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Miracle? Amazing? Whatever you call it, know it's an instant & permanent cure like no other!

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Editor note: is a conduit for the peer reviewed and published medical research of Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD.

Almost every day, we receive, and earnestly welcome hopeless, helpless and forsaken children and adults living in villages, towns, cities, states & countries from around the world.

With a proper diagnosis as habit cough, and utilization of The Weinberger Procedure by-proxy ~ they are instantly and permanently cured in mere minutes ~ and sometimes they are "... cured in seconds".

Dr. Weinberger asks that anyone visiting communicate with their medical team. This website offers NO medical advice or promise of a cure for any medical condition.

As of this writing, we have received visitors from 149 out of 195 countries. Our goal is to inform them and hopefully provide their doctors and them with an instant and permanent cure "by-proxy" to the simplest, yet annoying, acute cough, to the most vicious & violent refractory, unexplained, chronic cough ~ diagnosed as "habit cough".

We have a saying, "... all are welcome in search of an instant & permanent cure".

With this being stated, we hear incredible instant and permanent cure stories from people with wonderful and different belief systems and appreciate them all.

We try to use their own words; being ever respectful to their world culture and religious beliefs to best express their emotions.

Their precious words become part of Dr. Weinberger's instant and permanent "cure by-proxy" stories for so many around the world. Note: Dr. Weinberger has evolved to having the child or adult patient watch the documentary video first. Just two years ago, he would make a telemedicine video call like he did with Bethany. If for some reason, the patient needs specific one-on-one therapy with Dr. Weinberger, he will always oblige. He is amazed that so many children and adults only need to view the documentary to be instantly and permanently cured.

The amazement and astonishment of the children, parents and adult patients warms our hearts as they say things, like, "... thank you for bringing our sweet child back to us." and, "... our family is back to our best lives together." Note: Most are just plain dumbfounded and when I ask them how they can explain what happened, more often than most, they just blurt out - "... miracle". We do call it "... our family's miracle."

This just came in via email from MM who lives in Kentucky, USA..

This 11 year old girl had a vici0us and violent cough for multiple months. She saw her family Dr. who is a general practitioner. Then we saw her allergist at the suggestion of our general practitioner and then the Pediatric Pulmonary Specialist. We saw and her spoke to the general practitioner numerous times and saw the Pediatric Pulmonary Specialist once and called her office once ~ to no avail. Her cough just got worse and worse. Thank goodness she slept through the night. Sleeping through the night, only to cough once awake is the main part of Dr. Weinberger's diagnostic criteria.

Mom stated: "We have tried cough syrups, cough drops, hot showers, a humidifier, an air purifier and none of those seem to help. The time between coughs increases when she is distracted, like playing a game that requires concentration with a friend. She also coughs less often when we are at church (she still coughs, but I think she holds it in b/c she doesn't want to be disruptive.). The cough intensifies and gets more frequent when we visit the Dr. and I believe that is due to anxiety. Early and late evening seem to be the worst times.

She started coughing on Valentine's day. It started out like a normal cough. She was prescribed antibiotics for a sinus infection. The cough got a little better, but then it intensified to the point that we considered taking her to the ER. It was really bad for about 4 or 5 days. We were referred to her allergist. After being treated with oral steroids the cough improved but was still miserable, then she was given a steroid injection, reflux medication and started her allergy medicines back up (Zyrtec, Singular, Flonase). Three months later and she still has a repetitive daytime cough.

Amoxicillin - helped initially, but then cough worsened before she completed the medicine, she still finished it but cough only worsened. Albuterol (3 times with no improvement any of the three times); oral steroids, steroid injection, reflux medicine, Flonase, Singulair, Zyrtec.

I think the steroids helped the most. Before the steroids, the cough had developed to the point of being almost non-stop.

She has felt bad for 3 months and we see no end in sight. She's seen multiple doctors, taken lots of medicine, had x-rays, pertussis test and we can't seem to get her well. I do want to make clear that she is better than she was at her worst - at one point when we were at the allergist she was coughing so hard and so often I had to help her walk from the office to the car. I feel like the doctors want to help but don't know how and so they have basically forgotten about it.

She was diagnosed with a sinus infection - those antibiotics didn't work. Then the allergist told us he suspected her allergies had caused her to develop an inflammation of her respiratory system. Then after allergist treatments didn't work, we were referred to a pediatric pulmonary doctor, who said she had a habit cough and that she should take a sip of ice water every time she felt the urge to cough. If this has helped, it is not noticeable."

Watch a documentary and she will be cured? What an absurd assertion ~ and this coming from a medical doctor? Really?

Great mommying and an indomitable spirit led to Dr. Weinberger's documentary where he cured Bethany. She could not imagine her daughter being cured just by watching a documentary video. No doctor or medicine could help. She thought, "... everything else failed to cure my daughter, maybe there might be just a little truth in whatever the documentary presented." Little did she know.

This hopeless, helpless and forsaken child simply watched the video, followed Dr. Weinberger's easy instructions and she was instantly cured.

Mom said that the gaps between her coughs increased and the intensity of the coughs decreased (just like Dr. Weinberger said they would.) Soon she was going minutes and then hours and now days between coughs. It only took her 4 days until she achieved "cough ZERO". (Note: It took Bethany 38 days until she achieved "cough ZERO". So far, there is no set number of days for complete recovery. Dr. Weinberger tells patients that each will have their own recovery period.

Here is what mom had to say.

Dear Dr. Weinberger & Bethany,

Our sweet child did not cough at all today. My husband and I are overjoyed.

Our family testified about our miracle at church this morning (it is important that you know that she wanted to, but wanted mom and dad to do most of the talking) because Bethany and Dr. Weinberger are the answer to our prayers.

I overheard her talking to her cousin on the phone this evening. She said, "guess what? I'm not sick anymore!"

She told me her throat is better and that she didn't have a headache today.

She's had a headache everyday for as long as she's had the cough. She said her back and chest are still sore but that they are getting better.

Her whole upper body has been so sore that we haven't been able to hug her, at least not a normal hug, in months. Even a hug hurt her.

I've been thinking all day that in a few days, I'm going to give her the biggest longest hug.

Then tonight I heard my husband say to our Pastor, "I can't wait till her soreness goes away. I'm gonna wrap my arms around her and squeeze her so tight for as long as she'll let me." He has been thinking the same thing. :-)

Thank you. You are truly a blessing to our family in so many ways.

Please let us know how we can do our part to help other children.



Update: "Our sweet child hasn't coughed since Saturday. She is doing great and feeling SO MUCH BETTER! You have given us our little girl back and we are eternally grateful."

Dennis note: I told mom that our lives are like the movie "Groundhog Day". Each day is a repeat of our sweet Bethany's instant cure and recovery from her violent and vicious cough. Some call it a "miracle". We are just thankful that the world has Dr. Miles Weinberger, and that his "miracle" cure will continue on for the next 50 years or more.

Special note: I told mommy what Dr. Weinberger told us. If Bethany ever gets a habit cough again, (Sleeps at night, only to cough during the day.) all she needs to do is perform "The Weinberger Procedure" and her cough will go away. She did get a new and unassociated habit cough about 6 months after she was cured. She used her knowledge of The Weinberger Procedure to instantly cure her new habit cough. This is the same scenario that has been reported back from parents around the world. So much continuity of research and results came in that Dr. Weinberger confidently updated his diagnosis to read,

"The repetitive [daytime] barking cough that is not present once the patient is asleep is the diagnostic criteria." (It might take a while for the patient to fall asleep. It matters whether the cough is not present once asleep; only to return once awake. - Editor note.)

"The characteristics of the self-perpetuating [daytime] Habit Cough is its repetitiveness and absence once asleep."

Once the patient meets the diagnostic criteria for [daytime] Habit Cough, even while the repetitive cough is still considered acute (less than 4 weeks), treatment with suggestion therapy [Weinberger Procedure HERE] is appropriate.

There is no need to wait until the [daytime] cough is considered to be chronic (4 weeks/ child & 8 weeks/adult)

Multiple patients report that knowledge of The Weinberger Procedure allows them to stop their future [daytime] coughs during the acute period once diagnosis of Habit Cough has been met.

Updated to include "acute" cough by Dr. Weinberger on March 19, 2020. Note: Dr. Weinberger is a big proponent of patient interaction with their doctors - as are we.

Many adults and parents report that they have quite successfully utilized The Weinberger Procedure on themselves or their children with numerous instant cures in the first days of their new acute coughs - long before they become "chronic" in length.

They report their cures to their amazed doctors. Please consult with your doctor. If you attempt to utilize The Weinberger Procedure on yourself or your child, you are doing this under your own volition.

Dennis & Jen for Bethany.



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