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One Sheet and Simplified Doctor Referral

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Feel free to review, download and print (if desired) the "One Sheet," and "Simplified Doctor Referral" documents, and discuss them to your medical team. All referenced content refers to peer reviewed and published information here at

Your doctor may contact Dr. Weinberger for a referral. He does this on a routine basis.

Update: Special Post Covid-19-Associated Acute & Chronic Habit Cough Information *** Update: Dr. Weinberger has received numerous unsolicited reports of post-COVID-19 cough, AND cough cures. - Please report any post-viral, COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2 / Coronavirus coughs, & any cough cures utilizing Dr. Weinberger's submission form HERE. *** "Cough is one of the most common presenting symptoms of COVID-19, along with fever and loss of taste and smell. Cough can persist for weeks or months after SARS-CoV-2 infection, often accompanied by chronic fatigue, cognitive impairment, dyspnoea, or pain—a collection of long-term effects referred to as the post-COVID syndrome or long COVID." & "Many reports have now described post-COVID symptoms and show that cough can persist for weeks and months after SARS-CoV-2 infection in some patients, with differing severity of acute symptoms." - Confronting COVID-19-associated cough and the post-COVID syndrome - from The Lancet Respiratory Medicine "The initial cause of the Habit Cough is commonly symptoms consistent with a viral respiratory infection. When the symptoms caused in children [and adults] were initiated from Covid-19, the subsequent Habit Cough did not appear to differ from that initiated by other common cold viruses. & There doesn't seem to be anything special about the Corona related [cough]. It's a viral respiratory infection that symptomatically for children and even for immunized adults, it's clinically a viral respiratory infection." - Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD. Remember: NOT every cough is a "habit cough". Consult with your doctor.

This is a simplified referral sheet for your doctor to review. It contains links to all pertinent peer reviewed and published manuscripts from Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD.



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