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[Medical White Paper] Doctors Referred Willie to be Cured by Watching a YouTube documentary

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

His renowned medical team referred, Willie ~ "The Boy Whose Incurable Cough Just Wouldn’t Stop" — and He Was Instantly & Permanently Cured.

Read Willie's amazing story of being instantly and permanently cured from a "mystery horror cough" in mere minutes - HERE

World Habit Cough Cure Map HERE

Excellent read about how Willie's awesome dedicated pediatric pulmonology team utilized Dr. Weinberger's horror cough cure by-proxy. Willie watched a simple YouTube documentary and he was cured in less than 20 minutes, from a mystery horror cough that would not stop for months on end.

Yes, after all hope was lost that he would ever stop coughing, his doctors sent him to be cured just by watching a YouTube documentary on a teenager's fansite for the doctor who cured her.

His parents, his doctors and even Willie was shocked at how his cough instantly stopped. (When a brand new & unassociated cough showed up months later, Willie cured hs acute cough with his knowledge of The Weinberger Procedure, by-proxy! No need for it to become chronic.)

Thank goodness that his doctors believed in Dr. Weinberger and the cure here at

It is an excellent read. HERE



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