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Gracie For The Win! (Cured in mere minutes after a lifetime of misdiagnosed habit cough)

Updated: Mar 8

Watch this. World renowned singer and musician Gracie Terzian cured herself after a lifetime of undiagnosed habit cough.

All she did was watch our documentary where Dr. Weinberger cured Bethany from over 1/2 million coughs in 100 days. She mimicked what Bethany did. She was cured in mere minutes after so many years of doctor visits, misdiagnoses, medications and procedures. She notes in the video that she would cough so violently that she would actually vomit. (Yucky, but true.) After watching the documentary; Gracie practiced Dr. Weinberger's simple to understand procedure and within days she was cough free.

With her knowledge of Dr. Weinberger's procedure, she is able to cure any future, unassociated post-viral habit coughs. Note: No doctor ever mentioned the term "habit cough" to Gracie.

One cannot imagine how many countless times that Gracie coughed.

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