Welcome! Patients from around the world arrive here, seeking a cure for their cough after all doctors, medicine, hospitals, treatments and procedures have failed. Dr. Weinberger consults and communicates with these patients, and their doctors, everywhere in the world - for free.

Trusted and referred by #JohnsHopkins, (and more) to cure their worst cough cases.

"A most unprecedented discovery. A paradigm shift in curative medicine for children
and adults around the world - since the accidental discovery of penicillin."
- DB

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Most doctors are ONLY "suppressing" or "treating" chronic cough - but not curing it. The #1 reason for doctor visits is a cough - but there has never; in history been a peer reviewed and published cure for any cough by-proxy; until nowFinally, a drug-free, no-cost, trusted cure; instant & permanent, peer reviewed & published, since 1991, by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD.


His peer reviewed and published diagnosis, curative procedure and recovery process are easily taught to medical doctors anywhere in the world at no cost. Medical professionals click HERE.

Trusted, routinely referred to, and utilized for instant and permanent cures of their patients worst, most incurable chronic coughs by:  #JohnsHopkinsMedicine (HERE), as well as:
#NewYorkMedicalCollege (NYC), #ChildrensNationalHospital, #RutgersHealth
#KaiserPermanente, #ChildrensHealthIreland, #BostonChildrensHospital, #RadyChildrensHospital (San Diego), #TexasPediatricSpecialtiesandFamilySleepCenter, #InovaFairfaxHospital (Virginia), #BeaumontHealth (Michigan), #Allergy&AsthmaAssociates (Nevada),  #OchsnerHealth (New Orleans), #SpireHealthcare (UK), #KaniksuHealthServices (Idaho), #MeyerChildrensHospital (Italy), #MenziesSchoolofHealthResearch (Australia), #HospitalHumbertoNotti (Argentina) & more!

Yes, children as young as 3 & adults with 25+ years of chronic cough are cured (Yes, permanently cured!) in minutes and sometimes - "... within seconds!" (Yes, in seconds!) It is currently available EVERYWHERE in the world ~ drug-free at no-cost.







Currently translated and available everywhere around the world as seen HERE, at no cost or fee, in: English, Македонски, Español, Deutsche, Türk, 普通话.

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~ Help eradicate cough in rural and medically underserved areas of the world. ~

“One sometimes finds what one is not looking for." - Sir Alexander Fleming, the Scottish researcher who accidentally discovered penicillin in 1928.

The Weinberger Procedure is the first & only peer reviewed & published, instant and permanent cough cure "by-proxy" around the world! (map)

The most unprecedented, new paradigm in curative medicine since the accidental discovery of penicillin. Now, trusted for a permanent cough cure, and referred to by the greatest medical institutions, like #JohnsHopkinsfor their incurable cases.

"Over the years since then I've applied your methods [Weinberger Procedure] many times with near universal success. I can't tell you how many patients you've helped. Over the years I've also routinely advised my fellows to read your papers." Cured! "...[the patient's] incessant cough stopped within seconds", "... and her [mother's] jaw dropped." - NT,  MD, FAAP, FCCP, D, ABSM, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics Note: Normally the cure takes minutes. - This unsolicited email even startled Dr. Weinberger. 

Available for over 2,995,000,000 children and adult native speakers at no cost or fee, in English, Македонски, Español, Deutsche, Türk, 普通话

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