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Dr. Weinberger's Video Vault

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

HERE is Dr. Weinberger's video vault.

It contains all of Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD's habit cough diagnosis, cure and recovery information.

The vault videos are based upon his peer reviewed and published chronic habit cough cure study and publications (since 1991) for children and adults.

This video, HERE, is fully "peer reviewed and published," as referenced in multiple highly esteemed medical journals since 1991.

The example video below is designed for medical doctors, but he explains things like he is talking to parents and patients.

This video is the presentation that he provides medical teams around the world at their specific request. (He has provided this presentation to #JohnsHopkinsPediatrics, #KaiserPermanente, #ChildrensNationalHospital and more from around the country.

As more and more patient and parent videos arrive, we will post them to the video vault.

Trust your doctors and medical team for advice.



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