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Cough as a Cause and Consequence of Heart Dysfunction - Current State of Art

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

"Cure the cough, and stop the ..."

"Chronic cough is a horribly unpleasant ailment. People can find themselves coughing hundreds of times every hour of their waking lives, for years on end, and current medicines simply aren't effective at relieving this condition." {Let alone providing an instant and permanent cure. - Editor]- Professor Stuart Mazzone, via EurekAlert, The Good Cough and the Bad Cough

Summary from Cough as a Cause and Consequence of Heart Dysfunction - Current State of Art - "The cough reflex is an airway defensive process that can be modulated by afferent inputs from organs located also out of the respiratory system.

A bidirectional relationship between cough and heart dysfunctions are presented in the article, with the special insights into an arrhythmia-triggered cough.

Albeit rare, cough induced by cardiac pathologies (mainly arrhythmias) seems to be an interesting and underestimated phenomenon.

This condition is usually associated with the presence of abnormal heart rhythms and ceases with successful treatment of arrhythmia either by pharmacotherapy or by radiofrequency ablation of arrhythmogenic substrate.

The two main hypotheses on cough-heart relationships – reflex and hemodynamic - are discussed in the review, including the authors’ perspective based on the experiences with an arrhythmia-triggered cough."


"The anatomical and physiological bases, as well as numerous case reports on patients with arrhythmia-triggered cough and cough-related cardiovascular conditions, confirm deep, mutual relationships between cough and heart function.

The prevalence of those conditions is rather low and their mechanism still remains debatable.

Based on our own experience and the literature data, we suppose that the dissemination of knowledge on the cough-heart relationships may result in a more common diagnosis and change of our view on a low prevalence of these conditions.

Even if the prevalence of these syndromes will remain low, we still believe that a proper diagnostic and therapeutic approach may allow to significantly reduce the complaints among the patients with refractory chronic cough and arrhythmia.

In our opinion, the topic is intriguing and warrants further, more systematic studies on the prevalence, pathophysiology and treatment of cough as the manifestation of heart function disturbances."

This video below is difficult to watch. The sweet young child would retch for tens of thousands of coughs per day. He was cured via an in-office visit with a medical doctor who is a colleague of Dr. Weinberger. The boy's mother reported ZERO coughs after 4 days of recovery Wow!

Not every cough is a habit cough. Consult with your doctor. There is no medical advice provided on this website.



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