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Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Nonstop Cough Can Be Cured By YouTube Video? Watch This ‘Miraculous Remedy’ Developed by an Expert

From our great friends at The Science Times Finally, an expert has developed a cure for nonstop coughs that don't have a cause, and believe it or not; it can be found on YouTube.

As indicated in a Good News Network report, the cure for coughing, in general, is developed by a cough researcher, a pediatric pulmonologist, and an immunologist, Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD.

Until the "Weinberger Procedure," there had never been a rapid and effective treatment for the so-called "habit cough," and surely, never a free cure that a lot of people could use without a trip to the doctor's clinic.

A father felt very relieved to witness his 12-year-old daughter treated through a Skype teleconference with Weinberger after only half an hour. He has done all he can, including the video session done online, to publicize and have information published on this groundbreaking treatment for intractable unexplained long-lasting cough.

Cure From a Video

A 2020 study published in ERJ Open Res. of over 9,000 adult individuals aged over 45 years old showed that 10 percent reported having chronic cough.

Many patients are having respiratory causes for their coughs, and they need to seek medical care, although they discovered that many patients who have chronic cough do not have a detectible underlying cause.

This remedy of Dr. Weinberger for the unexplained illnesses uses the power of suggestion, which was initially described as a probable treatment for children in the late 1960s, although Weinberger, who directed the Pediatric Allergy and Pulmonary Clinic at the University of Iowa Hospital for four decades, has put the notion into practice to benefit hundreds of patients improving a system that has treated adults and children after only a short session.

The Weinberger Suggestion Therapy is very easy, not to mention, rewarding, that the diagnosed patient, be it a child or adult, can self-cure by watching the video and sipping from a tall glass of water while concentrating on breathing, as specified in the instruction. READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE at The Science Times



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