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Incredulous Factor - Cured Simply by Watching a YouTube Documentary

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

We would like to take a moment to showcase all of the incredulous parents, adult patients, AND their doctors, from esteemed medical organizations around the world. They are now astonished believers. Our thanks for your belief in such an unexpected, and unintended medical discovery, by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD.

Fact: Cough is the #1 reason that Americans go to the doctor. You might call it your "lingering," "awake," or "daytime," dry cough. This cough has been known since 1685 as "habit cough." Fact: The symptoms of what is properly known as "habitual cough," or "habit cough" were first described by Hippocrates. HERE Fact: The only treatment (not a cure) for cough today, via the CDC/NIH is just honey & sugar. HERE! Nothing has changed for cough since the 8th century. (medieval times) It was sugar & honey then too! Cough cure fact: After hiding in plain sight for thousands of years, the renowned, 40 year, cough cure researcher from University of Iowa, Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, "unexpectedly" & "unintentionally" discovered a "habit cough" cure via-telemedicine. The cure is non-pharmacological. It utilizes a simple behavioral technique.

He now provides, at no cost, his peer reviewed publications for what has been diagnosed in children and adults since 1685 as "habitual cough". Treatment for habit cough occurs simply by watching a free, "peer reviewed and published" YouTube documentary, anywhere in the world. Read all the cough cure stories, from renowned, worldwide medical center doctors HERE.

To those who have witnessed children as young as 3 and adults with over 25 years of unexplained, mystery, chronic cough being instantly and permanently cured ~ pretty impressive; huh?

Believe me, whenever we speak, (normally after another amazing, instant and permanent cure) he and I are part of the "incredulous factor" that has become our daily lives.

Here are some of the formerly incredulous people and organizations:

#JohnsHopkinsMedicine. - The pediatric pulmonology team was so shocked and astounded by the instant and permanent cure of one of their patients, that they could not wait for Dr. Weinberger to provide them with his most requested presentation. It must have been an awesome Zoom call. I told Dr. Weinberger that if all of their microphones we unmuted, there would be countless gasps and rounds of applause.

#NewYorkMedicalCollege (NYC), #ChildrensNationalHospital, #RutgersHealth, #KaiserPermanente, #NemoursChildrensHealth, #BalboaNavalHospital, #MayoClinic, #TexasChildrensHospital, #NemoursChildrensHospital, #ChildrensHealthIreland, #BostonChildrensHospital, #RadyChildrensHospital (San Diego), #TexasPediatricSpecialties, #DellChildrensHospital, #InovaFairfaxHospital (Virginia), #BeaumontHealth (Michigan), #Allergy&AsthmaAssociates (Nevada), #OchsnerHealth (New Orleans), #SpireHealthcare (UK), #KaniksuHealthServices (Idaho), #MeyerChildrensHospital (Italy), #MenziesSchoolofHealthResearch (Australia), #HospitalHumbertoNotti (Argentina), #NuffieldHealthCambridge, #NovantHealthPediatricPulmonology, #BeaconHospital, #KingsCollegeHospital, #VCUHealth, #BostonChildrensHealthPhysicians, #NationwideChildrensHospital, #ChildrensRespiratoryCriticalCareSpecialists, #SleepAndChildrensPulmonaryCenter, #TillsonburgFamilyPhysicians, #GullaneMedicalPractice, #ProHealthPhysicians, #PediatricAssociates, #BrennerChildrensEmergency, #WythenshaweHospital, #SutterHealth, #CentraCareStCloudHospital, #AllergyPartnersOfNevada, #VCUDepartmentOfPediatrics, #ClínicaDoutoresDaCriança & more!

Click HERE to read all of the unsolicited stories of children and adults (as well as families) instantly returning back to their wonderful lives.

Cured in minutes and sometimes seconds from days, weeks, months, years and even decades of mystery, unexplained, daytime, awake "horror cough".

The world says, "So thank you, truly from the bottom of my heart," to Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, and all of the medical doctors around the world who are believers in his brilliant work.



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