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Life changing email - first mention of Dr. Miles Weinberger, MD, Pediatric Pulmonologist

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

This email thread was from when I was getting just a little bit closer to finding our Dr. Weinberger. If it had not been for his brilliant colleague, Dr. Ran Anbar, MD, Pediatric Hypnotist and Pulmonologist, we would have been delayed or hopelessly lost and forsaken. He works the La Jolla area of California HERE as a pediatric pulmonologist and pediatric hypnotist. Please call him if needed. Good man. Great doctor.

Dr. Anbar, I just read a paper on Habit Coughing where you were referenced. We have a sweet 12 year old girl, Bethany (no period yet) who started coughing around November 12, 2018 and now coughs over 9,000 times per day and now over 600,000 times since the beginning with no changes or "sweet spot" that makes her cough less or with less intensity. I have created a highly detailed log/report of almost every experience HERE Please feel free to review and comment if you wish. We don't know the origin, but she did have walking pneumonia that was undetected at the time and was only noted after it was shown on a CXR. She had received Amoxicillin for a concurrent ear infection that secondarily cleared the walking pneumonia. She did experience 1 incident of the most minor "bullying" in 7th grade gym class about 30 days prior. She has not been able to be in school because her loud cough went from a fit of 8 coughs every 3 min 30 sec to a fit of 16 - 18 coughs during the same time period. They are loud and she becomes exhausted because she needs to have a muscle reflex to each. She said she has a great set of abs because of this. The MOST amazing part is that we could almost set our watches to when she will start a new cough fit.

We will be seeing Dr. Yim this Friday for her second visit. He had her on one month of Qvar. He has ruled out two of 4 main potential causes. We have not shown him what we have discovered yet. We think and hope that the Qvar (which has not assisted in any way) might help to keep any inflammation down. We JUST found out about Habit Coughing yesterday and it was like reading Bethany's story. Family history: I have a minor throat clear tic (from my dad). Now our 12 yo. son has a momentary throat clear tic that is almost imperceptible. We saw that self hypnosis might be the best treatment. We will try. Wondering if yoga and or breathing exercises might assist. I saw no reference. It sounds like relaxation might be the best bet. I will also ask Dr. Yim the questions from the report we made. Keep up the great work. Dennis



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