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Chronic Cough 1754 (CC), was first known as "Habitual Cough" in 1694. These peer reviewed and published papers explain everything about diagnosis and permanent cure of acute and chronic, dry, unexplained cough - by proxy. They are easily some of the most impactful and important medical discovery documents of the century. HERE

Do you, (child or adult) anywhere in the world, have a chronic or acute, dry cough that just won't stop? No medicine or procedure works or makes it permanently stop? Is it diagnosed as a "... repetitive [dry] barking cough that is not present once the patient is asleep", only to return once awake? It was first described here in 1694. If "yes", there is finally a peer reviewed and published permanent cure for your acute and chronic, lingering dry cough that is absent when asleep.  Only now is it permanently cured for free & drug free - everywhere in the world with diagnosis from your trusted medical doctorhere. Ask your doctor about peer reviewed and published The Weinberger Procedure - by proxy anywhere in the world.

"Cure" and  "antitussive or suppressive treatment" are not the same thing. Dr. Miles Weinberger, M.D,, is the 50 year cough researcher, pediatric pulmonologist, & immunologist, to provide the only peer reviewed and published, free & drug free, cure for adults and children everywhere in the world! Every other procedure or medicine can only provide a temporary and recurring treatment or therapyYou will never be told it is an actual peer reviewed and published cure; because no cure exists - anywhere - except for The Weinberger Procedure - by proxy. Read our acute & chronic cough cure story called, "The Doctor Behind the ‘Miraculous’ Cure for Nonstop Coughs", HERE  & HERE in The Daily Beast.

Millions of American adults and children with acute or chronic dry cough, and tens of millions more around the world, seen in specialty cough clinics have no identifiable cause​ or "without medical explanation" (WME). This is also known as idiopathic cough. Is your idiopathic, acute or chronic, refractory, dry cough, "Habit Cough"? Learn how to diagnose and cure it permanently HERE.

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Translations of The Weinberger Procedure allow children and adults to be cured in their language or dialect. So far, 1,600,00,000 people can be cured from acute & chronic dry cough in their own language.

The only peer reviewed cure for dry, lingering, unexplained (idiopathic), acute & chronic cough in adults and children, utilized successfully ~ for over 30 years. You  just never heard of it.

"Easily one of the greatest and most impactful accidental medical discoveries in the history of modern medicine!" - DB

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Resolute - US force and fleet readiness with cure, mitigation & containment of the dry cough aerosol the spreads Coronavirus COVID-19. Daily force & fleet readiness updates HERE.

- 82% of Coronavirus COVID-19 patients report a repetitive dry cough. Diagnose & cure it! - 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) mitigation and containment plan. Curing the dry cough stops cough aerosol!

Curing the dry cough will assist in mitigation and containment of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Welcome to the brave women and men of the US Navy, Marines, US Air Force, United States Space Force, United States Public Health Service, US Army, US Coast Guard, State Department, FBI, Secret Service, United States Foreign Service, and all of our military and government allies from around the world. Curing the cough mitigates and contains Coronavirus.  


The Weinberger Procedure by proxy. An innovative medical breakthrough dry cough cure for the benefit of all humanity! Dr. Weinberger's first peer reviewed and published, sister city, team study on the diagnosis and cure of Habit Cough is from 1991 at University of Iowa, and Royal Brompton Hospital, London, England. 

For the first time in peer review & published medical history: Dry, refractory, unexplained chronic and acute cough have been CURED "by proxy", in children AND adults, when easily diagnosed as Habit Cough. This is not just a temporary suppression of repetitive, dry cough with antitussives, it is the the first ever dry, unexplained, lingering, "common cough"...

Peer Reviewed and Published Cure since


Above is the peer reviewed and published document that fully explains The Weinberger Procedure by proxy for children and adults. It encompasses links to 77 peer reviewed and published reference documents for your validation and verification. It is quite a game changer in the diagnosis, treatment and cure of refractory unexplained dry cough (both acute and chronic). There has never been a manuscript like this in the history of modern medicine.
Click HERE to view the entire document noted above. [offsite link]

Accidental medical discovery of the year? Decade? You decide, either way, it certainty an "unexpected and unintended cure" for dry cough. Dr. Weinberger's humble description sounds so much better, because it was NO accident. Dr. Weinberger has spent 40+ years of research & curing children from chronic refractory Habit Cough since before his first published, sister city, team study on the subject in 1991 at University of Iowa, and Royal Brompton Hospital, London. It must have been QUITE an "unexpected and unintended cure" discovery that acute and chronic, vicious, non-stop, dry Habit Cough in children AND adults could be cured from just by watching a YouTube video. Yes, a YouTube video, as noted in the peer reviewed and published paper above. (and many more since 1991) It was NO accident, just a brilliant and world changing, unintended and unexpected discovery, like no other.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states this about transmission of the Coronavirus (COVID-19):  "Droplet transmission occurs when a person is in in close contact (within 1 m / 3' 4") with someone who has respiratory symptoms (e.g., coughing or sneezing) and is therefore at risk of having his/her mucosae (mouth and nose) or conjunctiva (eyes) exposed to potentially infective respiratory droplets." Editor note: "Based on confirmed cases, the WHO says 88 percent of infected people experienced a fever and 67.7 percent had a dry cough." This is not to say that ANY of these cases are Habit Cough. Each patient would need a diagnosis from their doctor prior to utilizing The Weinberger Procedure - by proxy. - ed.

The dry cough that creates aerosol droplet transmission of the virus must be cured first. - This is Dr. Weinberger's perspective on Coronavirus COVID-19 & cough aerosol and his multiple, peer reviewed and published Weinberger Procedure cure by-proxy. It cures acute and chronic dry cough in children and adults easily and properly diagnosed as Habit Cough.

A world of cured dry coughs will "flatten the curve"!

America is searching for little known "drugs" to assist with the cure of Coronavirus, COVID-19 (great!). The little known "Weinberger Procedure" has cured hundreds of diagnosed children and adults from acute and chronic, dry, refractory cough in medical research, clinical practice, and by proxy over the last 20+  years (great!).

All the vaccines in the world can't fully help if infected people continue to spread Coronavirus COVID-19 via cough aerosol. The dry refractory acute and chronic cough needs to be cured; not just suppressed ~ and now it has been cured. This website showcases the first and only peer reviewed and published, permanent cure for chronic AND acute refractory, idiopathic, dry cough - by proxy. 

Dr. Miles Weinberger, M.D., is the world's revered and renowned, 50 year Immunologist, Pediatric Pulmonologist, and acute & chronic cough researcher. He discovered the cure for acute and chronic, dry, refractory, idiopathic, "common cough", by proxy, in children and adults around the world.


The video above is a condensed version of original peer reviewed and published Weinberger Procedure by proxy for adults and children. Edit for military, police, fire, EMS and medical personnel is located HERE. Yes, it is a video of a teenager and her doctor. This is what is so important. The original peer reviewed and published video is held in the video library at The American Thoracic Society (ATS). Don't think that it is just a video of a teenage girl being cured from a simple cough. Bethany is "patient cure ZERO" by proxy for any adult or child who suffers from refractory, dry, unexplained chronic or acute cough. As unusual as it seems, this simple video is curing adults and children in their language around the world. Cure the dry cough and you mitigate & contain the dry cough. Resolute force and fleet readiness is achieved. Full version HERE. Download a shareable version HERE.

Diagnose - Cure - Contain - Mitigate


Permanently curing repetitive, acute and chronic refractory cough mitigates and contains transmission of cough aerosol transmission of virus [Coronavirus COVID-19, influenza]. There is still time to mitigate and contain Coronavirus COVID-19. All procedures and elements contained herein are peer reviewed and published in numerous esteemed medical journals and already tested and deployed around the world via this website.

There have been many antitussive "treatments" for repetitive acute and chronic cough over the years, but there has not been a single permanent cure for your lingering, dry, repetitive, refractory, idiopathic, acute, or chronic cough by proxy - until now!

The Weinberger Procedure is the first and only permanent cure for repetitive cough in children and adults by proxy. It is recognized as one of the most brilliant and unexpected medical discoveries in the history of modern medicine. Nobody ever expected or believed that repetitive refractory cough could be replicably and permanently cured by proxy, anywhere in the world - drug free & at absolutely no cost. There is now an instant & permanent cure for refractory cough wherever you are in the world.

**Note: To ensure validity and confidence of the peer reviewed and published information contained herein, offsite links to esteemed medical journals and government websites are used wherever possible and applicable. Since some information might be behind paywalls, copies of all pertinent documentation is also kept in a local archive HERE


Fleet and force readiness updates HERE.

Annapolis, MD., USA, April 29, 2020 - The Weinberger Procedure, cure by proxy, is the first major medical discovery announced for treatment and permanent cure of child (age 3+) and adult (age 60+), with up to 15+ years of, acute and chronic refractory, non-productive (dry), idiopathic, cough, since the invention of Dextromethorphan (DXM) in 1949. DXM is only a cough suppressant ² and does not cure repetitive cough.

The Weinberger Procedure permanent cure by proxy, is the only peer reviewed and published, worldwide cure, by proxy, for acute and chronic cough HERE diagnosed as Habit Cough. Acute and chronic cough is easily diagnosed, as Habit Cough, then permanently cured in children and adults by doctors and medical personnel around the world and by proxy.

Until now, there has been no permanent cure by proxy, for dry, acute or chronic, refractory, idiopathic, cough, diagnosed as Habit Cough. HERE

The Weinberger Procedure permanent cure by proxy, is completely free from any cost or fee and is drug free and has zero side effects. The Weinberger Procedure permanent cure by proxy is fully developed, deployed and operational around the world in English, Spanish and Italian. Volunteer translators for world languages and dialects are desperately needed. HERE


The Weinberger Procedure permanent cure by proxy, does NOT cure any virus or underlying illness or condition. The peer reviewed and published Weinberger Procedure permanent cure by proxy, cures, dry (non-productive), refractory, idiopathic, acute & chronic cough, diagnosed as Habit Cough in children and adults.  

This dry refractory cough above is happening now on ships, subs, planes and military bases around the world. It is scary. You should be resolute. It threatens force and fleet readiness. The only 100% effective way to mitigate and contain is to cure the dry cough.

Not dry coughing = not transmitting cough aerosol virus micro-droplets.



Observations Concerning Dry Refractory Common Cough

This is a very telling description of "Habitual Cough" from 1694 in London. It explains the cough that lingers after a cold [virus] is gone (but not the cure by proxy which is discovered in 2019).

The 1694 British medical publication, HERE, and below states:  "... habitual cough, which often continues after the first Cough, which was caused by the Cold [virus], is gone ...". Now, people talk about their acute or chronic "dry", "lingering" cough that just won't stop.

Observations of interest: I noted this headline from USAToday and this video of the man with a dry acute cough after his cold [virus] was gone and wondered if this is the "...habitual cough, which often continues after the first Cough, which was caused by the Cold [virus], is gone ...". Only their doctor can make the proper diagnosis of the dry cough as noted HERE.

The world's first ever & only peer reviewed and published, "by proxy", instant permanent cure for dry acute & chronic cough, diagnosed* as Habit Cough since 1694 - for children and adults.

When you permanently cure your dry Habit Cough, you mitigate and contain "cough aerosol transmission" of Coronavirus and disease.

² DXM is a suppressant and does cure chronic cough. DXM is a safe and effective cough suppressant with a long history of nonprescription or over-the-counter (OTC) use in the U.S. and many other countries. DXM was patented April 20, 1954 and approved for medical use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1958 and was deemed a safe and effective cough suppressant. (Not a cure.)

Cure your nonstop dry acute and chronic cough and return your child or yourself back to your best life.

"The characteristics of the self-perpetuating Habit Cough is its repetitiveness and absence once asleep." - Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, 40+ yr. Cough Researcher.

Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD., Pediatric Pulmonologist & Cough Researcher, Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics, University of Iowa. Visiting Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, University of California San Diego, Rady Children's Hospital



40% of adults with Chronic Cough [millions of adults in USA alone] seen in specialty cough clinics have no identifiable cause​ or "without medical explanation (WME)" also known as idiopathic cough. 

(No replicable, peer reviewed, drug free, dry cough permanent cure exists, either in person, or by proxy anywhere in the world - until now). If desired, please have your doctor review the diagnostic criteria for Habit Cough in adults HERE, and adult instant cures from repetitive chronic dry cough of 15+ years HERE. Primary care and specialty doctors from around the world routinely refer their most forsaken cough patients diagnosed with Habit Cough to and they are permanently cured.

"Habit Cough, readily identifiable from clinical characteristics was most often the cause of repetitive acute and chronic cough in children when no organic or anatomical cause was apparent." Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD., Pediatric Pulmonologist. HERE.


The world's first and only (ever) peer reviewed and published, drug free permanent cure for any type of dry acute and chronic cough, diagnosed as Habit Cough, for children and adults (yes many adults also suffer from Habit Cough). The Weinberger Procedure, "by proxy" is 100% effective*, drug free and available at no cost with no delay or office visit. When properly diagnosed, treated and after the recovery plan is followed under your doctor's care you should find instant cure from your dry repetitive acute or chronic Habit Cough. 

Consult with your doctor about any and all diagnosis and treatment potential utilizing the peer reviewed and published Weinberger Procedure permanent cure by proxy. 


No medical advice or diagnosis it provided on this website. We only use this website to tell the stories of and link to the peer reviewed and published work from Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD., Pediatric Pulmonologist from Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego, California.

It is YOUR responsibility to consult with your trusted doctors for their diagnosis and treatment plan.


From 1694, this British medical journal HERE states: "...habitual cough, which often continues after the first Cough, which was caused by the Cold [virus], is gone ...". 

This 1694 British medical journal is the first documentation found describing the lingering dry cough that just won't end after your child's or your adult cold [virus] or upper respiratory infection is gone.

Sometimes this dry cough can linger, unabated for weeks, months, years OR even decades! The Weinberger Procedure "by proxy" instantly cures the adult or child from the dry, vicious acute or chronic cough with proper diagnosis and recovery.

Special note: Some parents or even their medical professionals might assume that the child or adult is coughing on purpose or can stop at any time. This is fully and completely wrong based upon Dr. Weinberger's peer reviewed and published writings & 50 years research experience. When properly diagnosed as Habit Cough, the cure is right HERE.

Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD's replicable dry repetitive acute and chronic cough cure was just peer reviewed and published in Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology - "Chronic cough in children and adults", Miles Weinberger, MD, Department of Pediatrics, University of California, San Diego, Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego, California.  Print to show your doctor. HERE This is the first and only cure for acute and chronic dry cough diagnosed as Habit Cough anywhere.

Characteristics of Habit Cough in children and adults - "The characteristics of the self-perpetuating Habit Cough is its repetitiveness and absence once asleep." - Miles Weinberger, MD.

Note: Dr. Weinberger told us that it might take awhile for our daughter to fall asleep due to the constant coughing (it did). If, however her cough was absent once asleep (it was) only to reappear once awake in the morning, (which it did) her repetitive cough was chronic (more than 4 weeks) Habit Cough. He then cured it instantly, in mere minutes, for free without drugs - permanently.

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Welcome parents, children, adults & seniors from around the world who suffer from relentless, repetitive, idiopathic, dry, (non-productive) refractory acute or chronic cough. Some people can cough unabated up to 27,000 times per day for months or even years at at time. 


Many of you are routinely referred to this website by your trusted doctors when all medicine, procedures, hospitals and diagnoses fail to stop your dry chronic cough. We are glad you are here. We hope you can find some answers that lead to Dr. Weinberger's permanent cure of Habit Cough by-proxy.

Thank you for self-reporting your worldwide permanent cures from dry acute or chronic cough HERE.

"Instantly and permanently cure the dry non-productive cough diagnosed as Habit Cough, and immediately halt the potential for cough aerosol transmission of virus and disease."

A cough [acute or chronic] is one of the most common medical complaints accounting for as many as 30 million clinical visits per year. [USA with untold millions more clinical visits around the world.]

40% of adults with Chronic cough seen in specialty cough clinics have no identifiable cause​. [All coughs start as acute.]


Diagnostic criteria: "The repetitive barking cough that is NOT present once the child [or adult] is asleep is the diagnostic criteria. [for Habit Cough in children and adults]" - Dr. Weinberger, MD

*Properly diagnosed and adhering to the recovery plan, The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy, instantly cures 100%  of children as young as 3 years through adults as old as 62 with over 30+ years of dry, idiopathic, chronic refractory cough when recovery plan is followed.

Worldwide, The Weinberger Procedure permanent cure "by proxy" provides a 100% instant cure rate (peer reviewed) from diagnosed repetitive acute or chronic Habit Cough! Permanently cure and halt the dry cough that spreads virus and disease. Instant cures in English, Spanish & Arabic reported. Instant cures from USA, Saudi Arabia, England, Ireland, Canada, Argentina, Spain, Nepal, India, Australia, Philippines, and more HERE
When all else fails, and no doctor, hospital or procedure can help to make your acute or chronic cough stop! Permanently cured!

*Cure rate currently at 100% for patients diagnosed with acute or chronic Habit Cough who follow the Weinberger Procedure recovery plan

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