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One Year Ago Today - My first reply from Dr. Weinberger

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

One year ago today, our brilliant and "miraculous" journey began with Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD. - via a Skype call.

This website is for all of the instant cures of lost, hopeless, helpless, traumatized and forsaken children and adults around the world.

They are being cured from up to 15+ years of mystery horror cough IN THEIR OWN LANGUAGE, just by watching a YouTube video of Dr. Weinberger curing our sweet daughter, Bethany.

So many shocked and speechless parents and adults send their praise to Dr. Weinberger when ALL was lost.

This is Dr. Weinberger's response to my initial email that I had send to hundreds, if not thousands of doctors around the world in hope that we might find some - any relief for our sweet child who coughed 500,000 times.

No hospital, procedure, medicine or other doctor could help her. In one Skype call from Dr. Weinberger, sweet Bethany was literally cured from this vicious horror cough in less than 10 minutes.

I filmed the session just to show her grandparents, because I know they would never believe me unless I had a video. Last minute instant decision? Yes, now this video of Dr. Weinberger curing our daughter is revered by pediatricians and adult doctors around the world. Boom! Home run for Dr. Weinberger.

From: Weinberger, Miles

Feb 5, 2019, 6:30 PM

Here's another from 1966:

Berman BA.

Ann Allergy. 1966 Jan;24(1):43-6.

I can get you a copy of that 1966 publication [linked below] within the next day or two. This one is more relevant than the 1063 Bernstein publication because of more children and his description of treatment by suggestion.

I've also attached [linked below] a review article of mine on the differential diagnosis of chronic cough.

My first publication on the habit cough was in 1991, referenced in the more recent 2016 Habit Cough publication of 140 children.

All of Dr. Weinberger's brilliant "peer reviewed & published" documentation is linked above.

Also attached [linked above] is a publication from the Brompton hospital in the UK. As indicated in my 2018 editorial, the diagnostic criteria was the same at the Brompton and our experience in Iowa, although they didn't treat.

There has been an element of controversy over what to call this disorder.

Some have referred to it as a tic. (Dennis note: Never did we EVER say that our Bethany had a "horror tic". This thought NEVER ever entered our minds. It was always, "mystery cough", or "horror cough". Some children and adults have a tic. We pray them good health. Our child had Habit Cough - our prayers for our forsaken child were answered.)

However, it doesn't meet the criteria for a tic disorder. Dr. Berman referred to his experience in 1966 as being able to cure the problem with "the power of suggestion" although the specific method he used was not described.

Our use of suggestion therapy on 85 of the 140 children seen, i.e. those coughing at the time we saw them, was successful in 95% of those children treated by one or another of the 6 pulmonologists in the clinic.

(Dennis note: I believe the success rate continues to be so high, and maybe even higher, because of Dr. Weinberger's request to have a recovery advice compilation HERE. It is ever so important that you utilize this information starting immediately after your cure. "After the cure comes the important recovery." - Miles Weinberger, MD)

Other methods of suggestion therapy such as holding the button on close lips may similarly be form of suggestion.

A another method described called the bedsheet technique is referenced in my publications.

The important aspect is the diagnosis. The repetitive barking cough that is not present once the child is asleep is the diagnostic criteria. While cough may interfere with falling to sleep, the cough gone once asleep is the diagnostic sine qua non for this peculiar disorder.

The bottom line of this communication is that if Bethany is still coughing and she meets the criteria for the Habit Cough syndrome, then it is highly treatable and the coughing can be quickly stopped if appropriately treated.

If you would like to discuss this with me, feel free to email anytime today this afternoon or evening up to 9 p.m. PST.

Miles Weinberger MD

Note from Dennis & Jennifer - Wow, what a man!



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