NSW, Australia - 5 Years of Horror Cough - Cured in 5 Minutes on Video. Back in school! Hooray!

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"I just did it and then I told the doctor! I didn't want to wait."

Sweet Abby Cutler from New South Wales, Australia had a mirror set of circumstances that we endured with our sweet Bethany. Abby, though had Habit Cough for over 1,600 days - Bethany, only around 100 days.

Sweet Abby had her misdiagnosed Habit Cough for 5 full years with no relief. She watched The Weinberger Procedure on her tablet. She was cured in just 5 minutes - after all else failed. Amazingly - she filmed it (below) or you would not believe it.

Soon, The Weinberger Procedure will be heard in your child's language. - Top requested translations: Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese & Hindustani. Translator volunteers click HERE

Children and, yes, adults around the world are now instantly cured/rescued using The Weinberger Procedure. These are their winning stories.

Astounding, immediate and mystifying, miracle "cure by proxy", by watching a simple video or just repeating the tenets of The Weinberger Script? YES! - and we have video to prove it. (... or we wouldn't believe it ourselves.)

Click on the photo above to see a larger version of this astonishing screen capture.

The first 8 red arrows are "Habit Cough fits" noted on the first few minutes of the audio track from Sweet Abby's video. I was shocked when I first noticed this while editing the video. It was completely unexpected. Now look at how the gap of "cough spikes" starting after the green arrow increases. The green spike is about 5 or 6 minutes into her Weinberger Procedure therapy video.

Bethany actually spoke with Dr. Weinberger via Skype. I had recorded the audio of her live interaction with Dr. Weinberger. Abby is shown literally just listening to Bethany's recorded interaction with Dr. Weinberger while looking at a photo of him. After 5 horrific years of non-stop Habit Cough - BOOM - gone in 5 minutes - never to return.

Parents feel hopeless, helpless and forsaken. Their sweet child has literally thousands of nonproductive (definition), dry barking, chronic coughs per day with no phlegm (definition). This coughing just won't stop or even diminish at all for months or EVEN years. They are now STOPPED instantly in their tracks - like an off switch. The Cutler's sweet, helpless and forsaken child is cured in mere minutes by literally watching a video! Their situation is no longer hopeless - in minutes. Their sweet child is no longer forsaken - in minutes.


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