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Post-influenza Habit Cough Cures

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

You've probably heard "post-viral coughs" can linger for weeks or months and that this is normal.

If your dry, post-influenza cough is absent once asleep; only to return after you awaken, this meets the diagnostic criteria for "habit cough." Note: There is no medical advice on this website. Consult with, and trust your doctors. You will see this habit cough diagnosis from 1694 below. "habitual, cough [absent once asleep] which often continues after the first Cough, which was caused by the Cold, is gone,..." [post-viral cough] -and- for adults from 1685 below. "... a violent dry Cough following her day and night, unless when she was fallen asleep:..." These are quite similar to Dr. Weinberger's current habit cough diagnosis HERE.

This is an email I sent to Dr. Weinberger.

Dr. Weinberger, We were with friends last night. Jen's best friend Janie (age 60) is very smart about everything.

I heard she had the flu a while back but did not give it a second thought.

She said after her flu broke, she began viciously and violently coughing.

Her husband noted to her that she did not wake up in the middle of the night.

We have been telling Janie about habit cough, and she has been tracking Bethany, you and all the stuff online since day one.

She thought, "... oh my goodness I am coughing for no reason after the flu. I have habit cough! I know how to cure this." She went on the website to watch the video for an update, and to perfect the procedure. Janie meets with a lot of clients everyday as she is the owner of the company where Jen works. She said that she told her clients that the reason she is drinking so much water in teeny-tiny sips is that she is using it, and breathing techniques to cure her post-influenza habit cough. She is a tenacious person. I truly believe that once she believed that your procedure would work, she became relentless in her tenacity for achieving zero coughs. Janie is the type of person where if she is told to do something to achieve a specific outcome she does it. She doesn't complain about it. She just gets it done.

She wondered if she not known the procedure; how much longer she would cough, and how much cough aerosol she would expel. She said for me to tell Dr Weinberger that it worked brilliantly just as stated. Side note. Bethany began her cough 4 years ago yesterday. November 13th 2018. You came into our lives on February 7th of 2019. Dennis From Good News Network: "The Weinberger ‘Suggestion Therapy’ is so easy and rewarding, that the diagnosed adult or child can “self cure” by watching the video (HERE) and sipping from a tall glass of water while concentrating on breathing, as instructed. Full recovery to ‘cough zero’ has occurred within days for 95% of children [and adults] who were treated by Weinberger and practiced the procedure."



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