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Makayla from Oklahoma wins from acute cough! ~ in ONLY 2.5 weeks!

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

"Because nothing, & I mean NO-THING - no medicine, no shot, no treatment, not even old wives tales would help ease this cough." - "My husband and I were willing to try anything." - "I’m so thankful I found this, and I’m so thankful that Makayla can be her fun- loving 11 year old self once again."

- Mommy Editor note: Makayla watched a simple YouTube documentary and viola; instantly and permanently cured in mere minutes. Pretty amazing, huh?

Mommy made sure that I explained, indeed Makayla's cough was 2.5 weeks, but, "... it really only took about 10-15 minutes for the method to work."

Note: This post contains raw data. It has not been peer reviewed and published, yet. Please assist Dr. Weinberger by contacting him with your acute cough cures.

There has NEVER been any research into curing a cough while it is still ACUTE! At only 2.5 weeks old, Makayla was STILL in what is considered "acute" stage of her habit cough.

There has NEVER been any research into curing a cough while it is still ACUTE! Ever. As a matter of fact, the CDC & NIH only recommend sugar and honey on their website for "treatment" of acute cough HERE and HERE.

Hard to imagine that sugar and honey are the ONLY recommendation for treatment of the #1 reason that people go to the doctor ~ around the world. There is NO mention of a cure for ACUTE cough anywhere on the CDC & NIH website.

Read this about all the coughs cured while still ACUTE. If you drill down on all the cough research here and on the Internet, you will understand that curing an ACUTE cough is HUGE news. Really HUGE!

Mommy just posted this on her Facebook page HERE 1 week w/out the Mystery Cough

PRAISE be to Jehovah Rapha (the God who heals)

I’m sharing this in case you know of anyone that this could help!!

*Today. 9/12/21 marks 1 week of Makayla’s 2 1/2 week ‘mystery cough’ gone & her body is healing.

Editor note: Dr. Weinberger states that the patient, once cured, needs to recover to achieve "Cough ZERO". This can take days, and sometimes weeks. It is normal to take this long as the patient's throat is healing. Click HERE for recovery information. Patients also report being very tired and weak due to the non-stop coughing. Dr. Weinberger recommends letting the patient decide when to go back to school, work or normal activities.

It started with a simple irritation (probably an allergy) and then the bark/coughing began. This was the 3rd year in a row this has happened, only this year was worse. Because nothing, & I mean NO-THING - no medicine, no shot, no treatment, not even old wives tales would help ease this cough. Her chest X-ray showed very little, her respiratory panel came back completely clear. (That meant: No covid, pneumonia, influenza, pertussis, RSV, bacteria or virus) She was coughing approx. 390x/hour. That is every 6-10 seconds. EVERY. OTHER. BREATH. She had been to the dr 4x & the hospital 1x. NOTHING was helping her. We felt helpless in our efforts. Her only relief from the deep coughs was @ night when she slept. It was late last Saturday night after the rodeo, after her breathing treatments & meds, I was counting her coughs. I noticed when she was in bed- she was not coughing for a minute, then it was 2. I decided to start searching the webs of the tubes of you and google - and happened upon this Dad who had a daughter; Bethany, who had the *exact same ‘mystery cough’. Only, she had it for 90 days! You can imagine her quality of life; - Makayla’s 2.5 weeks of chronic coughing kept her from school, church, and from playing softball. These 2 girls had the EXACT same symptoms and both of their coughs would go away at night while they slept. This little girl’s dad had found a pediatric pulmonologist who specialized in coughs and had written a paper over ‘Habit Cough’. <<This was IT!!>> In a 15 min Skype call his little girl was free from the cough!! We were at the point of trying ANYTHING. So last Sunday afternoon we tried Dr. Miles Weinberger’s suggestive therapy on Makayla. In the first hour of this she only coughed 6 TIMES!! From 1-8 pm she might have coughed 25x. We couldn’t believe something SO simple could work so effectively! We were amazed, to say the least. It took her several days to recover but now she is COUGH FREE!! We even returned to the dr last week so he could check her out. He had never heard of Habit Cough- or of this method, and was just as perplexed by her cough and even more so with her recovery as we were. 1 week later- we are still amazed at this method and how effective it has been for Makayla. I’m so thankful for a quiet non-cough house. Thank You to all who prayed for her. If you’ve read this far and know of someone who might have a mysterious continuing cough- check out There are so many testimonies of children and Adults using this method to overcome their mystery cough. I’m so thankful I found this, and I’m so thankful that Makayla can be her fun- loving 11 year old self once again. Thank you Dr. Miles Weinberger for this procedure! May God Bless You!

Recovery update from Makayla's mom:

So I have to tell you this ‘recovery’ part of Makayla’s mystery cough.

We did this method on Sunday. That evening we had planned for a friend to spend the night.

She wasn’t coughing and it was hot- so they asked to go swimming. (She hadn’t swam in over 2 weeks bc we thought she was ‘sick’).

Since she hadn’t coughed hardly that afternoon and she’d been on 2 weeks of antibiotics we let them.

They played for about 2 hrs in the pool. And then stayed up watching a movie after supper. Maybe 2 coughs that night.

Next day was Labor Day- hardly a cough.

I had been in contact w/her teacher and principal about what we had done and they were amazed.

Tuesday- she went to school but the principal texted me about 11 telling me she’d a hard time coughing. I told her it might be a few days or weeks to ‘recover’.

Her dad picked her up from school and made her watch the video again.

She got to suit up and go to and Participate in the games that night. She didn’t cough again until she got to the softball field.

She told me she wanted to cough so bad. She held back quite a bit. But in the 2nd game the ‘cough dam’ let loose. Every 10 seconds or so.

I told her dad she needs to ride home with her that night since he must have some kind of calming effect on her.

She didn’t cough another time Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning- she had an orthodontist appointment!! She took several sips of her water. And not one cough the entire morning.

She did cough that night at practice- but that was the last time we heard the bark cough.

Her doctor goes to our church and that next Sunday, I told him she hadn’t coughed since Wednesday night. He said he must watched her during the entire service- amazed. He told me he was amazed that this method was so unknown. (This dr actually delivered her.)

We kept the appt to the allergy/asthma clinic. Went last week. She’s allergic to mold. Especially grass clippings.

Her cough would be triggered 2 times a year. March after spring break and the beginning of school in August. Those are the times she starts softball practice.



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