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India instant peer reviewed & published permanent cure. Cured via Skype call. Back in school!

Recently, parents of a sweet, 12 year old boy from India learned about Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, Pediatric Pulmonologist, of San Diego, California and The Weinberger Procedure.

The sweet child had been suffering from a vicious mystery horror cough of unknown origin. He had misdiagnosed numerous times. He coughed non-stop for 3 months.

The parents would search non-stop; foregoing sleep, seeking a glimmer of hope for their hopeless, helpless and forsaken child who just could not stop coughing. They found a glimmer and then a beacon of hope at

Dr. Weinberger communicated with the parents. He then contacted this sweet young forsaken child via Skype call. In mere minutes, after reviewing his history, his mystery cough was diagnosed as Habit Cough. (His parents stated that the child did NOT awaken from sleep with a cough. This is a main part of the diagnosis that Dr. Weinberger told us about Bethany's mystery cough.) He had a clear Xray and ho history of allergies.

After reviewing his case, Dr. Weinberger immediately knew that the child was suffering from Habit Cough.

He proceeded to walk the child through a therapy session of The Weinberger Procedure via the same Skype call. Gone. Done. No cough. Off like a light switch. All the way from India to Dr. Weinberger's home office in San Diego with a video call on Skype. Astonishing. Amazing. Astounding. When all is said, it is just humbling.

Dennis note: By the time we heard about Dr. Weinberger, we were willing to to anything for Bethany. We would fly anywhere and pay anything. We were forsaken. We knew the next set of medication was going to be anti-psychotic medications. Bethany actually asked about Dr. Weinberger living in San Diego. She was hoping that we would have had to fly out from our home in Maryland to receive treatment in person from him. (She wanted to fly on an airplane.) I was glad to explain to Bethany that because Dr. Weinberger could treat children via Skype or "by proxy" with her therapy video ANYWHERE in the world for free without drugs. She said, "... cool." Yes, Bethany, Dr. Weinberger is cool. The Weinberger Procedure is cool.

We placed a "pin" on the Habit Cough World Cure Map for this sweet young child. Great job being a brave boy. Great parenting from the other side of the world. - Dennis

Volunteer needed: We are seeking volunteers to translate The Weinberger Procedure script to local dialects throughout India. Click HERE to volunteer.



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