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Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Dr. Weinberger was recently honored to be lead story on the world renowned website. is brilliantly edited and maintained by:

" reports the latest news from medical researchers and health care providers."

When Dr. Marie Benz and Dr. Robert Benz reviewed the video documentary of Dr. Weinberger curing Bethany from her violent habit coughs, they enjoyed it. They are both world renowned doctors in their fields of medicine. As researchers, they, and their research team are sticklers for detail. They won't allow anything less than awesome research on their website. It is a perfect fit for Dr. Weinberger's brilliant work.

As you will see below, they opted to include Dr. Weinberger's "Habit Cough Syndrome (Chronic cough cured in children and adults) – Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD." versus his full length curative video, because it was more directed to medical doctors and researchers. It includes a truncated version of the curative video..

Dr. Weinberger made sure that this presentation was easily understandable by doctors, researchers and parents alike. There are some heavy parts of the presentation, but the examples of habit cough and the curative session are spot on. You will walk away with a new hope for the cure of your medically unexplained chronic cough.

Click HERE to view the website.

Thanks to for getting the world about The Weinberger Procedure by proxy to the doctors, researchers and patients around the world.



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