World Cure Map

Updated: Jul 28

Friends of Dr. Weinberger - World Habit Cough Instant Cure Map HERE

Dr. Weinberger's world map shows the location and story of doctors and hospitals that refer their trusted patients to be cured by watching The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy here at Read Dr. Weinberger's BIG story HERE. It also shows the child and adult chronic cough stories around the world. Each has a wonderful story about being once hopeless, helpless and forsaken - now cured! Each cured patient is now back to their best lives.

Available for over 2,995,000,000 children and adult native speakers at no cost or fee, in English, Македонски, Español, Deutsche, Türk, 普通话

Children as young as 3 & adults with over 25 years of chronic cough - cured!

Routinely referred to & utilized for their worst chronic cough - instant and permanent cures by renowned doctors at medical centers around the world.