Polly and Bethany peer counseling during her recovery. Back in school!

Updated: Feb 3

December 8, 2019 - Mom declares - "Polly's (5 year) cough is gone [cured]!" Hooray for Polly! Great mommying for mommy. What a man - Dr. Miles Weinberger cured a hopeless, helpless and forsaken child - AGAIN!

Here is a quick summary video of Polly & her mommy and Bethany & daddy talking about recovery techniques for Habit Cough.

Polly had her horrible cough for around 5 years.

Dr. Weinberger told Bethany that even though her Habit Cough was cured, it would take a little while for her throat to fully heal. Same thing for Polly.

Polly and Bethany talk about techniques for Polly's recovery and they hope it can help other boys and girls for a long time. - Dennis


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