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Horror Cough Cured in Senior Citizen With COPD, Bronchitis & Emphysema. Back to her life!

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Dennis comment: This came in after Dr. Weinberger's story in The Daily Beast HERE. This was one of the first received from adults. Just from reading this, it sounds like her cough went away. I have not heard any more from her. We try to keep people as anonymous as possible. When people release their personal info, we get the back story. All I know is that this is amazing. Makes me wonder. I would have certainly thought that a chronic cough would be a big part of life for a COPD, Bronchitis and Emphysema patient. To have her cough stop had to be a great feeling.

Tell your MD about The Weinberger Procedure for children and adults. Tell your MD that all of Dr. Weinberger's work is "peer reviewed and published" in Chest and Annals. Tell them this exactly and they will understand what you mean. Good luck.


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Boston Rik
Boston Rik
Jul 20, 2021

Rhonda S.’s COPD made her feel short of breath and like she was constantly dragging. While her inhalers helped some, she just didn’t feel like herself anymore.

After having life-threatening pneumonia, she knew something had to change. A friend of hers mentioned multivitamin herbal formula restoration treatment, so Rhonda did

some research and decided to receive treatment at the multivitamin herbal cure. “I started to feel better almost right away,” Rhonda said.

And, along with feeling better, she began to do things she couldn’t do before treatment. Now, Rhonda can take showers, work in her flower garden, and she enjoys having more energy. It’s with a great deal of hope, Rhonda says, “I feel more like myself.”

Like Rhonda, you…

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