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Any video documenting your child coughing or being cured will help Dr. Weinberger immensely in his research and development of treatment for Habit Cough.

HERE is a great example of Abby from Australia being filmed as she is cured by proxy in 5 minutes after 5 years of mystery chronic cough which was diagnosed as Habit Cough. This video will live on to help so many forsaken children around the world.


Provide him with a detailed overview and he will reply shortly.
He normally replies within 12 - 24 hours based
on your location in the world.

One of the questions that Dr. Weinberger must receive all the time is - Which is it? "Disabling cough: habit disorder or tic syndrome?" Never once did we refer to our child's vicious and unstoppable horror cough as a "tic". Never. Our daughter "coughed non-stop". She never had a "tic'd non-stop".

Please take a moment to help Dr. Weinberger with his continuing research into the diagnosis and treatment of Chronic Cough - Habit Cough HERE.


Your child might indeed have some type of tic - ask your doctor. We did. Our doctor, Dr. Weinberger, diagnosed our daughter and said it was a Habit Cough, and he instantly cured our daughter.


Dr. Weinberger has also diagnosed and instantly cured so many other helpless, hopeless and forsaken children (and adults) around the world, instantly and without any drugs - for free as his gift to the children of the world.


Oh, and Dr. Weinberger cured them in person, via Skype and "by proxy" with a YouTube video! (Yes. Read HERE.)


Here is Dr. Weinberger's brilliant response concerning the need for autosuggestion therapy (not anti-psychotic drugs) for children suffering from Habit Cough. You should read it twice. It is incredible.


For us it is quite obvious to our family and those whose child's Habit Cough stopped instantly utilizing The Weinberger Procedure.


We first consulted via telephone with Dr. Weinberger who correctly referred to Dr. Berman's renowned and incredible peer reviewed manuscript from 1966 HERE in which he stated "... relied solely on the art of suggestion" in his work. Note: Prior to the consultation, we had supplied Dr. Weinberger with a detailed diary / chart for Bethany's horror cough period. You can view it HERE.


Like magic, with the "art of suggestion" delivered by Dr. Miles Weinberger, - Bethany's horrific Habit Cough was gone! Gone too, is the vicious Habit Cough of children and adults around the world - "by proxy".


We knew that Bethany's cough was not a tic. It was a cough - a vicious, non stop, unabating,  horror cough that was diagnosed as Habit Cough and cured by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD!


It was not a Tourette's Syndrome tic. Bethany had a vicious horror cough correctly diagnosed and named - Habit Cough and The Weinberger Procedure immediately cured her. It can provide an immediate cure anywhere in the world by proxy - like magic.


We never once called it anything other than Bethany's "horror cough", until we called it Bethany's Habit Cough.

Most fortunately, we have received numerous reports that medical doctors around the world are referring their mystery chronic cough - habit cough patients to utilize The Weinberger Procedure with astounding and immediate results.

People from around the world and USA are reporting that by utilizing The Weinberger Procedure as noted in the videos below, their own, or their child's multi-year chronic cough - habit cough instantly stops.


Ask your doctor or medical provider about The Weinberger Procedure. If they are not familiar with it, tell them to review the peer reviewed and published documentation HERE.

Peer Reviewed and Published - Letters, Papers & Manuscripts
Importance of these terms when speaking to your doctor.


It is very IMPORTANT that your medical personnel understand that this documentation is "peer reviewed" and "published". Use these words/terms and you will garner much more attention by the doctor. "Peer reviewed" and "published" means that the documentation has gone through a rigorous and intricate review by other similarly trained doctors from around the world and they all approve of the content of (in this case) Dr. Weinberger's renowned work.


We are providing Bethany's complete and unedited (as possible) medical information to you so that you might be able to communicate more effectively with YOUR trusted medical professionals.


Dr. Weinberger told us to have a large glass of body temperature water on hand for Bethany. Look at her intensive stare at the Skype laptop with Dr. Weinberger calling in from San Diego, California to our home outside of Annapolis, Maryland!


It makes me cry with joy to know that less than 10 minutes into her call, her horror cough stopped like a light switch turning off - fully cured.


I shake my head in disbelief as I write this. Thank goodness that I filmed this, or I would NEVER believe what I saw. You will be shocked and amazed also.

Condensed video (11 min. English) with our daughter instantly cured/rescued by
Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD
Yes, this awesome video will astonish you!
I could hardly believe my own eyes and ears!
Curative therapy session video (35 min. English) optimized for children, adults and elderly.
Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD
Yes, this is the therapy session that instantly cured/rescued our daughter from her chronic cough-habit cough (horror cough)
Full Length Habit Cough Video Diary (35 min. English) with Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD
This terrific video will SHOCK and amaze you!
If I didn't film it, I wouldn't believe it myself!

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