A Word of Thanks From a 60 Year Old Chronic Cougher

Updated: 6 days ago

Editor note: The submitter states, " I don’t think it will ever go away completely, but I do control it much better since following your advice."

It has been noted that children seem to completely recover much quicker than adults.

It is suspected (but not verified) that because children have minders, (parents & siblings) they are kept on track with their practice, and reminded by them.

I recently had Post-COVID habit cough. It was a nightmare of non-stop coughing after I recovered from COVID.

It was my first ever habit cough.

It took a lot of effort and attention for me to achieve "Cough ZERO" even knowing what I know. I was cough free in about 10 days. Like Bethany says, '... practice, practice, practice". - Dennis, Editor

Dear Dr. Weinberger,

I have been suffering from a severe cough for over 5 years (if I’m being honest it’s probably closer to 10).

I am neither a doctor nor a dietician, and only armed with the internet these are what I deduced where the cause of my cough.

In truth I believe it was induced by stress, however I also believe that I had been drinking excess quantities of green tea.

I regularly would steep two black tea bags and one green tea bag as a pot of tea, and consumed at least two if not three pots of tea a day. Sources on the internet indicated that two or LESS cups a day are the recommended daily consumption, and it stated that a cough could be the result of over-use.

I immediately stopped drinking the green tea and the cough did get better, however since I have been coughing for so long the habit would not go away entirely.

My husband had me go see a doctor who prescribed Symbicort thinking I had asthma. The Symbicort had absolutely no impact on my cough.

I’ve had lung x-rays which showed absolutely nothing wrong with either of my lungs.

It got to be that my husband’s frustration and comments when I coughed where more aggravating than the cough itself!

So back to the internet I went when I happened upon a link on how children with a chronic or habit cough where being cured with somewhat of a suggestion therapy.

I just wanted to thank you for allowing those therapy sessions to be taped and seen on the internet. I don’t think I was as diligent as your young patients watching and rewatching the sessions as “their medicine”, however I did that the premise of your therapy to heart.

After watching the video, I found if I meditated or began slow breathing exercises the coughing fits would get better, and always having water or my unsweet tea nearby to sip constantly was key. After one day I was remarkably better, and each week I was progressively coughing less.

Years ago when my daughter was quite young I had my first instance of a chronic cough which resulted in a case of pleurisy. I was given both Singular and Guaifenesin which helped me heal.

It was about 15 years later before I started coughing again.

I still have days where the cough still gets the better of me. I don’t think it will ever go away completely, but I do control it much better since following your advice. I am taking the generic Singular which helps as well. I did try not taking it but the cough would come back more often.

I owe you a considerable amount of thanks. I will continue to do my best with the “therapy”. Sometimes it’s just learning to take the time to slow down, concentrate, and breathe. It’s my focus time.

So thank you, truly from the bottom of my heart. I hope you realize how many people you have touched and whose lives you have made better!