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"It worked miraculously!" (Cured in mere minutes after a lifetime of misdiagnosed habit cough)

Updated: May 30, 2023

Watch this unsolicited YouTube video from Gracie Terzian. Gracie is a world renowned singer and musician. Gracie cured herself in mere minutes after a lifetime of undiagnosed/misdiagnosed habit cough. She was fully recovered in 3 days of practice. She now has the knowledge to instantly cure any future habit coughs.

All she did was watch our documentary where Dr. Weinberger cured Bethany from over 1/2 million coughs over 100 days. Gracie simply mimicked what Bethany did. Gracie was "miraculously" cured in mere minutes after so many years of doctor visits, misdiagnoses, medications and procedures. She notes in the video that she would cough so violently that she would actually vomit. (Yucky, but true.)

"It worked miraculously!" - Gracie

From Gracie: "Dear Dr. Weinberger, I just wanted to send you a thank-you note. I have suffered from habit cough my whole life. It always came after a cold and lasted for months and months. I am also a professional singer which made it extra bad. I never knew how to cure this long-lasting cough. I tried everything... asthma medications, acid reflux medications, dietary changes, etc.. but nothing ever seemed to really work. But then I found Dr. Weinberger's research online and watched some YouTube videos about it and decided to try his technique of cough suppression. The first day was difficult, but I got through it, and the next day my cough was 90% gone. Within 3 days it was completely gone and I was back to normal. I had been truly suffering. I was so winded that I was scared to exert any physical energy out of fear that it would cause a coughing fit. I would often cough so hard that I would be laying on the floor in agony hacking and hacking. Sometimes it would even cause me to throw up because the coughing would be so violent. I cannot thank Dr. Weinberger enough. I am so relieved and grateful to finally have a cure for this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! - Gracie Terzian" After watching the documentary; Gracie practiced Dr. Weinberger's simple to understand procedure and within days she was cough free.

With her knowledge of Dr. Weinberger's procedure, she is able to cure any future, unassociated post-viral habit coughs. Note: No doctor ever mentioned the term "habit cough" to Gracie.

One cannot imagine how many countless times that Gracie coughed.



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