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Abby's cough came back and she chased away! Back in school!

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Just got this from Abby's mum in Australia. She had reported that they were evacuated due to brush fires raging nearby. (They are safe.) Abby's cough came back. This (below) happened to Bethany also. Here is our thread. Thanks again Dr. Weinberger. The more that mommies, daddies and doctors know about Habit Cough, the more brave Australian boys and girls will know how to cure their Habit Cough if it returns - even months after they are cured. Great job Sweet Abby. ".... you know what to do!" - Dr. Weinberger


What/why do you think Abby started coughing this last time? Did she have an illness that preceded it? Dry and smoke from the fires? Just wondering. When Bethany's cough came back after 2 months, it was preceded with an ear infection.

Just wondering. Glad that she knew just what to do. I loved the screen snap of our thread that I put on:

Keep up the Queen's work.


Dr. Weinberger is SO proud of Sweet Abby and Mommy! Bravo!

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I think Abby’s is related to anxiety ~ the fires freaked her out and the minute we stared packing to evacuate The cough showed it’s ugly head I got firm telling her not to cough and she got a grip

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Here is the view of Australia and the terrible fires from the satellite that I work on at NASA. Stay safe.



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