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Is Adult Smoker's Cough "Habit Cough"? Can The Weinberger Procedure Stop Smoker's Cough?

We do our best to only communicate about peer reviewed and published research here at The Habit Cough Association. We also work tirelessly to source the input data that is received from doctors, hospitals, patients and parents from around the world. Do no accept any of the information here as medical advice. To do so would be unwise. Communicate with your medical team with any and all concerns about your health.

"... but YES, I haven't coughed since reading and rereading your article. It's Amazing ..." Cured in minutes and told her amazed doctor later!

Here are my notes, observations (not advice) and a great article about Chronic Cough - Smoker's Cough from Harvard Health Publishing

This website is dedicated to Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, Pediatric Pulmonologist from Rady Children's Hospital, San diego, California, USA and University of Iowa. His brilliant, tireless research, peer reviewed and published letters, manuscripts and other work are centered and limited to diagnosing and curing children with Chronic Cough - Habit Cough, He has done a fine job.

Now I am receiving some very unexpected emails and input from around the world regarding user variations of Dr. Weinberger's work.

Backstory -

The first known reference to "Habitual Cough" was found in a medical journal printed in London in 1694, called The Spirit of Diseases; or, Diseases from the Spirit. Interestingly, it DOES NOT state that Habitual Cough ONLY occurs in children. This obscure reference was first discovered on 11/19/2019 in a Google book search. HERE

Here is what the interior text says about "Habitual Cough" (best attempt at converting Olde English into modern English).

[Page] 118 Observations concerning​

"to endeavor to alleviate and diminish our Cough by little and little, to refrain are coughing as much as possible, and to abstain from much hawking, spitting and loud speaking, and so by this means bring our Life into repose and quiet again.

When our Life therefore any time through Impatience, is stirr’d up into a too vehement Action; it often happens that this produceth a customary or habitual cough, which often continues after the first Cough, which was caused by the Cold, is gone, from which two last Coughs, viz the Impatient and the Habitual Cough, often proceed Consumptions, Tiffick, and other Distempers; because by continual coughing we void much Phlegmy matter, and the more we void of these, the more our strength is diminished; in as much as this Phlegmy matter (which has its Original from the Bones, which are the parts wherein our Life is continually operative) is not found in found in healthy People but elaborated"

Note: Seems that it might mention "Phlegmy matter"; which is "wet cough" (productive cough) and not only "dry cough" (non-productive cough)? Email me with your thoughts on this. Thanks.

Some unexpected questions and outcomes have no answers - yet!

I get many questions about adults with "chronic cough without medical explanation" (WME), "smoker's cough" and "... can The Weinberger Procedure stop a person's 'smoker's cough'?"

The answer is: Dr. Weinberger's discoveries are based upon research "diagnosis and cure" of Habit Cough in children in person, via Skype and "by proxy", watching a YouTube video - ONLY.

I do note the following authoritative dialog from Dr. Weinberger to me. Read with knowledge that Dr. Weinberger's research is only from children.

"The popular diagnoses in adults are post nasal drip, a.k.a. upper respiratory cough syndrome, and GER, both of which have little in the way of controlled clinical trials to support them despite enthusiastic anecdotal reports and have been largely rejected in pediatrics.

Forty percent of adult chronic cough at cough clinics are reported to be without medical explanation which has resulted in the hypothesis of cough hypersensitivity. While hypersensitivity is demonstrable, that is at least as likely to be from the chronic cough than the cause of chronic cough. Gabapentin was reported to be effective to some extent in perhaps half of the patients in a study. As to what to call the chronic cough, at least in pediatrics there is a strong argument for Habit Cough for the reasons provided by Bernie Berman in his 1966 publication." HERE.

Dr. Weinberger's diagnosis and cure rates are VERY impressive as noted on the World Instant Cure Map.HERE

What causes chronic coughing? (This is NOT part of Dr. Weinberger's research - only diagnosis and cure.)

From the article: "Smoking is a leading cause [of chronic cough]. Sooner or later, most cigarette smokers develop a chronic "smoker's cough." Chemical irritation is responsible — but the same noxious chemicals that cause the simple smoker's cough can lead to far more serious conditions, such as bronchitis, emphysema, pneumonia, and lung cancer. The chronic cough is always a cause of concern for smokers." (Makes sense to me.)

Special note: Since creating this fansite for Dr. Weinberger's brilliant peer reviewed and published work, I have been receiving some interesting information about variations and applications of The Weinberger Procedure - many of them are "unexpected and unintended cure[s] of habit cough by proxy."

Example: I have received submissions from parents who have provided The Weinberger Procedure therapy script to their child - even without any consult with Dr. Weinberger. This mommy said, "... I know my son. I knew what I had to do and I did it." She filmed herself curing Gracen. When I saw the hashtag #HabitCough, I tracked down this mommy and said, "... what did Dr. Weinberger think when you told him?" she responded that she had never spoken to Dr. Weinberger. Wait, what? Needless to say, this was highly unexpected - with a terrific outcome. HERE

Example: This Australian mommy, Jenn, actually read Dr. Weinberger's script to her sweet child Lily while in the car. Stopped. Cured. Instantly. (Unexpected) HERE

So, after these unexpected uses and outcomes of The Weinberger Procedure, I can only imagine that adults with multi-year horror cough might wish to attempt The Weinberger Procedure - when all other diagnoses, drugs and procedures have failed them.

We are receiving so many submissions that Dr. Weinberger has included the phrase, "... children and adults" or included, "adults" in his peer reviewed letters and manuscripts. HERE

Read this post about Dr. Weinberger's brilliant "peer reviewed" letter about Habit Cough explained by me. HERE

The link below are ALL just single cases of adults submitting praise for their [unexpected and unintended] instant cures from the horror of Habit Cough utilizing The Weinberger Procedure. They are located HERE on our news hub.

NONE of the submitted cures from adults SPECIFICALLY refers to smoking of cigarettes, cigars, cloves, cannabis or vaping or "smoker's cough". NONE. The outcome of each is completely "unexpected and unintended", because Dr. Weinberger's research ONLY included children. Zero adults were included in his research.

Example of unexpected and unintended outcome: This submission below was COMPLETELY unsolicited. The 58 year old female who submitted it did NOT state that she was a smoker or any other info other than she suffers from "Sleep Apnea". She does state however that she suffers from COPD, Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema. This might be an indication of smoking related illness. Read on to note what she took upon herself- and the results.

I have attempted to communicate with "Nancy" and have not received any response as of yet. Updates to come.

Remember that Dr. Weinberger is retired and that he is a pediatrician and a pediatric pulmonologist. This means that to receive an input like this is an anomaly to his research.

I can only imagine that there might be a pulmonology researcher for adults who would LOVE to research this type of input and maybe perform so authoritative research and testing.

I can only believe the results would be astounding.

Please tell YOUR pulmonologist about The Weinberger Procedure.

Note: I think the spirit of this submission is, to the best of my knowledge, that "Nancy" still has COPD, Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema - just not the chronic Habit Cough.

Disclaimer: Remember that I am NOT a doctor and NEVER provide medical advice. This website is my family's fansite for Dr. Weinberger and used ONLY to tell people about his brilliant "peer reviewed and published" work. Ask YOUR trusted doctor to review to Dr. Weinberger's work. DO NOT make ANY medical decisions in your life based on my notes and observations. This would be unwise and not recommended.

If you have a Weinberger Procedure story, please let me know by email or telephone call. 410-852-6928 Dennis



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