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Reddit Post Habit Cough Cure

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

I always try to post on Reddit, with the hope that just one person would respond. Over 8k views, and 1 direct submission. Shocked and astounded parents! Wonderful cure!

Note: editor's Reddit handle is "PyrateShip." There Has Never Been a Peer Reviewed and Published Cure for Coughing in the History of Humankind ~ Until Now. The Only Instant Cure For Chronic Cough Occurs by Watching a Peer Reviewed and Published YouTube Documentary

Fringe update: On 8/19/2022, a father whose 14 year old child coughed relentlessly for a year found this post. It described his child's exact condition. They contacted Dr. Weinberger, and he verified "habit cough" as the child's diagnosis. He had them show the full length documentary to their child.

After a year of non-stop coughing; only while awake ~ sleeping like an angel, the child stopped coughing in a very dramatic fashion ~ simply by watching the documentary. Bethany and I had a follow-up zoom call with the mom and child, per Dr. Weinberger's request. In the 25 minute call, the child did not cough a single time. Recovery to "Cough ZERO" can normally take a week to 10 days.

Tl;dr below.

Fringe update: On 8/19/2022, a father whose 14 year old child coughed relentlessly for a year found this post. It described his child's exact condition. They contacted Dr. Weinberger, and he verified "habit cough" as the child's diagnosis. He had them show the full length documentary to their child. After a year of non-stop coughing, the child stopped coughing in a very dramatic fashion ~ simply by watching the documentary. Bethany and I had a follow-up zoom call with the mom and child, per Dr. Weinberger's request. In the 25 minute call, the child did not cough a single time. Recovery to "Cough ZERO" can normally take a week to 10 days.

It doesn't get any more fringe than this. Everything noted below has been peer reviewed and published in renowned medical journals since 1991 by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, pediatric pulmonologist, cough cure, asthma researcher and immunologist from University of Iowa.

Doctors will say, "treat," "suppress," and "we'll keep an eye on your cough." Until now, you will have never heard, "we can cure your week, month, year, OR decades long daytime/awake cough."

There has never been an instant and permanent cure for the number 1 reason that people go to the doctor ~ cough. A retired 50 year medical doctor, pediatric pulmonologist & world famous asthma researcher who founded and ran the Cough Clinic at University of Iowa cured a then 12 year old girl (my daughter) from 1/2 million coughs. I filmed him curing her.

He is a renowned medical doctor who has been prescribing medicine to patients for 50 years. He knew that no medicine could cure a cough.

Update: Per the Rotterdam Study about 10% of the world's adult population has chronic cough.

This daytime, post-viral, dry cough, absent once asleep, only to return once awake was first described by Hippocrates and diagnosed in Tiberius Caesar (noted on ).

It has never been cured until now. No joke, the only recommendation from the CDC/NIH (not a cure) for coughing is honey or sugar. This is for the #1 reason that people go to the doctor. With Dr. Weinberger's permission, I created and posted a documentary I made about Bethany's cure on YouTube; with hopes that doctors would watch the video to learn Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD's "suggestive therapy" (not hypnotism).

Within days, parents around the world showed the documentary to their children; some who coughed 18 hours per day for over 5 years with no relief from their "horror cough".

This is the fringe. Within 15 minutes of simply watching the documentary, children and adults are routinely and typically cured.

Dr. Weinberger NEVER expected this to happen. Now, it happens all the time in children as young as 3 and adults with decades long chronic cough. (Not just suppressed, but instantly and permanently cured.)

Even more fringe ~ Dr. Weinberger's cure documentary is now used, referred to, and replicated by doctors at over 70 medical centers around the world. It has been documented and written about in newspapers and magazines around the world.

He does not charge anything at all for the cure that is now translated into 6 languages. << This is a map of his cures and all the stories he has amassed in the last 3 years since this "accidental discovery" after 40 years of running the University of Iowa cough clinic.

Trust me; had I not filmed my daughter being cured, even I would not believe what I saw. Parents film their children being cured from years of non-stop cough. To this day, they are fringe and weird to watch.

The once hopeless and desperate parents, adult patients, and their doctors are flabbergasted, since nothing has ever worked ~ only to have their child (or adult patient) watch a YouTube video and be cured.

Here is a link to his peer reviewed and published research of cough cures since 1991.

DM me for any verification, questions or comments. This is the medical white paper that I just finished HERE

I am not the doctor. I am his medical research manager.

tl;dr - Until now, in medical history, there has never been a peer reviewed and published cure for coughing. (Fringe part) Medical doctor from Iowa instantly and permanently cures acute and chronic cough just by having adult and child patients watch a peer reviewed and published YouTube documentary and via-telemedicine everywhere in the world. Cure now used by doctors at over 70 medical centers.

Post Insights - 8.2k Total Views 90% Upvote Rate luvisgreaterthanfear That's a lot of reading..... So, what's the cure? I had a chronic cough for about four years. It eventually went away mysteriously. No idea why or how, but I must have done something right... I've been cough free for three years now. PyrateShip The cure is based upon the diagnosis from Dr. Weinberger. "cough absent once asleep; only to return once awake is considered habit cough." when your doctor rules out any comorbidities. He would have children in his office at University of Iowa. He would use "suggestion therapy" convincing or "suggesting" that they could stop coughing. He tried curing our daughter with a Skype call ~ suggesting that she did not need to cough. It worked. I filmed him doing it. We made it into a documentary. Now, children as young as 3, and adults with decades long mystery cough are cured by watching the YouTube documentary and doing the the child in the video does. luvisgreaterthanfear That's pretty interesting. My cough was a persistent 'itch' in the back of my throat that never went away. I dealt with it for quite a few years. It was even noted by my coworkers who would often be concerned about my health and wellbeing. I cannot pinpoint when it actually stopped for good, but it's been gone for a few years now and I've no idea how or why. I did end up getting COVID back in November 2020... As I said; I cannot pinpoint when my persistent cough ended, but I know for sure that I did not have it after I got COVID. So maybe it was psychosomatic. Perhaps it took just something else to worry about? COVID didn't affect me too much other than having a complete loss of smell for nearly a month. Once I had recovered completely I felt really good actually. Like, better than I ever had before. Once again, a bit skeptical but also fairly open-minded about the whole thing. I think there's a lot of stuff we just haven't figured out yet or a lot of variables that are at play...Thanks for sharing! PyrateShip Trust me, we were skeptical. No medical doctor would say the word, "cure," except for Dr. Weinberger. (because there has never been a cure) The map shows all the unsolicited cases. It also shows the doctors and their medical centers. Had I not filmed it; it would be cloudy in my mind now. There are so many more stories that I just haven't had time to include. One coming out of England real soon will change the course of curative medicine. Every awesome story is so random and can come from anywhere. They are all shocking in such a good way. The medical doctors who send their patients to watch the documentary start off as skeptics. Then, they invite Dr. Weinberger to explain it to their pulmonology and medical teams. MaesterPraetor **the number 1 reason that people go to the doctor ~** chronic cough Is that true? I don't know a single person with this issue, and you're saying it is the number one reason people go to the doctor. zazz88 I developed this issue after Covid. I’d say it’s minor though and I only have issues with it in the morning. I also have a friend who’s son has had a chronic cough for years. They can’t seem to figure out why…. A reflex habit is an interesting way of looking at it. I haven’t felt like my cough has been an actual symptom of current sickness either, so this makes sense. I’m going to give this a shot. Mental fortitude with some assistance from water. Seems pretty simple. PyrateShip Since working this project, I have had to validate every statement. I did not know this fact either. <<First paragraph. I misspoke. It should have said, "cough" versus "chronic cough". Chronic means a cough more than 4 weeks for a child and more than 8 weeks for an adult. The time span seems arbitrary, since there is not a cure; let alone a treatment/therapy for acute or chronic cough. Thanks for the catch. DB

Per the Rotterdam Study about 10% of the world's adult population has chronic cough.

The part that amazes me is this published statement below for the number 1 reason/complaint that people go to the doctor.

From: - Acute Cough—Does Anything Help? - "Unfortunately, the majority of therapies available are currently recommended based on historical practice rather than on scientific evidence." & "For acute coughs due to the common cold or another upper respiratory infection, there are many OTC products available, but none of them have been proven effective in treating a cough." - Emily M. Ambizas, PharmD, MPH, BCGP Associate Clinical Professor St. John’s University, College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Queens, New York.

The only recommendation for coughing per the CDC website is honey and sugar. This is the same recommendation for the last 1,000+ years.

ascendingthemountain What's the tl;dr? These are just links linking to more links promising a "miracle cure." FuzzySlippers__ Doctor teaches you to focus on not coughing for longer and longer periods of time until you no longer cough at all. Warm water also soothes the impulse to cough. PyrateShip That does seem to be the takeaway. We were shocked that this was not known except for Dr. Weinberger and his colleagues.

Even Dr. Weinberger was amazed that it cures adult patients with months, years and even decades of non-stop cough.

These adults; imagine rural and medically underserved areas of the world, violently cough all day long. The sleep well at night; exhausted from all the coughing. Their lives and their family's lives are destroyed by this cough.

Now, imagine a pandemic. Dr. Weinberger says that the human body is a perfect aerosol spray device. Cough, walk 5 feet and cough again. Repeat for 18 hours per day.

Cure the cough and there is no cough aerosol spray of virus. "The best part of his procedure is that when children and adults learn it one time they remember how to do it "... like riding a bicycle."

Parents show the video to their children ahead of a cough. Note: There doesn't seem to be a specific temperature for the water. Dr. Weinberger just has the patients keep a bottle of water with them to tiny sips on the pre-cough tickle. I had COVID-19 in January and wicked post-COVID habit cough that seems to be common (a post-viral cough). The procedure cured the cough, and it took about 2 weeks (expected amount of time) for me to get to "cough zero". It was worse at night before I fell asleep. budaruskie Wow...such a positive and inspiring story. I was unaware of habit coughing until I came across this. I wish Bethany and her family (and Dr. Weinberger) the best! Medic7002 Lol PyrateShip Thanks. Dr. Weinberger asked if she would Zoom call to children around the world who are recovering. When the parents see her, they shriek. They tell us that their lives went from 18 hours per day of the worst scene in a horror movie that won't end. They were back to their wonderful lives in literally 15 minutes ~ by watching a YouTube video. (Fringe & bizarre.) The little children all want to impress Bethany with how they can cure their cough. (It takes a week or two to get to "cough zero") A 7 yo boy from Pennsylvania last night was so excited to see her. Mom said that he practiced all day and he only had a minor throat clear in 20 minutes after hundreds of horror coughs per hour. REAL big news coming out soon that I just cannot overtly write about. Let's just say that Dr. Weinberger's procedure completely cures post viral cough as noted on the website many times. Dr. Weinberger is doing great. He is living in San Diego after retiring from Iowa. Bethany finally met him after 3 years. Such a good guy. brightsidefly I had a post Covid cough for 4 weeks. I feel it was habitual at that point or some point along the line. I'm curious if this method may have helped... PyrateShip Dr. Weinberger asked me to have you contact him. He never charges a penny for what seems to be unlimited consultation with people around the world. You will be talking/communicating with one of the most prominent doctors in the world. The only doctor to cure post-virus coughs. Fill this out and it goes to his private email. He is in San Diego. He gets back to people quite rapidly. With a post -COVID cough, it would help in his research. He has had multiple post-COVID cough patients who were cured. (I am not the doctor. Not medical advice.) budaruskie So, please forgive my ignorance but is the habit cough something driven by psychological stimulus? aeschenkarnos Yes, there is no physiological reason to cough which is why no physical treatment worked for the girl. She coughed a lot when she had the lung infection, and formed the habit of doing so, then after the lung infection was healed, she kept the cough. Essentially it seems to be a psychological trauma, and increasing the duration between coughs allows her to gradually take control of it. PyrateShip Really great thoughts! It has been called "psychogenic cough," "neurogenic cough," "somatic cough," and more. Habitual cough is the original and most correct name from diagnosis of Tiberius, the second Caesar and his horrible cough. No cough while asleep seems to have a lot of implications. Since Dr. Weinberger is retired, he is going to stay in the diagnosis, treatment and recovery lane. He is hoping some young researchers might latch on to find all the other variables. Deep dive here: PyrateShip Dr. Weinberger, as a pediatric pulmonologist for 50 years must have tried all variations of medicine for his cough patients. He found the work of Dr. Berman, a medical doctor, who was an allergist who figured out "the art of suggestion". Dr. Weinberger never met Dr. Berman. He had to reverse engineer the process. On the website the "cough absent once asleep, only to return once awake" and what was described as a post viral cough ~ habitual cough was diagnosed as far back as Tiberius, the second Caesar. There was never a cure described until Dr. Berman in the 1960's and then Dr. Weinberger since the 1990's, and then using Skype (tele-medicine) in 2019. I think it is so much bigger that we can all imagine. An instant and permanent cure for acute and post-viral "lingering," "daytime" cough. The fact that so many doctors/medical centers refer their cough patient to watch Dr. Weinberger's YouTube documentary with incredible instant and permanent cure rates (after all hope is lost) is what is so shocking. Note: He has had patients with "anxiety coughs," and other medical concerns. They are all noted in context at the link above. budaruskie This kinda reinforces the terrain theory as well doesn’t it? The idea that we manifest symptoms of disease not because of germs but because our mind tells our body to manifest certain symptoms under certain stimuli. I’m just now learning about this theory so I’m just curious, I’m not making definitive statements (although definitive apparently now means fluid and changing). PyrateShip Galen of Pergamon wrote: "... habit, viz.: that it is a permanent and durable affection, whether that be good or bad ..." About habit cough, Dr. Charles Creighton stated, "...-the treatment of it is to break the habit ..." There might be other ways to break the post-viral habit cough, just so happens that it works without touching the patient.

Dr. Weinberger had numerous in-office patients at University of Iowa. He recognized that his treatment might just work via-telemedicine. It did!

Shockingly, Dr. Weinberger's procedure also works just by watching a YouTube video. Maybe, like teachers recording their lessons once, and replaying them for years via remote learning.

His patients remember how to use his procedure for their next habit cough. (This was new information to Dr. Weinberger. All of the data from his patients has shown a lot of great nuggets of science. Really big news is on the way!)

Why habit cough seems to be a post-viral or lingering cough that is not present once asleep is unknown and open to debate.



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