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Instant cure - age 49, female? I thought Habit Cough just affected children? Maybe not. Back in life

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Dennis note: EVERY time an instant cure like this arrives in our mailbox (and to Dr. Weinberger) I am amazed. Shocked. Astounded. I shake my head in almost disbelief - but I believe!

Everything I have read tells me that "Habit Cough" is a children's illness.

Remember, Dr. Weinberger is a pediatric pulmonologist. His life's work has been to research and develop treatments (and cures) for children and their tragic illnesses.

When the first couple of incidences of ADULTS being cured "by proxy", I can only imagine Dr. Weinberger was astounded. To my knowledge, there has never been a similar diagnosis and treatment (such as The Weinberger Procedure) for adults. This, in my humble opinion is huge.

Now, adults submit their instant cures ALL the time.

From MB via YouTube

I have had this same condition going on 5 years now.  I have tried everything and nothing has worked.  With the exception of seeing a hypnotist (which is expensive since I don't have insurance).  The hypnotist does seem to help a lot but the cough will come back after a day or so.  I found your video 2 days ago of your daughter and started doing it immediately.  I have slowly increased my time just in the past 2 days which is beyond amazing.  I can't even begin to tell you.  I am at 30 min now.  Seem to be getting a little easier. 

I am 48 and acquired this during nursing school almost 5 years ago.  I noticed a slight cough when I first started school but it wasn't full blown until I start taking finals in December....3 weeks before I turned 44.  I am about to turn 49 in January.  So almost 5 years now.  Honestly I have thought this would never go away.  Which is a horrible thing to live with day to day.  We have had patient's come in to our office with the same issue wanting help and now I give them to your site.  Thank you so much for sharing this.  I have hope now and see a healthier future and can return to a normal life here soon.  :-)  much love xoxo MB

I am hoping for an update, but Dr. Weinberger is just happy to hear this awesome news. He does love when he gets updates for his research so keep on sending him your successes. - Dennis

Note: These cards I made just came in. I was tired of scribbling the website name down on scraps of paper. Here's what just happened. I wrote this to Dr. W.

Dr. Weinberger, What have you done? I thought you told me you were a pediatrician. (Ha Ha) All these adults. Excellent. Fascinating. I shake my head as I write.


Fun little tidbit from a food store here called, Harris Teeter. Bethany and I stopped by and were ready to check out. The check out lady @ 30+ years old female named XXXX asked us for some good news.

I told her we just got back from the doctor's and she told Bethany that she had nice abdominal muscles for a 13 year old. We told her about Bethany's mystery cough and that the number of coughs gave her great abs.

About 1 minute in, XXXX interrupted and said, '... that's what I have!'  We were shocked. She says she had been to so many doctors who said they could not help her and that all she has is the cough - for no reason. They sent her on her way. I told her to read up and watch the videos on the website.  - Out of the blue! another adult with a mystery cough.

Hopefully I will hear back from her. (Her variation seems to be that the cough is not always active. I did not get much more into her history.)  Very interesting.

I will keep this blog updated. - Dennis



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