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Message: Hello! Thank you so much! Long story short, I saw your website when searching for a way to help my 7 year old daughter XXXX, emailed Dr. Weinberger that very night, had a phone conversation with him the next day, started watching Bethany's full length video session with XXXX for 2 days, (went on a family vacation for 1 week), got back into the groove of the video sessions, and about 1 week later -> cough and throat clearing are gone!

Backing up to give history, XXXX had been coughing from mid-September 2018 (after a respiratory infection) until about mid-June 2019.

Not as badly as Bethany's cough, but at the worst times it was once or twice/minute. Finally from mid-June to mid-July it seemed to be gone.

Then it came back...and that's when I did a new Google search and came across your information (which wasn't around back in Sept. 2018 because Bethany hadn't had her cough yet).

Thank you very much! I'm happy to discuss in more detail with you what we did and what we had been told on our prior 8-month journey of it. AK

From Dennis - Thanks for your kind words and we are so excited for your daughter. All the praise is rightly directly directed to the enduring and tenacious Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD.


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