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Spain - instant cure "by proxy" of young girl. Back in school!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

I heard rumors and then parents verified their sweet young daughter living in Malaga, Spain was suffering from a mystery cough that was only getting worse. Dr. Weinberger was contacted. He spoke with the parents via Skype and diagnosed the child with Habit Cough

Here is the thread from her grateful and relieved father.

Every time I read these emails, I cry for the love that the parents have that turns into a sleepless quest for a cure of their child's horror cough.

When they arrive at they realize that The Weinberger Procedure is their sweet child's drug free, beacon of hope.

(Original email to Dr. Weinberger from Malaga, Spain)

Hello Dr Miles,

Our 7 year old daughter has had a cough for approximately 1 month now. 

There has been no cold/flu symptoms, and she doesn't cough whilst asleep. 

Our doctor said she thinks it is phycological and isn't really able to help much further for now.

She says she can't help herself, and can't stop it, we have tried to talk with her about it, but she is quite difficult to persuade.

It is like a tic.

I found your work and it looks like an ideal match for what is going on with XXXX. 

Are you able to help?

She coughs approximately every 30 seconds or so.


Dad + Mom

Hey Dr Weinberger,

I am very impressed, she took to the video very well. I didn't think she would as she can be very stubborn! We watched It after our call with you.

Her thoughts changed from "I can't stop it" to "I can stop it if I am conscious of it".

She nearly immediately reduced the number of coughs by about half, and this morning she only coughed a few times compared to the 30-50 or so times.

She still has it a little, but is almost gone. She said that now she feels like the "feeling" has gone.

Thank you so much for your help.


The Weinberger Procedure "by proxy" without drugs - for the win!

Wow! Another astounding instant cure from a horrifying cough without drugs after all other diagnosis, medicine and procedures failed.

Remember what Dr. Weinberger says, "... it may take awhile for the throat to completely heal, so some coughs will remain. The child will know what to do."

We had our Bethany keep a bottle of water nearby for the next 2 weeks. (This doubles as a great idea to keep the child hydrated.) Whenever the child, in Bethany's case, had a tickle, begin to sip, breathe in and interrupt the cough. Even if the Habit Cough appears months down the road, remind the child that, "... they know what to do!"

Please contact Dr. Weinberger if you suspect that your child might be suffering from Habit Cough. He has shown that he will (for no fee or payment) rapidly contact parents and children all around the world via email, telephone and Skype for a instant diagnosis and "cure by proxy" of your sweet child.

Where do men like Dr. Weinberger (and women) exist in the world today? What a man! He is truly friend to all mommies, daddies and children around the world.

Here is my thread with Mom and Dad.

Mom + Dad,

   Bravo! Bethany, Jennifer and I are SO proud of sweet XXXX!!

   We are also so excited that you had the parental tenacity to deep dive the Internet until you found Dr. Weinberger. He was our savior when we were helpless, hopeless, and forsaken with our sweet Bethany.

Your video of XXXXis terrific for Dr. Weinberger's continued research. It is so unique compared to the 3 other variations of Habit Cough that I have documented for him. 

Even though her cough was very petite, it is powerful in that it will serve as an example for doctors around the world. It also shows how you detected that something so minute was not correct and you corrected it. Bravo.

 I will place a small flag for XXXX on the map of Spain located here. No need to be exact, but what are of Spain are you living? This is our World Habit Cough Cure map HERE

Note: It took Bethany a couple of weeks for her cough to be completely gone. Some children have it gone in days. Fear not. 

Note: For my records, was XXXX prescribed any medicine or had any misdiagnosis. These are the two big things that seem to be true of each of the cases I am documenting. I note you state: "Our doctor said she thinks it is physiological and isn't really able to help much further for now." Please elaborate.

Note: How did you find and Dr. Weinberger?

Last note: Tell me a little about how you felt when she stopped coughing - just by watching a video. I can tell you, we were in complete shock after Bethany's Skype call with Dr. Weinberger. Shocked with EVERY successful cure of another child around the world. 

Peace, Dennis, Jennifer & Bethany

From Dad to me

Hey Dennis,

We live in Malaga.

I found it on YouTube after doing a search for "Habitual coughing".

The doctor said she had a slight reddened throat, but no signs of a cold/flu, so concluded it may be psychological, she advised us to come back in a week or so.

We were concerned because she is not normally ill, and it was getting worse.

It was becoming a social issue too.

Yes, I was shocked that the video helped, and so quickly.

We had already tried to gently guide her to control it, but she didn't believe that she could.

I think she saw it as something we couldn't understand because we didn't have it, so I guess the real successful example of Bethany helped her to believe it was possible to control. She related to her.

Without that, I feel it would have gone on for a long time and got worse, it was already on a downward trend. 

Today she hasn't coughed at all!.. Thanks for everything!

Thanks Dad

Hi both

I am XXX's Mom. When I took her to the paediatric doctor (who incidentally is fantastic in comparison to others we have seen over the years).

She implied that the clue to her diagnosis of psychological cough was that she didn't cough at night, nor have any other major symptoms, (except a little mucous in the back of the throat, which could have been fairly normal.)

Many thanks


Mom + Dad,

Thanks. The very first time we were at the doctor's office for Bethany, the Nurse Practitioner who we know stated, "... just tell her to stop coughing" as she was walking past us.

It did not register with us - until 3 months and numerous drugs and misdiagnosis later, when we found Dr. Weinberger. 

Thanks, good mommying.




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