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Medical White Papers

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

We have created some highly researched, informative and referenced medical whitepapers concerning Habit Cough. Click HERE to view and share them.

Fact: Cough is the #1 reason that Americans go to the doctor. There's never been a peer reviewed and published cough cure via-telemedicine, in-office and by-proxy (simply by watching a YouTube documentary) for adults and children - until now!

From: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality [AHRQ] Fact: Lingering, unexplained, habitual, persistent, daytime (awake) cough; absent once asleep, which only returns once awake. From a 1694 medical textbook; printed in London, England - "... habitual cough, which often continues after the first Cough, which was caused by the Cold, is gone." The only treatment for cough was honey & sugar. Today, the CDC/NIH only recommends honey & sugar!

From AJMC: "There are no current FDA-approved pharmacologic treatments for chronic cough, resulting in a large, unmet need for patients." -- [No mention of an instant & permanent cure. If there was an instant and permanent cure for your cough, they would certainly reference it at AJMC.] You've probably heard "treat," "suppress," & "... we'll keep an eye on your cough." You might have been prescribed and consumed an untold number of completely ineffective cough medications. Through this, and all the misdiagnoses, studies, tests and invasive procedures, you've been told a lot of things, but more than likely never - ever - the word "cure" about your cough (because there has never been an instant and permanent cure in-office, by-proxy and via-telemedicine) ~ until now. Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, has been instantly & permanently curing unexplained cough around the world since 1991.

Not, nor intended to be medical advice. Consult with, and trust your doctors.

Disclaimer: These documents were compiled and authored by Dennis Buettner, from publicly available websites. Any opinions contained herein are his, and his alone. Contents of these documents have not been created, reviewed, edited, or approved by Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, in any manner, fashion or form, and do not represent his medical advice or opinion. Communicate with your personal medical team.

Errors and omission statement. If you detect an error or omission, please contact us immediately and we will make every attempt to rectify the situation. We make ever attempt to verify our data with offsite links to peer reviewed and published information. Confirm all documents with your medical team. To believe that any information contained herein is medical advice would be extremely unwise. We do! Archive of Medical Whitepapers



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