the most top level plan requirements in a time of international emergency. It is currently process tested and stress tested. It is up and running perfectly, at 100% cure rate, around the world.

    We think you will be impressed because it works so perfectly.

    Diagnose - Cure - Mitigate - Suppress - Contain

    Cured! Yes, cured! Chronic dry cough, cured by proxy in children and adults! Cough aerosol transmission of virus and disease mitigated, suppressed and contained after 50 years of peer reviewed and published cough research by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD.