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Instantly Cured After 15 Years! - Philippines Adult Male. Restarted His Life.

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

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"I watched the video and stopped coughing. I told my doctors later. Never smoked but we had a volcanic eruption in 1991 where I inhaled lots of ash fall." - 15 year chronic cough sufferer - instantly cured.

I received a text from a gentleman in his 40's from The Philippines. This is his thread. I asked if he was a smoker by chance. He said, "no", but that he had breathed in a lot of ash from the Mt. Pinatubo volcano eruption in 1991. Wow.

I have edited out personal information and left in pertinent information.

The AMAZING thing is that this gentleman utilized tenants of The Weinberger Procedure without knowing of its existence. (Proud of you.) Dr. Weinberger's video with Bethany put his cure and recovery over the top, Instant success.

I will make some elaborations or emphasis in RED.

Just updated 30 days later:

To answer your question, I am turning 60 this year.

And lastly, yes there is a marked improvement in my condition!

I now carry with me a bottle of water everywhere I go.

When the itch strikes, I just take a sip and the cough dissipates before it happens.

Sometimes I can even control the cough without the water!

Dennis note: Remember that Dr. Weinberger stated that recovery might take awhile. With this gentleman, he had a mystery horror cough for over 15 years. He was instantly cured and his recovery is going wonderfully. So proud!

It gave me confidence to overcome this debilitating, embarrassing condition, unlike before when I thought it was a curse that I had to carry for the rest of my life.

The occasional itch may be coming from a post-nasal drip, and may never go away, but at least the cough—which is the obvious manifestation—is under control.

Especially in this coronavirus outbreak when a simple cough calls undue attention and causes irrational panic in a crowded place—the technique you and your daughter and Dr. Weinberger introduced to me is like a blessing and unexpected gift from God, and I think it really is!

Please tell your daughter thank you for the pictorial message (she looks pretty and sweet) and the good doctor to get well soon. Have a great day my friend!

End of update.

Extract of this gentleman's fine initial communication with me.

Dear Dennis,

Thank you for sharing your amazing video. (My pleasure.)

Philippines - Trusted friends of The United States of America through thick and thin.

I have had my chronic coughing for nearly 15 years and I have gone to dozens of physicians and specialists and taken all the tests possible (including allergy tests, X Rays, MRIs, etc) and all sorts of medicines like mucolytics, antitussives, antihistamines, etc. and have ruled out lung and throat cancers, ACE inhibitors, GERD, parasite, COPD, HIV, allergies, tuberculosis, sinusitis, asthma, psychosomatic illness, etc.

My coughing is not as frequent as your dear daughter’s, but frequent enough to interfere with work and social life. And yes, I never cough during sleep.

It always starts with an itchy throat and my cough is my way of scratching the itchy throat, until I got smart and suppressed the cough with concentration and a glass of water. (He came upon this realization with no knowledge of The Weinberger Procedure)

Sometimes I don’t succeed, but I have greatly reduced the coughing and more importantly, got the upper hand instead of feeling helpless.

So watching your video validates my technique and gives me a sense of relief.So I would like to thank you and wish you a d your daughter well.

I am also amazed at your generosity for turning your daughter’s success story into an advocacy for many others who suffer the same condition. The fact that you took the initiative to share a simple but effective cure means you have charity in your hear as well as in your daughter’s heart. (Thanks. It was purely an accident, but now so many are being cured - like you.)

I have been in many embarrassing and painful situations when I coughed that terrible-sounding cough! I still do when I am caught off-guard but it is improving. Sometimes I cough till I choke and turn red all over, and feel weak afterwards.

Never smoked but we had a volcanic eruption in 1991 where I inhaled lots of ash fall. (Mt. Pinatubo - Philippines)

Yes, but I am the only one who have this condition! (In his current family?)

I think i got it from my father. I remember growing up and seeing him cough all the time, and it was a bad-sounding cough. He died at 83 years old from emphysema-related heart attack. As a child I saw him cough like that and I remember thinking, “what a yucky cough!” And now it is I who cough yucky! 😃

I think it is the sensation of water running down your throat that “scratches” the itch and stops the coughing. Did your child’s throat itch before coughing? (Yes it did.)

So did mine. So the water relieves only the itchiness and cough but what causes the constant itch?

Mine I think is post-nasal drip caused by an anatomical anomaly. The lesson I learned from your daughter’s story is, whatever the cause of the cough is, you can control, suppress and stop the cough. It’s the cough that causes the embarrassment and distraction which damages self-image and self-confidence

I also noticed that even if the cause (post nasal drip) disappeared, I coughed out of habit at slightest itch or food passing through my throat or if i saw someone cough! That’s what Dr W is addressing—the habit cough

So you can tell the others not to worry if cough returned.

Dr. Weinberger's condensed video cure with Bethany. Now cured children AND adults.

Colds, anxiety, stress, allergy—we can’t be shielded from those. They will cause the cough and so we cough.

But what we are avoiding is the unnecessary (habitual) cough. Cough is good when it expels the foreign object from throat. It’s bad when we cough for no reason except habit! That’s what Dr. Weinberger cures!

Yes, it was my frustration that all the doctors could not pinpoint much less cure the reason for my chronic cough.

I doctor-shopped and every doctor would repeat the same series of tests.

Really frustrating! My coughing really made me miserable because i was getting a reputation for it and it interfered with work which involves a lot of public appearances and speeches.


Your friend from Philippines

Dennis note: I am not a doctor - just a dad. I did tell this gentleman that with our daughter, Dr. Weinberger told her to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE to keep from coughing. IT WORKED. He asked me to make a "Daddy's special Habit Cough treatment & recovery notes" page. HERE it is. Trust your doctor. Tell them about the peer reviewed and published, "Weinberger Procedure". Good luck and good health.



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