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Fact: There has
never been an instant & permanent cure for chronic cough in history - until now! The simple diagnosis, instant and permanent cure occurs via telemedicine, in-office & by proxy.

Per "The Rotterdam Study" - 10% of adults over age 45 (200,000,000+/-) around the world suffer from chronic cough, and there has never been an instant & permanent cure, ever ~ until now! 

Finally, a peer reviewed & published, innovative, instant and permanent chronic cough cure via telemedicine, "by-proxy", & in-office, for the 'cough without a cause' has been discovered. This simple, drug-free, no-cost cough cure has been hiding in plain sight for thousands of years. 

Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, a 40+ year pediatric pulmonologist, cough cure & asthma researcher from University of Iowa, has discovered the next big thing; a paradigm change in telemedicine.

His instant & permanent telemedicine and cure by-proxy brings an incredible paradigm shift to the #1 reason that patients visit a doctor in the USA. Show your doctor his "Cures of the Cough without a Cause" referral, and his cough cure research on ResearchGate. He provides his instant & permanent cough cure by-proxy as his gift to the hopeless, helpless and forsaken children and adults around the world.               Read Dr. Weinberger's big story [Medical White Paper] HERE.


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NEWS! Special note: "Throat clearing is a very soft cough". - Dr, Miles Weinberger, MD. HERE
NEWS! Madrid Spain - 20 cures reported from Dr. José R Villa to Dr. Miles Weinberger. HERE

The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy and via telemedicine is trusted, and routinely referred to, by physicians, pulmonologists, and chronic cough specialists at major worldwide medical centers. When nothing else works, these doctors refer their helpless pediatric and adult patients HERE for their cure.

They have been instantly & permanently cured their relentless "awake only," daytime, chronic cough. Habit cough in children and adults has been properly diagnosed since 1694. Now, it can be cured in minutes and ~ sometimes in mere seconds, simply by watching a peer reviewed and published YouTube documentary video and via telemedicine calls (Yes, watching the documentary is the actual cure. HERE)

The Habit Cough Association
™ celebrates Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD's landmark, medical discovery of the first-ever, instant, & permanent "by-proxy" and telemedicine cure, for the most common & greatest medical mystery of all time.

Child and adult, idiopathic, refractory, unexplained, cough, ~ absent once asleep; only to return once awake ("awake only, or daytime cough") has been instantly and permanently cured. Yes, dry, refractory, unexplained, habit cough has now been instantly & permanently cured around the world in children and adults, by just watching & following simple directions in a peer reviewed and published, no-cost, & drug-free YouTube documentary video, or telemedicine call.

The hopeless, helpless & forsaken children and adults who arrive here are bereft of any more options for their weeks, months, years or even decades of mystery "horror cough". To their surprise, diagnosed patients and their doctors have found that simply by watching the YouTube documentary, or telemedicine call, and following easy instructions, child and adult patients around the world. have been instantly cured.

There has never been a free, drug-free, instant & permanent cure for coughing, by-proxy or via telemedicine, in the history of humankind ~ until now! No drug or treatment has helped you, and you most likely have never heard the word "cure" regarding your cough - until now! Instead, you probably heard, "treat", "suppress", and maybe even, "... we'll keep an eye on it," but never the word "cure" ~ until now! 

Coughing spreads virus, influenza, illness & disease. Cure the cough and you stop the spread.

Just peer reviewed and published; adult & child 
"Cures of the Cough without a Cause" HERE.

The #1 reason for doctor visits is a cough. Did you know, there has never, in history, been a peer reviewed and published instant & permanent cure for any cough by-proxy or telemedicine? Until now!  Dr. Weinberger's instant & permanent cure is now available for use online, via telemedicine, or in your adult, or pediatric doctor's office. Have your doctor review Dr. Weinberger's diagnosis HERE and referral HERE.

The Habit Cough Association™ - "Now, there is an instant & permanent cure!"™ Cure your cough, and stop the spread of respiratory viruses and diseasesIf you only cough while awake; it might be habit cough. Ask or tell your doctor! Now available in your doctor's office, via telemedicine and by-proxy.
For your independent validation & verification (IV&V): All of Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD's instant and permanent cough cure research on this website has been "peer reviewed and published" in the most esteemed medical journals since 1991, with independent validation & verification websites. HERE & HERE. There is absolutely no cost or fee associated with any part of his instant & permanent cure here. It is Dr. Weinberger's gift to the hopeless, helpless & forsaken people of world.

The greatest mystery illness of all time has finally been cured. Refractory unexplained chronic cough (RUCC) diagnosed as "habit cough", has now been instantly and permanently cured-by proxy, and via telemedicine all around the world! Adult & child "Habitual Cough" diagnosis was first noted in a medical textbook from 1694. The term "Chronic Cough" (CC) first appears in (1737) with a similar search.
Patients from around the world arrive here, seeking a cure for their cough, after all medicine, hospitals, treatments and procedures have failed them. Dr. Weinberger routinely consults and communicates with these patients, and their doctors, everywhere in the world - for free.
Dr. Weinberger's greatest desire is that you communicate with your doctor or medical team.
Simplified doctor referral sheet. HERE - There is NO paywall, cost, or fee on this website.


NEWS! - Just peer reviewed & published - "Functional Respiratory Disorders in Children" HERE
NEWS! - Just published on YouTube - "Habit Cough Syndrome (Chronic cough cured in children and adults) " HERE << The presentation most requested of Dr. Weinberger by renowned doctors.
NEWS! - Just peer reviewed & published (JACI - In Practice) - "Habit Cough in Adults" - HERE
NEWS! - Just published on - "Clinical Pearl: Habit Cough in Children Cured With Brief Suggestion Therapy" - HERE

Doctors everywhere are ONLY "suppressing" or "treating" chronic cough - but not curing it. "There are currently no approved therapies for the treatment of refractory chronic cough (RCC) or unexplained chronic cough (UCC)". 
Currently translated and available everywhere around the world as seen HERE, at no cost or fee, in: English, Македонски, Español, Deutsche, Türk, 普通话.
"Over the years since then I've applied your methods [Weinberger Procedure] many times with near universal success. I can't tell you how many patients you've helped. Over the years I've also routinely advised my fellows to read your papers." Cured! "...[the patient's] incessant cough stopped within seconds", [via a telemedicine visit] "... and her [mother's] jaw dropped." - NT,  MD, FAAP, FCCP, D, ABSM, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics Note: Normally the cure takes minutes. - This unsolicited email even startled Dr. Weinberger. 

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