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"Unexpected and unintended cure* of habit cough by proxy." - Weinberger M.

*Cure rate currently at statistical 100% for patients diagnosed with Chronic Cough - Habit Cough who follow recovery plan.
Read Dr. Weinberger's amazing medical miracle instant cure research HERE

"Unexpected and unintended cure of habit cough by proxy." - Weinberger M.
Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol. 2019 Nov;123(5):515-516. doi: 10.1016/j.anai.2019.08.011. Epub 2019 Aug 22.
Department of Pediatrics, University of California, San Diego, Rady Children's Hospital, Encinitas, California.
PMID: 31446133 DOI: 10.1016/j.anai.2019.08.011
(Localized reference file)

Instantly cure your chronic dry cough and you can aid in stopping the transmission of virus and disease by cough-generated aerosols.
including transmission of 
Coronavirus Disease, COVID-19. (Translators needed)
"Cough-generated aerosols are of particular concern in disease transmission because coughing is a common symptom of respiratory infections and because the violent expulsion of air during a cough generates aerosol particles that can travel 2 m or more away from an infected person." (Zhu et al. 2006Tang et al. 2011)

Finally, a replicable, instant cure from chronic dry cough which has evaded modern medicine for centuries. Chronic Cough is finally diagnosed and replicably  cured  in children and adults! Cured is the dry, idiopathic, chronic, refractory cough, diagnosed and known as "habit cough" since 1694- and it's a "peer reviewed & published" instant cure.

“Miles, Let me commend you on your website. It is a fascinating and quite intelligible compilation of clinical wisdom that should be broadly shared with those that treat children." -  LeRoy M. Graham MD, FCCP, LTC US Army Medical Corps (retired), Medical Director - Not One More Life, Inc - www.NotOneMoreLife.org

"Few people in modern history can be pointed to, who have achieved this level of instantaneous curative medicine. Even fewer have witnessed something so astounding - and filmed it. (I filmed it, or even I would not believe it.) - Dennis Buettner, Bethany's father.











Does your mystery horror cough make you feel hopeless,
helpless, traumatized and forsaken? We certainly were!

Halt your vicious, dry, refractory, idiopathic, chronic cough, diagnosed as Habit Cough - Instantly, "by proxy" anywhere in the world! Here's the part that is hardest to believe, but it is peer reviewed and published. The instant cure happens when you watch a YouTube video. It first happened to our daughter.


The Weinberger Procedure is a multilanguage, easily replicable, no cost, "peer reviewed and published", instant cure for children as young as 3, and adults of any age diagnosed with Habit Cough. No wait time.

Always correctly named and easily diagnosed as Habit Cough since 1694. (Your doctor just didn't know about the peer reviewed and published instant cure - until now! Print and present a copy to them.)

Has your child of age 3+, or do you, as an adult of any age, anywhere in the world, suffered from, or been diagnosed with dry, non-productive, refractory, idiopathicChronic Cough without medical explanation (WME), questionable or misdiagnosis, utilizing any of or all of the following new diagnoses or terms?

It's always been "Habit Cough" since 1694. No matter how many times they want to change the name, the diagnosis has remained the same. Now the cure is drug free, no fee and no waiting for an office appointment.


Now, your relentless, vicious and terrifying "Habit Cough" can be instantly cured without delay or cost anywhere in the world, "by proxy". No appointments needed. Just ask these folks.

You are in the right place to learn more about the peer reviewed and published, instant cure of Habit Cough from Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD., world renowned Pediatric Pulmonologist, Asthma Specialist, and Chronic Cough Specialist & researcher HERE from Department of Pediatrics, University of California, Rady Children's Hospital, Encinitas, California, USA. We were told that Dr. Weinberger is "... the pediatric pulmonologist's - pediatric pulmonologist.!" We found that he was the ONLY doctor who took the time to properly diagnose and instantly cure our sweet child with no drugs - via a Skype call! Now The Weinberger Procedure is instantly curing children as young as 3 years old, AND adults with over 15 years of mystery horror cough, all around the world - by proxy - by watching a YouTube video (believe it or not) Read their amazing stories of instant cures HERE.

The "illness associated" with non-productive (dry), refractory, chronic, idiopathic cough has been called many things, but no fee, drug free, replicable cure "by proxy" for the chronic cough - habit cough has been peer reviewed and published - until now!


Even with so many name changes, none has been replicably and effectively cured - except for Habit Cough, since 1694. Instantly cured with no drugs, by-proxy 2019.


Replicably and instantly cured - when all else fails - in children and adults with peer reviewed and published, The Weinberger Procedure. Completely drug free.

1. Habit Cough (HC) first noted as "Habitual Cough"* (1694) - Completely drug free. Instant cough cure "by proxy" 2019. No cost or fee. Easily replicable for ages 3 - 60+ years old, and instantly cured. No in-office visit needed. This is what makes The Weinberger Procedure "by proxy" so revered by medical doctors around the world. "... a fascinating and quite intelligible compilation of clinical wisdom that should be broadly shared with those that treat children."

2. Chronic Cough (CC)* (1737) - Antitussive drugs. No cough cure.

​3. Chronic Dry Cough (CDC)* (1784)- Antitussive drugs. No cough cure.

4. Pertussis (Whooping cough)* (1793) - Antitussive drugs. No cough cure.

5. Chronic Rhinitis (Post Nasal Drip)* (1868) - Antitussive drugs. No cough cure.

6. Tourette Syndrome (TS)* (1885) (Tic or cough debate HERE- Antitussive & Tourette drugs. No cough cure.

7. Strep Throat (ST)* (1904) - Antitussive drugs. No cough cure. 

8. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease/Acid Reflux (GERD)* (1928) - Antitussive drugs. No cough cure.

9. Neurogenic Cough (NC)* (1947) - Antitussive drugs. No cough cure.

10. Psychogenic Cough (PC)* (1966(Tic or cough debate HERE) - Antitussive drugs. No cough cure.

11. Cough Reflex Sensitivity (CRS)* (1989) - Antitussive drugs. No cough cure.

12. Unexplained Chronic Cough (UCC)* (1990) - Antitussive drugs. No cough cure.

13. Refractory Chronic Cough (RCC)* (1991) - Antitussive drugs. No cough cure.

14. Cough Variant Asthma (CVA)(1995) (CVA or Habit Cough HERE) - Asthma drugs. Awakens coughing.

15. Cough Hypersensitivity (CH)* (1996) - Antitussive drugs. No cough cure.

16. Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR)(1996) - Antitussive drugs. No cough cure.

17. Chronic Refractory Cough (CRC)* (1998) - Antitussive drugs. No cough cure.

​18. Idiopathic ​Chronic ​Cough ​(ICC)*​ (2002) - Antitussive drugs. No cough cure.

19. Iron Deficiency (potential) (ID) (2012) - Antitussive drugs. No cough cure.

​20. Cough Hypersensitivity Syndrome​ (CHS)* (2012- Antitussive drugs. No cough cure.

21. Somatic Cough Syndrome & Tic Cough (SDS & TC)* (2016)- Antitussive drugs. No cough cure. (Tic or cough debate HERE

22. Aerodigestive Dysbiosis​ (potential) (AD) (2018- Antitussive drugs. No cough cure.

Comprehensive list of antitussive drugs HERE.

*Bethany was diagnosed with literally ALL of these, (above) with all the associated unnecessary medicine and procedures, as noted in her vicious "mystery horror cough" chart/diary HERE. The only accurate, immediate diagnosis and instant cure she received was Habit Cough, by Dr. Weinberger. (Like you, we had never heard of Dr. Weinberger or Chronic Cough - Habit Cough)

All referenced diagnostic terms above are the first noted direct references as the "exact term" in Google.com book search sorted by date. Pubmed, or Wikipedia. Other earlier references might exist. If you know of any earlier writings or manuscripts, please let me know. It is unknown if the linked information is peer reviewed, but it certainly was published. Each of these diagnoses and terms was referenced by people who have communicated with me and reported their instant cures. Thanks. 

If YES, and you still cannot stop coughing after utilizing any medicine or procedure, but your cough is not present while asleep["The repetitive barking cough that is NOT present once the child [or adult] is asleep is the diagnostic criteria. [for Habit Cough]" - Dr. Weinberger, MD] you might be in the right place to learn about the only replicable, instant, drug free cure for Habit Cough. It is available now anywhere you are in the world, "by proxy" via a simple YouTube video (below). As shocking as it may seem, this simple YouTube video with Dr. Weinberger performing The Weinberger Procedure is actually curing children and adults around the world.

HERE is a great international feature story, called, The Doctor Behind the 'Miraculous' Cure for Nonstop Coughs by Victoria Albert. It is about Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, instantly curing our sweet Bethany in The Daily Beast.

For over 325 years, the proper diagnosis of "Habitual Cough" [Habit Cough] has remained the same, yet few doctors know about it - until now as children and adults around the world are instantly cured.


Now, as a free, by-proxy, instant cure, The Weinberger Procedure becomes more mainstream: 


Renowned medical professionals from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, Philippines, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Russia, Nepal, Ireland, and 4 corners of the world are referring hopeless, helpless, traumatized and forsaken children and adult Chronic Cough - Habit Cough sufferers to Dr. Weinberger's brilliant work HERE.

So many people have said that Bethany's story is THEIR story. Now, Bethany's instant cure and recovery story from a mystery horror cough properly diagnosed as Habit Cough can be your instant cure and recovery. The drug free, peer reviewed and published "Weinberger Procedure" is now rescuing and instantly curing children as young as 3 to adults 60+, with over 15+ years of mystery horror cough - all over the world.

Special note: More and more Habit Cough sufferers from around the world in English and Spanish have been referred specifically to this website and the instant cure perfected by Dr. Weinberger by their neurologist, pediatric pulmonologist, pulmonologist (adult), allergist, pediatrician, nurse practitioner, family practice doctor, and numerous other medical professionals. Each has reported a single or multiple successes after they properly diagnosed their child or adult patient with Habit Cough. Interestingly, many parents of instantly cured children and adults have actually followed The Weinberger Procedure and then reported their success back to their amazed doctor.


Now you can learn about his peer reviewed and published, replicable instant cure, free, with no wait time - anywhere in the world. Now available in English and Spanish AQUÍ!. You can assist Dr. Weinberger by translating to your native language HERE.

Basically, what it says below, in Olde English, from 1694 is:


"... habitual cough [Habit Cough], which often continues after the first Cough, which was caused by the Cold, is gone, ...". (Full post translated from Olde English HERE)


This is also very similar to the modern "peer reviewed and published" diagnostic criteria for Habit Cough as espoused by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, Pediatric Pulmonologist from Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego, California.

Dr. Weinberger has been a passionate dogged and passionate chronic cough researcher, pediatric pulmonologist, pediatric asthma expert and observer for over 40 years and has written numerous "peer reviewed and published" letters and manuscripts about diagnosis and instant cure of Habit Cough in person, via Skype and "by proxy". 


This is what Dr. Weinberger states in numerous "peer reviewed and published" journals about Habit Cough "The repetitive barking cough that is NOT present once the child [or adult] is asleep is the diagnostic criteria [for Habit Cough]." Dr. Weinberger nailed this part for an perfect diagnosis criteria.

We created this fansite as our family's tribute to Dr. Weinberger, who, when ALL ELSE FAILED, instantly diagnosed and cured our sweet daughter from over 500,000 horrific coughs when no other doctor, procedure, hospital or medicine could.


Our fansite is designed to only display information of Dr. Weinberger's entirely unique, instant cure "by proxy" to the world as his free gift. His instant cure is for the hopeless, helpless, traumatized and forsaken sufferers of what we and others call mystery, "horror cough".


So far, we showcase HERE, instant cures in children as young as 3 and adults who have had a mystery cough for more than 15+ years.


Above all else, this "fansite" offers NO MEDICAL ADVICE in any manner or fashion. It only offers content and links to Dr. Weinberger's "peer reviewed and published" work and the brilliant outcomes. If for some reason, you think something is medical advice - IT IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE. Email me, and I will remedy it. Most important is that you have created a trusted relationship with your doctor. Respect and revere it. We respect and revere our doctors AND Dr. Weinberger.


Dr. Weinberger has caused countless children to stop coughing AND as many mommies and daddies to stop crying and return to their best lives as a family.


He provides all of his work as a completely free gift to the hopeless, helpless, traumatized and forsaken sufferers (and their families) in the world.

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