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Adult Cured - "If Bethany can do it; I can do it too!" - Lorna R., UK. Age 62 Restarted her life!

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

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I will try it and tell my doctors about it later!

At first I thought "... No! .. I’m an adult! A kids Habit Cough is not what I have!" "... God this could be me... is this what I need to try?" "So I am and amazingly it’s working!!!!"

Habit Cough is NOT just for children! Just ask Lorna.

Hello Dennis,

I just had to write to you as I have recently watched the video of your daughters chronic coughing session with Dr Weinberger.

I live in the United Kingdom.

I am a 62 yr mother of 3 and have suffered for at least 7yrs now with a chronic unexplained cough. 

I’ve had different meds and tests but nothing works.

I’ve recently been allergy tested and although I have cut out what I was allergic to the cough was still relentless.

I have read articles on the subject until My head wants to explode!

I am now having trauma therapy and my therapist said I need to take control and let go of the cough.

(Dennis note: Dr. Weinberger agrees that chronic Habit Cough without medical explanation can indeed cause trauma. I know that after 90 days, our family's lives were COMPLETELY on hold. I can only imagine Lorna's disruption. Friends, family, work, school, church. The elephant in the room IS or should I say, WAS sweet Lorna's hideous and vicious mystery cough.)

mmm, I thought easier said than done...

Then the other night I happened across your video.

At first I thought "... No! .. I’m an adult! A kids Habit Cough is not what I have!"

(Dennis note: Nowhere in this medical journal from 1694 printed in George-Yard, in Lombard Street, London, England HERE, does it state that Habitual Cough is a only child's affliction. Link to post HERE.

I do think that Dr. Weinberger wondered and pondered adult Habit Cough, but as he told me, "... I am a pediatrician." He hopes that there is a young and brilliant pulmonology researcher who will want to study diagnosis - instant cure - recovery of Habit Cough in adults.

He started receiving emails and other correspondence from adults who have had their Habit Cough cured by the Weinberger Procedure. He said that he never studied adults and Chronic Cough without medical explanation (WME) since he was a pediatrician.)

It was printed in George-Yard, in Lombard Street , London, England HERE

But I listened and watched and thought "... God this could be me... is this what I need to try?"

So I am and amazingly it’s working!!!!

I can’t quite believe it!

Within one day I’ve noticed a dramatic change. (Dennis note: I responded below that she must now, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! She is cured, but now she needs to allow and help he body recover. Fortunately, it sounds like she works to take great care of her body and mind. It might take a week or two like Dr. Weinberger said it would for Bethany. Dr. Weinberger says to allow your body to heal.)

So thank you to you and your beautiful daughter.

(Dennis note: On behalf of Dr. Weinberger and our sweet Bethany - we thank you. The world thanks you. The more that Dr. Weinberger hears about instant cures in adults, I can only imagine, the more he hopes for a young and brilliant pulmonology researcher who will take the lead in study of diagnosis - instant cure - recovery of Habit Cough in adults. Who knows where it could go. We even had a submission of instant cure from an adult female who claims that the Weinberger Procedure instantly halted her mystery cough and she has COPD, Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema and Sleep Apnea. I must note that I have been attempting to communicate with her to learn more about her preceding medical conditions. She basically said that whereas her illnesses were not cured, her cough stopped. I cannot wait to hear back from her.)

I shall keep going with it and in Bethany’s words which resonate in my head every time I do it....”if I can do it you can do it too”


Lorna R, Age 62, United Kingdom

My reply

NOW - YOU MUST read and comply with Dr. Weinberger's recovery notes.

It [recovery] is imperative to your final cure.

Dr. Weinberger is recovering from cardiac bypass surgery and cannot immediately respond to you.

Yes, you are indeed proving that more and more adults have Habit Cough

PLEASE KNOW that recovery can take awhile, but when our daughter learned to halt her cough, she was on the way with PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.




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